Entegra Odyssey Problems

If you own an Entegra Odyssey, you may find some problems that many other owners have faced already. However, finding a good solution to the problem is always a troubling one.

The majority of the problems with the Entegra Odyssey are related to technical issues rather than the systems. You may also face problems with the engine sometimes.

Entegra Odyssey Problems

What are the Problems in Entegra Odyssey?

Read below and learn more about the problems and give you few solutions as well.

1. Slide Problem

The slide problem can happen when the motor is malfunctioning. It can happen at any door. When one of the motors stops working it can jam the door and you won’t be able to slide it easily or it is stuck completely.

That’s why you need to check the motors first and find out if there are any problems with them.

If you are not familiar with the systems it is not suggested that you open it. Because you may dysfunctional it and you may need more to fix later. So, take experts help if you face the problem.

2. Discoloring of the Floor

One of the main problems of this coach is that the floor may get discolored after some time. Some users have mentioned this problem and it can get quite frustrating at times.

The most common is the yellowish color due to the glue that is used on the floor. Some of the coaches get excessive glue that comes out from the sides and make the floor look discolored.

If you face something like that you can wash it off. Use a scrubber and glue remover. That should solve the problem.

3. Steering Problem

Although this problem is not that common. But it is a dangerous one in a few cases. You should know the causes of this problem so that while driving you do not get in trouble.

Here are Some Causes of Steering Problems

Low Fluid

While you are driving the car it needs enough steering fluid to run it smoothly. Otherwise, you may find it more difficult to move the steering.

When there is low fluid, you may hear whining or squeaking sound from there and it should feel sluggish while trying to turn it.

If this is the case, buy some fluid from the store near your place. Open the fluid container and pour it in.

The Problem with Steering Rack Mount

Rack mounting bearings are linked to the steering wheel that rotates to cushion suspension shocks.

If the steering rack starts to wear down, you may detect yanking of the wheel while traveling over bumps, uneven steering, or clunking sounds. 

If you discover any of these problems, have the Entegra evaluated by a skilled technician as soon as possible. You will very certainly have to change the bearings.

Faulty Steering Belt

The steering belt is the thing that drives the fluid to operate the steering wheel. If this belt is worn-down and becomes “slack”, steering may start to feel heavy or jerky.

When this happens, you should call a mechanic to tighten it. It may happen that it becomes beyond repair. In that case, you should buy a new one to replace the damaged belt.

There are some other problems that can happen which may cause the steering to go bad. You should consult a professional for the repair.

Finishing Problem

You may wonder why many people do not like the Entegra Odyssey although it has so many great features and a great driving experience to offer. The truth is they are not satisfied with the finishing of the coach.

The ceiling may not be correctly placed and have some scratches due to the jerking which is quite unpleasant. In that situation, you have to contact a technician and place it correctly. Or, you need to contact the dealer.

Some people faced the problem with glue in the tank heating block being dull and it fell down due to it. If you face a problem remember to glue it with a good one.

Sometimes you may find the cabinets are not perfectly finished and the sliding door seems to be stuck or hard to slide. If you have lots of these finishing issues, it is recommended that you contact the dealer to fix the things for you.

Engine Problem

One of the common problems with any coach or car is related to the engine. Although most of the problems can be solved easily some of them are very difficult to fix.

However, the Entegra Odyssey only has small problems such as vent blocking in the engine which can be fixed easily. You can get help from the mechanic and clear the vent and make it operational. And if you have a warranty, you can get it done for free. Even if the engine shows other problems, you can still claim free service or a change if you have a warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who owns Entegra Odyssey?

The Entegra Odyssey is a production of Thor Industries bought the Joyce. This company has made lots of amazing vehicles and the Entegra series is one of the best in the market.

How much is the 2022 Entegra Odyssey?

The price of the Odyssey is around 125,000 USD. You can buy them from Entegra dealers with a full warranty.

What chassis does Entegra use?

Entegra ensures the best quality frames for safety purposes, durability, longevity, etc. All of the Entegra coaches use Spartan cassis which is the top-grade chassis in the market.

Does Entegra warranty transfer to a new owner?

You can transfer the warranty only in a specific case and under a certain policy. Just Insignia, Aspire, Anthem, and Cornerstone products are covered by this transferrable warranty. Just RVs used within the United States territories, and Canada that are purchased from an authorized dealer are covered by this policy.


The Entegra Odyssey is one of the top-selling coaches in the market and there is no doubt this is a top-ranked vehicle for travel and recreational activities. It also has some common issues that you may find sometimes.

However, if it is taken care of properly and used with caution there should be no need to worry. And the warranty will cover you for two years as well.