Furrion 12v Fridge Problems and How to Solve Them

All RVers know how crucial it is to keep food products at safe temperatures. If the fridge is not working properly, it’ll not be able to hold the travel necessities.

The Furrion 12v fridge comes with some common issues that need to be checked and fixed if you ever encounter them before going on the road.

This article will illustrate and walk you through some of these Furrion 12v fridge problems so that you can have a safe and healthy food supply throughout your travels.

Furrion 12v Fridge Problems

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Problems that Occur

  • Not Cooling
  • Dead Fridge
  • Problems With the Converter
  • Blown Fuse
  • Reduced Cooling Performance in Low Temperature

Possible Reasons and Fixes for Furrion 12v Fridge Problems

Furrion 12v fridge comes up with issues for several reasons such as problems with the converter, blown fuse, etc.

There is nothing to worry about as there is always a solution to every problem, however, knowing the source of the problem solves half of the issue easily.

1. Not Cooling

The most common problem with the Furrion 12v is that it seems like it’s getting enough power, however, the fridge is not cooling or the fridge is unable to hold a cool enough temperature.

A big possible reason for this is sudden power loss or spikes in the voltage from the outlet. Another reason is the excessive frost build-up that isn’t cleaned regularly.


The quickest way to get it fixed is to have a dealer look at it. However, it can cost between the range of $200-500 for just a checkup depending on where you live.

The dead battery is another source of this issue.

If so, disconnect the battery completely, unplug any power sources, and turn off the solar panel on the top of the unit to stop the fridge from receiving power.

Just wait for 5 to 10 minutes and retrace the steps to reconnect it. That should get the fridge to start cooling again.

2. Dead Fridge

This could happen because of a fuse to de-solder or vibration causing a break in the fine wire that forms the fuse. It’s not essentially a fuse-related problem but a combination of other issues.

The most common reason for a dead fridge is its battery. If the battery is left almost drained after coming back from a trip, it can cause the battery to build up carbon and then not work when plugged in the next time.


This is more of a precautionary thing but after having trips, make sure to recharge the battery or keep it in use for some time while plugged into an outlet.

If the battery is the issue the voltage will drop causing it to fry up parts like the fuse, compressor, and whatnot. So always be sure to recharge the battery after a trip.

furrion 12v fridge not cooling

3. Problems with The Converter

Sometimes the converter box can end up broken. If that happens, there will be a chiming noise and the fridge will suddenly shut down.

If the converter box has issues, the fridge will not start despite getting enough power, later it will need to be powered up for more than 20 minutes to get it to work.


The fix here is very simple. The converter box needs to be changed. The local dealer will be able to help. After an inspection, if the box is faulty, they will change it.

But first, check the battery and make sure the master battery switch is on. Even if it doesn’t disconnect the fridge, it can still cause problems.

4. Blown Fuse

This is the most common issue that every Furrion 12v owner has faced. Furrion 12v refrigerator has ginormous design flaws. Their warranty policy is also not very good.

A blown fuse can happen for several reasons. From voltage spiking to the fridge not getting enough power or overflow of power the fuse can blow very easily.


This refrigerator has a small glass fuse in the back as well as a blade fuse in the main fuse box. If it’s the small glass fuse that’s blown, replace it with an auto-reset 15a fuse.

The fuse box is very hard to locate and take apart for maintenance or so it’s to take it to the closest dealer to let them take a look at it and change it if required.

5. Reduced Cooling Performance in Low Temperatures

The Furrion 12v uses a 12v compressor, so they have oil in the compressor. The normal operating temperature for this fridge is 50°F to 109.4°F. If the ambient temperatures are low, the performance is expected to be reduced.

This is strictly not an issue but something to keep in mind as most 12v refrigerators behave the same way.


If the ambient temperature goes above 125.6°F, allow the interior of the coach to cool before turning it on.

And if the temperature drops below 50°F, turn the dial control towards the max to operate the refrigerator. Furrion recommends ambient temps above 50°F for best results.

Furrion’s Warranty Policy and Conversion Kit for the Fridge’s Fuse

A blown fuse is the most common problem Furrion fridge owners face. The owners may often tell you that replacing the fuse will void the warranty.

Thus, you can get in touch with these owners and make sure to explain in detail to not lose the warranty of the fridge.

The design and position of the fuse box along with the unorthodox size of the fuse is also very problematic. Finding a spare fuse is almost like finding liquid gold.

Furrion is well aware of this as they have had to recall some for extreme issues and lack of fuse. They have provided a conversion kit for their fuse boxes which can be found in any electric store.

Those of you who aren’t particularly tech-savvy or handy may prefer to employ an expert to help you with this.

furrion rv refrigerator not cooling

Important: “Duds” in the Mix

According to some people who have had to send their units of Furrion 12v back for troubleshooting, there are bad or faulty units. Furrion has acknowledged this and offered to replace these faulty units.

A word of caution is to not let the battery discharge over 50% as it will significantly reduce the lifespan of that battery.

If you have a Furrion 12v fridge and are constantly facing issues like this, then yours might have one of these faulty units. Get it checked by the dealer for long-lasting issues.

Contact and send the unit back and Furrion will replace it. The replacement time is about 4 to 6 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you leave an RV refrigerator plugged in all the time?

The short answer is no, you should not leave your RV plugged in all the time. Risks include frozen refrigerator coils due to the need to cycle on and off most RV refrigerators regularly and battery damage from overcharging.

What would cause an RV refrigerator to malfunction?

There are several potential causes for the refrigerator in your RV to fail. Mechanical issues, such as a coolant problem, may be to blame. The most frequent, however, is a problem with either the propane or electrical power source.

What is an off-grid on Furrion refrigerator?

It is a mode known as “Off-Grid Vacation mode”. It helps to conserve power usage when disconnected from the outlet or power grid.

Does a 12V RV refrigerator work while driving?

So long as you’re using the 12-volt system, there’s no need to worry about these refrigerators operating while you’re on the road because they keep things cold.


If you’re a constant traveler or camper, you should maintain your fridge properly. Without a healthy food supply, your camping trips may not be as wonderful as you’d like. Here’s a quick tip for you to enjoy.

Finally, if you encounter any of the problems listed above, try the fixes and you should be good to go. Since the Furrion 12v fridge problems are also associated with solar energy you might want to frequently check if the battery is not discharged below 50%.

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