Keystone RV Air Conditioner problems

The Keystone RV Air Conditioner is a necessity for all the RV enjoyers out there. Most of the air conditioners that come with the Keystone RVs are automatic or standard with 13,000 to 30,000 BTUs.

But there might be some issues with these air conditioners.

Some of the most common problems are the air conditioner not cooling down, no power to the air conditioner, short circuit problems, AC repeatedly turning off and on, and the air conditioner blowing warm air.

In the table below, you can see the best solutions to all of the problems stated above.

Common Keystone RV Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions

Problems with Keystone RV Air ConditionerSolutions
Air Conditioner Does Not Cool DownExamine and fix the coil, thermostat, and leaks.
No Power to the Air ConditionerFix the voltage, battery, and fuse issues.
Short Circuit ProblemClean the air filter and maintain it regularly.
AC Repeatedly Turns Off and OnFix the connecting cable, old wires, and circuit board.
Air Conditioner Blows Warm AirRepair the cracks and frozen evaporator coils.

1. Air Conditioner Does Not Cool Down

This cooling problem might be brought on by a malfunctioning coil within the air conditioner. When the coil gets dirty, problems may occasionally occur.

It’s possible that this is happening because of leakage from the air conditioner’s roof portion. This problem can occasionally be caused by loosened gaskets and nuts.

The Fix

Condenser coil inspection is the first step in the principal repair. Clean it thoroughly if it is not already. In the situation that the coil is already defective, replace it.

Look for any leaks in the air conditioner’s roof-mounted section. Find the leak’s source if you notice one, and fix it as quickly as you can. Sealant is another option for sealing off the leaky region.

Examine to see sure the thermostat is functioning properly. Don’t forget to inspect any gaskets and loose nuts as well.

2. No Power to the Air Conditioner

There are several reasons why the air conditioner could not have electricity. This issue might be mostly brought on by the low battery voltage.

You must consult your RV handbook to locate the breaker panel if the GFCI has tripped since it might occasionally be the issue.

Your RV’s inverter essentially transforms AC electricity to DC therefore it must function correctly. You can have problems turning on your air conditioner if your inverter stops functioning.

The Fix

It might be prudent to examine the battery if the air conditioner is not functioning due to insufficient electricity. A basic strategy will be to test the battery voltage and fix the voltage issue.

To check if the GFCI has tripped or not, use your voltage tester at the outlets. After finding the panel, a GFCI reset button may be found. Check to verify whether you have electricity after pressing the button.

Locate the inverter box using your owner’s handbook, and then examine all fuses. Remove and replace any blown fuses if you notice any.

3. Short Circuit Problem

If the air conditioner is not receiving enough electrical current from the AC circuit breaker, the circuit breaker will fail. These issues typically result from insufficient maintenance of the air filler in the air conditioner.

This problem can occasionally be caused by a damaged coil fan. Due to low manufacturing issues, the coil fan may break.

The coil fan’s ability to operate effectively may be hampered if the motor breaks. Over time, the motor may break and wear, leading to problems like these.

The Fix

In these situations, check the air filler first, clean it, and then replace it if it is damaged.

You might be able to prevent this sort of issue in the future by taking proper care of your air conditioner and having frequent inspections. Neglecting such problems increases the risk of severe damage to the circuit breaker and air conditioning system.

It is advised to conduct a professional one if you have little to no expertise in technological devices. Since it would be difficult for a newbie to detect and fix this problem.

4. AC Repeatedly Turns Off and On

Short cycling of the air conditioner system does occur occasionally, and it also might occur frequently, which is worrying.

The connection cables may be the culprit, as they may extend, get loosened, and interfere with the operation of the fan in the air conditioning system. As a result, the disconnection takes place and the AC might stop working.

The air conditioner may continue to cycle on and off due to a damaged control board. If so, it would be incredibly challenging to identify all of the variables that make up the control board.

The Fix

You should not ignore this if a situation like it only arises once. To determine the precise cause of this, try to carefully read and understand the Keystone RV’s instruction manual.

If the connecting cable is to blame, it is because it might expand with an increase in temperature and become loose. It is preferable to replace the old wires with temperature-proof ones.

As malfunctioning circuit boards can also cause problems and are challenging to diagnose, it is essential to obtain expert assistance.

5. Air Conditioner Blows Warm Air

You can experience warm air escaping from the ceiling as a result of frozen evaporator coils. Warm air may also seep from the ceiling as a result of the abnormal fan speed.

Even the slightest cracks in the ceiling might lead to issues. since the ducting has several points where leaks and holes might occur.

The Fix

Find out if there are any cracks or slightest cracks in the ceiling or ducting areas. Inspect your frozen evaporator coils, as they may wear out with time and lack maintenance.

Examine your frozen evaporator coils because they could wear out with time and carelessness. If necessary, replace the frozen evaporator coil.

User Feedback on Keystone RV Air Conditioner

The air conditioner problem is one of the most common problems that the users of the Keystone RV complain about. There has been many negative feedbacks on this company’s ACs.

In this post from the Keystone Forums, you can see that one user was having trouble with his AC not cooling down the RV. Even after leaving it on overnight, the RV would not cool down.

A user from the Montana Owners forums has stated that both their AC and furnace were giving them trouble.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is the BTU in a 2021 Keystone RV Montana air conditioner?

30,000 BTUs.

What type of air conditioners are used in the Keystone RVs?

Standard air conditioners.

What air conditioners are used in the 2023 Keystone Hideout RV?

Automatic 13,500 BTUs.

Does the Keystone RV Air Conditioner include prewiring?

Yes, it does.

Should I get one 30,000 BTU AC or two 15,000 BTUs or similar AC?

Two 15,000 BTUs if the floorplan is big. Otherwise, 30,000 BTUs.


As you can see there are several problems with the Keystone RV air conditioning systems. The most common ones that many people suffer from are no power in the air conditioner and short circuit issues.

By following this detailed guide, you can easily fix these common issues with your Keystone RV air conditioner. You should also maintain the AC properly for less frequent problems.