One Side of The Slide Out Not Working: What to Do?

The living area in your RV may be expanded and contracted with the help of an RV slide-out. Hydraulic, electrical, or manual mechanical mechanisms are used to move the slide-out between the extended and retracted positions.

Your RV slide-out might occasionally have some problems. Some of them issues include jamming, power outages, or hydraulic failure. These problems could prevent one side of the slide-out from operating.

This article will explain the cause of one side of the slide-out not working and how to remedy it.

One Side of The Slide Out Not Working

Why is One Side of the Slide-out Not Working?

Let’s dive in into the depth of this irritating problem. Here you will find the most likely reasons and how instructions on how to solve them.

1. A Failed Slide-out Electric Motor

The slide-out mechanism will come to a stop if the motor malfunctions, making it impossible for your RV slide-out to move in or out.

If you try to operate your slide-out and it doesn’t seem to be responding, there might be a problem with the motor or gear system.

The Fix

Look for the motor that runs your slide-out, then examine the wiring. To verify the voltage at the motor using a multimeter, you might need to unplug the wiring from the motor and have a helper turn the switch.

If the meter indicates that the motor is receiving power but is not moving, the problem most likely lies with the motor, which has to be repaired or replaced.

2. Slide Gets Jammed

Jamming is a very common issue for RV slide-outs. To ensure smooth flow and compliance from top to bottom and side to side, slides are intricate systems that require careful adjustment.

Dust and rusted objects in the passage might create jamming. Any kind of slide fracture might prevent the slide-out from expanding.

The Fix

Lubrication is essential to preserving the slide’s smooth operation and preventing jamming. In addition to seals that assist keep the inside in and the outside out, the mechanism itself will require some lubrication.

To guarantee smooth movement and alignment from top to bottom and side to side, slides are intricate systems that require careful adjustment.

Basic alignment changes may be made, but unless you have the necessary training and expertise, I strongly advise leaving this to a professional.

3. Leak in the Slide-out Hydraulic System

Slide-out issues might also be caused by a hydraulic system leak. On large, heavy slides like kitchens, hydraulic slide-outs are typical. A hydraulic fluid reservoir pressured lines, and fittings are all components of hydraulic systems.

It is important to check the lines for leaks and general health. Keep your fittings clean to make it easier to detect leaks since they are potentially leaky areas and the issue might be there.

The Fix

To make sure there is adequate fluid in the system, check your hydraulic fluid reservoir first. The reservoir’s fluid level will be reduced when your slide-outs are extended or your leveling legs are lowered. The reservoir should be at or close to the full mark.

Another possibility is that a hydraulic valve actuator failed. In this instance, the pump will work, but the ram cannot retract the slide since no fluid is getting to it.

To manually open or close the actuators, crank them with a screwdriver or an Allen wrench. They are precise valves that may easily be destroyed, so you can try to operate them manually, but you must take extreme caution.

4. The Slide-out Motor Runs, but the Slide-out is Immobile

You will be very shocked when you see the motor runs perfectly but the slide-out is not operating. You will need to test the slide mechanism itself if your electric motor is operational but the slide-out is immobile.

You must identify the type of machine you have because there are several different kinds.

Some of the different slide mechanism types include:

  • Accu-slide cable-operated slide
  • Schwintec in-wall slide
  • Rack and Pinion
  • HWH SpaceMaker Slide

The Fix

First of all, if your RV isn’t level, avoid extending or retracting your slides. When they move against gravity, the motors and systems are under a lot more stress!

Don’t allow anyone to stand or sit on the slide while it is moving. Remove heavy objects from the slide if you can to make it easier to extend or retract the slide. If that doesn’t fix your issue, then you must consult with an expert.

5. Before Fully Opening or Closing, the Slide Stops

When you try to open or close your RV slide-out, it stops just before fully opening or closing. Believe me, this is a very annoying issue you could only face regarding slide-out.

Your slide being out of time or your electrical controls losing their programming are two other potential causes of the slide-out stops.

The Fix

The majority of slide systems include precision-machined meshing gears that move with resistance. If this is out of alignment or if dirt or debris has accumulated, it may result in wear and damage.

It is important to keep rails and gears greased and clean. When using the slide, there should be no binding. A slide that opens or closes unevenly from side to side should be avoided. At the first indication, it’s crucial to adjust the alignment to stop further damage.

6. The Slide-out Switch is Not Working

One of the most typical issues with RVs is the slide-out switch not correctly seating.

The main issue that could occur regarding the slide-out switch is the wires to the switch were either too short or were constantly pulling sideways on the switch, which was obvious when the switch panel was opened.

Driving might be rather dangerous if the slide-out is extended and the button stops operating.

The Fix

First, check to see if the switch’s batteries are in good condition. Whether they are, see if there is electricity going to the button. Try one of the other switches to see if it works if you have more than one slide-outs.

The fuse box should be checked first if the switch isn’t receiving electricity. Replace the slide-out switch fuse if it has blown. It’s time to consult an expert if you’re still having problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can my slide-out be reset?

To completely extend the slide-out, you would go to the switch and depress the out button. The slide would then be brought in 8 to 10 inches after pressing the in button.

Why won’t my RV slide open?

The electrical supply may have a problem, such as blown fuses, poor wiring, or a weak battery. To ensure that the slide-out works properly, make sure you have enough power available.

Can a slide-out be manually pushed in?

There will be a manual override button on the control panel unit. You can press that button six times, and on the seventh time, if you push and hold, a manual override will be activated.

What activates the camper’s slide-out?

The slide may be retracted or expanded with the touch of a button on the electrical system on the control panel of your RV.

How much does a camper slide-out motor cost to replace?

You should budget an entrance point of $500 and upwards of $1500 to $2000 for each slide out unless the repair is really straightforward.

Final Words

Don’t forget to maintain your RV with proper care. Your camper costs a lot of money; therefore, you want it to function well for a very long period.

Your floor layout may gain a significant amount of room thanks to these slide-outs, which also greatly enhance your RV experience.

Watch carefully for the floor in front of the slide-outs as well as the ceiling above them. If either begins to exhibit signs of excessive wear, this might be a sign that your slide is not sitting properly.

However, even though slide-outs provide you with more room, you must bear in mind that regular maintenance is necessary to keep them in good working order. So, be conscious and take proper care of your RV slide-out.

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