Common Problems With Westinghouse Igen 2500 and Their Solutions

Westinghouse Igen 2500 problems

Westinghouse makes incredible inverter generators for RVs and most of their products are among the best in the market.

The igen 2500 also has a very good reputation yet some users faced problems with gas leaking, poor customer service, a problem with the power supply, etc.

That’s why you should be careful about what your igen 2500 is doing and what are the possible reasons behind the problems. Unless you know the problems clearly you might get into trouble every time it shows any sign of problems.

Solutions Of Westinghouse Igen 2500 Problems

Common Problems of Westinghouse igen 2500

There can be various problems with the igen 2500. However, these are the most common that you may see-

Gas Leaking Problem

The igen2500 may exhibit issues such as fuel leakage. This inverter generator may encounter oil leaks from time to time, but they can typically be avoided by completing routine maintenance and inspections. With a regular check of your igen2500, you may identify any problems with leaking before they become serious.

Fuel leaks more likely happen when the base tank is overloaded. This might occur when the gasoline pump system fails, or it can merely be due to negligence. To maintain optimal operation, have a skilled maintenance specialist refill the generator.

Oil leakage can also happen due to high-temperature build-up inside the inverter generator. A blocked hose causes this problem.

Oil leaks are frequently triggered by outside factors. Incomplete combustion of gasoline, particles, water, lubricating oil, and acids can accumulate in the exhaust system. This accumulation is frequently responsible for an oil leak.


If you are facing problems with gas leaking there are a few things that can be done.

First of all, you need to identify the reasons behind the leaking. If you have found the exact cause then you can get to work.

If the problem is related to the heating issue, check for the cooling system and see if the heat is getting out or not. If the pipe is not getting the heat out change the pipe.

If the problem has built up due to the accumulation of objects inside the exhaust which has created the problem, then you have to clean the thing thoroughly.

Lastly, do not overfill your generator. It will make the gas go inside other chambers causing harm.

Power Supply Problem

There are lots of reasons why the generator is not supplying power. Here are some of the common ones-

When there is too much power supply the circuit will shut down the supply process as a safety feature. When the circuit breaker trips the power supply will stop immediately. Sometimes, when the breaker is faulty it can cause a similar issue.

To generate the electricity that powers the appliances, the generator employs a circling magnetic force. Whenever you turn off the machine, this coil of wire generally remains somewhat magnetic. When you restart the machine, it relies on that small amount of magnetism to kickstart its power generation. When it loses that magnetism, it cannot supply the power anymore.

If the capacitor has gone bad, then the power supply system will not work properly as well.


You should be able to check the power input and output with a multimeter to determine how much power is there going in and out.

If there is excessive power then you should directly talk to an electrician or generator service provider to fix it for you. Because this may need professional help.

You should seek professional help if the magnetism is down as well. Because you may need a few changes for the generator. And that means without an expert you should not try to do it. In the case of the capacitor, change it and buy a new one.

Overheating Problem

This is quite common for the igen 2500 generator. They get hot quite easily and due to that, there had been recalled for it. There can be various reasons behind the overheating issue. Here are some common reasons why your igen 2500 can get overheated-

When the exhaust is blocked there is a good chance that the generator will overheat. So, the first thing you need to check is whether or not the exhaust system is operating.

Then comes the dirty filter. If the filter is clogged and dirty it will not let the gas flow and cause overheating.

Another reason why overheating can happen is structural damage. When there is some kind of damage to the structure or the body it can cause overheating.

External heat can also cause overheating of the generator. When it becomes too hot outside and the generator is supplying power for too long, it can get overheated very fast.


To fix all these problems, you should clean the exhaust pipe and the system. Make sure there is no dust or debris inside. Clean the filter as well which will let the air flow easily.

Keep your generator from any hard and damage. And if gets damaged fix it as soon as possible.

On hot summer days, do not use the generator for too long. This should solve your overheating problem. And if it does not, then there is something wrong with the quality and you should contact the dealer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a Westinghouse generator any good?

Westinghouse generators are among the most trustworthy and secure ones available in the marketplace. They are manufactured with great materials, and the manufacturer provides excellent customer care if any issues develop.

Who makes the engines for Westinghouse generators?

The Westinghouse Electric Corporation makes its own generators. These generators come in different shapes and sizes for different needs. You can get inverter generators for your RV from this company.

Do you always face problems with Westinghouse generators?

No, the Westinghouse generator is excellent and you will not face problems with them quite often. In fact, it is rare for anyone to encounter a problem with the generator.

How long does a Westinghouse generator last?

The generators made by Westinghouse company have a good backup with a full fuel capacity. On average, you can get around 11 hours of backup for the generator.

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The igen2500 generator is a great buy for lots of people and they have given many positive feedbacks as well. On the contrary, there have been a few problems that some other users have faced.

What you should know is that the trick to making things work is to take good care and learn how to maintain those things. So, if you have an igen 2500, you should take good care of it.

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