Northern Lite Truck Camper Problems and Solutions

Campers work like your second home with kitchen, bathroom and every other component you need for a trip. With their big size, they offer ample space.

However, given their endless facilities, they are not out of problems. You’ll surely experience some issues with your camper at times.

Leaked roof, tire burst, electrical issues – these are some of the problems. There are other problems as well.

In this article, I will be discussing the common Northern Lite Camper problems and how to deal with them.

A Quick Look at The Problems and The Solutions

Northern Lite Truck Camper Problems                             Solutions
Leaked RoofApplying a new coat of sealant.
Tire BurstReplacing the tire, keeping a tire while driving as backup.
Electrical IssuesSecuring the cords and plugs, taking professional help.
Water Tank ProblemsRepairing the valve, correcting the position
Slide Out ProblemsLubricating the slide out arms, regular maintenance

Northern Lite Truck Camper Problems and The Solutions

Several problems will occur with this truck camper if you use this for a long period. Let’s expound over the problems that you are most likely to encounter.

1. Leaked Roof

Sealants are used to keep the windows or roofs properly closed so that no dirt or water can enter into the vehicle. Although Northern lite truck camper comes with 10 year leak proof warranty, the sealant will come off before the warranted time.

Consequentially, water will enter and cause severe damage to the interior of your RV.  Electrical problems, functional problems, etc. can rise up due to this. If you don’t take immediate steps, it will end up costing you a fortune.

Hence, you should always keep these sealants in check. But no matter how regularly you maintain the camper, the sealing will crack at one point.

The Fix

Once you notice any leak, you should take the sealing off and apply a new coat of sealant. You can do it yourself without professional help if you have some experience.

If the rubber is distorted, you can align it by using a heat gun. But applying new sealant would be a long-term solution. Again, use sealants from good brand. Otherwise, you will have to replace the sealant again after a while. 

Exposure to sunlight or rain can make the sealants weaker.  So store the camper in a closed place or use a UV protective cover for durable solution.

2. Tire Burst

Another common problem that can occur is tire bursting. Truck campers are heavy-weight and that’s why they come with high quality tires to bear the excessive weight.

 Still, the tire burst happens especially when you are driving on bumpy areas or rocky mountainous roads. It is both annoying and dangerous.

The Fix

If the tire is burst, there is nothing to do but replace it with a new one. Keep the need of your camper in mind while buying a tire.

Additionally, you should take some precautions to avoid such situations. Before you go for a travel, inflate the tire with proper pressure. Use the psi ratings to know the optimal pressure.  However, don’t overinflate them.

Because, over-inflating can also cause the tires to burst. Finally, you can also keep an additional tire with you to help you in time of emergency.

3. Electrical Issues

You can face several problems with the electrical system of your camper. Sometimes, the lights or fans won’t turn on, sometimes you may notice spark, smoke or strange smell from the electrical system. Moreover, there can be serious electrical problems also.

The Fix

Issues with the breaker or wiring can be the cause of lights or fans not turning on.  Make sure all the cords and plugs are secure.  If the latter one happens, you should contact a professional instantly. Replacement of batteries can also be needed sometimes.

If you are not experienced with electrical works, you should always look for a professional instead of trying to solve these things on your own.

4. Grey Water Tank Problems

You can have problem with the grey tank of your RV. As some users complained, the indicator shows that the tank is full but when they open the valve no water comes out of the tank even if the tank is full. 

It can occur due to two reasons. Firstly, the valve can be at fault here. Sometimes, the improper position and placement of the tank can also be the reason.

The Fix

You should know the reason. If water starts coming out through the valve when you lower the tank, the problem is with the placement.

You should maintain the correct angle and placement to solve this issue. If the position is right and the problem still exists, the valve should be repaired. Also check the nuts and bolts. Loose them a bit if they are too tight.

5. Slideouts Problems

Many users purchase slide outs to get access to extra space. But they have their demerits also. Slide outs make it harder to manage your vehicle. If you don’t do regular maintaining, you will soon find issues with your RV’s functionality.

There can be several reasons of it. For instance, accumulation of dust from environment, development of rust, blown fuse can be some main reasons.

The Fix

Regular maintenance is the key to avoid slide out issues.  You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the sides. Keep the slide out arms lubricated so that the sealant stays for long time.

What Majority Feels About Northern Lite Truck Camper?

Majority of the users had a very good experience with this RV. They praised the craftsmanship of this camper. 

Most of them found this RV’s quality better than the RV’s they previously owned. They have more space than you will need inside. 

In outside, the basement storage is enough for two people. On the whole, this is going to be a worthy investment for you.

However, while buying, you should check out the tire burst, leaked roof, water tank, and other problems. If you keep all these in your head, you can save yourself from great loss.

Final Words

The northern lite truck camper is an excellent RV to own with great features. Still, problem arises in any product. This article will help you solve those.

If you do the maintenance work properly and put some effort to solve any issue instantly, you are going to have the best camping experience.

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