Champion 2000w Inverter Generator Problems

One of the quietest 2000W inverter generators available is the Champion. This makes it a very common option for those who own RVs, operate food trucks, etc. Additionally, it makes a fantastically portable generator for home backup power in case of emergencies.

The Champion offers lots of great features as well. There are a few issues that can cause you a headache sometimes such as starting issues, leaking problems, etc.

These problems do not necessarily happen to everybody, but you should be aware of them for an easy solution.

Champion 2000w Inverter Generator Problems

Common Problems of Champion 2000w Inverter Generator

There is plenty of other company that has different types of bugs and problems. But the Champion has very few and most of them are easy to solve.

Here is a list of the most common problems of Champion 2000w-

1. Running Rough Problem

This is a common problem for generators. Sometimes the Champion starts rough and becomes stable after a while. On other occasions, the generator may start off rough and keep going like that until you turn it off or it shuts off on its own.

You could also notice that the generator started functioning erratically after working smoothly for a time.

2. This Rough Running can be Caused by Various Issues.

If the carburetor is broken, the generator may run poorly because the fuel and air are not mixed properly. This makes the rough running.

A clogged fuel filter can also hamper the normal running of the generator because the filtration is not done properly.

If the spark plug is malfunctioning the electric supply is hampered and as a result, you will face the rough running of your generator.

A generator becomes overloaded when it produces less energy than the linked electronics need. Because it attempts to equal the required power yet can’t because of its capacity, this causes the generator to run roughly.

Another reason for the rough running is there might be stale fuel in it. Stale fuel hinders the generator’s normal working capacity.


If the carburetor is damaged you need to buy a new one and replace the old carburetor.

In case, the problem is with the clogged fuel filter you have to clean it thoroughly and make sure there is no more grease or debris inside.

Change the spark plug when it is causing the problem because repairing might not work and only make you lose some bucks.

The problem with overload can be stopped by reducing electrical equipment from the connection.

And lastly, if you do not know what to do you should consult a professional for helping you.

3. Starting Problem

Your Champion 2000w inverter generator may not start due to some silly and serious problems.

One of the reasons can be that your fuel tank is empty. When it is empty it cannot run obviously. Another problem is when the quality of the fuel is low your generator may stop working. The sensor will get the wrong signal sometimes due to this problem.

When there is a dead battery, your engine may seize to work and may not start. Because the battery powers the starting system.

The choke controls the amount of air inside the carburetor whenever the engine is starting. The volume of air combined with the fuel might be the cause of the motor’s inability to start.

There are some similar causes of the rough running issue and the starting problem. Both of them can be caused due to spark plug problems, carburetor problems, etc.


Well, if you are determined to fix this problem you may need to fill the fuel tank properly with a good grade of fuel. Then, check the battery and make sure it is working fine. If not, change the battery. Make sure the choke is also doing its job properly and mixing the air with fuel correctly.

If you face a carburetor issue or a spark plug problem you can just change them.

4. Not Producing Enough Power

Even if the generator is starting up and producing power to run all the appliances you will not get enough power to fully run them and it will hinder the electric supply and may cause problems for the appliances.

This issue can occur due to a few issues. The main problem can be caused by loose connections and faulty circuit breakers. When there is a loose connection, you may not get the full energy supplied from the generator.


Now, ensure that all of the connections are firmly connected. Reset the circuit breaker after that to check whether the issue is resolved. If not, you might need to bring the device to a trained expert for additional diagnostics.

5. Leaking Problem

Another problem that you may find in it is the fuel leaking problem. When the tank is overloaded, it can cause an issue. Or, if it has an overheating problem, damage in the tank, etc.


When the situation is with the heating, look for the cooling unit and determine whether the heat is escaping or not. Replace the pipe if it isn’t letting the heat escape.

You need to give the thing a complete cleaning if the issue developed as a result of a buildup of debris within the exhaust.

And remember to avoid overloading the generator.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Champion a reliable generator?

The Champion generator is a reliable one that is in the market. It has the longest warranty among generators, some are waterproof, etc. This is also durable and has a great resell value which makes it a reliable and amazing generator.

Why does my Champion generator keep dying?

A blocked carburetor is probably at blame if the generator consistently shuts down while operating under pressure. The carburetor’s channels might clog up to the point where gas cannot reach the engine. A blocked air or fuel filter is one of the other reasons.

What would cause a Champion generator to not start?

A clogged or filthy filter may be the cause of Champion inverter generators that are difficult to start. The air filter is normally found at the front of the generator next to the choke; see the owner’s handbook to find out where it is. Take out the filter and install a fresh one.

Do champion generators use Honda engines?

Champion has some of its products with Honda Engine. The combination is great overall.


The Champion has many awesome products and the 2000w generators are among the best-selling ones. They have been featuring a lot of products that are reliable and durable.

If you take good care of the Champion Generator it can work for you for many years. So, always try to monitor it and have it cleaned, and do service regularly.