6 Common Issues with Winegard Air 360 and Their Fixes

Winegard Air 360 problems

Almost every new RV has a TV antenna. And Winegard has long been one of the top providers of this critical component to the RV market.

Though the AIR 360 antenna has revolutionized signal reception by providing 360° coverage, there are a few issues that should get attention.  

The biggest issues with the Winegard Air 360 are reception issues, missing channel issues, receiver problems, signal issues, and installation problems.

Winegard air 360 problems Problems

Common Winegard Air 360 Problems and Solutions

Problems with prime time crusaderSolutions
Receiver ProblemsUse an antenna booster.
Poor ReceptionUpdate the firmware on your receiver.
Missing Channel IssuesRe-aim the TV antenna and lubricate the antenna’s components at various locations.
Signal IssueCorrect the loose connections.
Installation ProblemFollow the manual or consult a professional.
Other Issues for AntennaFollow the instructions given below.

1. Receiver Problem

Even if your antenna is properly installed, the cable may not function properly.

This is a rather typical issue because several customers purchased their antennas after they were introduced, but their receivers were already in use. Then there’s a good chance your receiver is running on outdated firmware.

The Fix

However, the issue may be easily resolved by just updating the firmware on your receiver. There are two basic approaches to implementing this solution. Accessing the options on your receiver and then selecting the automatic firmware update is one of them.

This will look for available patch files and download them automatically. If this does not work, prepare to install the patch file manually.

You can simply find updated firmware versions by searching for them online. Just make sure the update is for your receiver model.

2. Poor Reception

Certain signal issues are related to the RV TV antenna. Aside from the irregular reception, it might result in hazy visuals on the screen.

The Fix

The simplest method to avoid such issues is to use an antenna booster. If you notice any irregularities in the operation of the antenna, properly inspect the booster and the wall plate, as most of the time, you can acquire steady reception just by adjusting the wall plate.

3. Missing Channel Issue

Some users have the issue of not having enough channels accessible in that location, or the signal is displayed but no channel seems to be available.

The Fix

Because of extensive use, Winegard RV’s antenna cannot always spin. The antenna components collect debris and prevent the device from catching accessible channels.

To address this issue, lubricate the antenna’s components at various locations. It lubricates the elevating crank, the gear housing, and the base plate, as well as the rubber quad ring. Silicone is the most effective lubricant for the job.

The antenna’s orientation has a direct impact on how well it works. Sometimes the antenna works perfectly, but it is poorly targeted. Make careful to re-aim the TV antenna in a direction where it can easily pick up signals.

It has also been discovered that doing a 90-degree rotation might result in significantly more channels than before.

4. Signal Issue

Some users may encounter signal problems in Winegard Air 360 even after installing the antenna correctly. It shows no signal after connecting it to the TV.

The problem can arise for various reasons for example – damaged coaxial cables or loose connection of the antenna.

The Fix

Coaxial cables can be damaged in a variety of ways. They can get rusted or detached, causing the antenna to malfunction. Most of the time, loose contact is the source of the problem. You must correct this.

The antenna’s reduced head probably is to blame for its poor performance. Disconnect the antenna head to correct this. The wall plate may then be turned on.

5. Installation Problems

Because of the distinctive and elegant form of this Winegard 360 antenna, some customers have difficulty attaching it.

The Fix

Winegard offers a manual with installation steps for the Winegard Air 360. Follow that manual, you can find it with your product or on their website. If you still can’t figure it out, contact a professional or your RV vendor.

6. Other Fixes for Antenna

Here are some other fixes for solving your issues with Winegard Air 360 antenna. If you can’t figure out the exact cause of the problem, try these tricks.

Regardless of the protection, you give for your Winegard TV antenna, dirt and dust might build, resulting in an impeded range of motion.

Certain components, including screws, bolts, and nuts, have a significant impact on the operation of a TV antenna. There is a good likelihood that some of the screws became overly tight during the installation procedure. This might disrupt the antenna’s operation.

The Fix

The first step in checking for impediments is to identify the component that is encountering difficulty.

If your Winegard RV antenna is still not working after you’ve attempted all of the troubleshooting techniques listed above. Then there’s a good probability your equipment is broken or dead.

The antennas are reasonably priced, and Winegard also provides a warranty service. You can contact their support personnel at any moment and explain your problem. They will then investigate your issue and provide you with a solution.

Getting a TV signal when traveling in an RV is also necessary. You may always update your present antenna to a more powerful one.

User Feedback on Winegard Air 360

According to the majority of consumers, the Winegard Air 360 is an excellent choice at this price point because it functions as an all-in-one solution. The overall rating of this antenna in Amazon is 4.3 out of 5

A customer on Amazon said that the Winegard Air 360 is a way better upgrade for old antennas. They are very easy to install with many available channels.

Another customer rated the Winegard Air 360 5 out of 5 on Amazon stating that the Winegard 360 antenna is very easy to install and can pull many channels from other states.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is the Winegard Air 360?

18.5 × 18.75 × 9.5 inches.

What is Winegard Air 360’s material?


What color is the Winegard Air 360?

Black and white.

How much is the Winegard Air 360?



Despite some minor issues, the Winegard Air 360 is one of the best RV antennas available since it provides 360° signal reception.

It comes highly recommended due to its elegant design and an all-in-one solution for TV and AM/FM signals.

And I’ve previously covered the issues with your antenna and potential solutions. If you’re having problems with your Winegard Air 360 antenna, try these remedies.

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