What To Do When Bottom of Slide Bowing Out in My RV?

A bowed-out slide might annoy you for the rest of your journey and make you fear that you might harm your slide-out.

Pressing the button to lengthen it may be devastating; hearing the proud, powerful moan of the mechanical parts and watching it sink into position can be more than a little unsettling.

There are a few options to repair the bottom of the slide bowing out of your RV at this time. Although doing it correctly needs a bit more technical knowledge.

However, the causes mentioned in the list most often cause the bottom of the slide to bow out:

  • Losing structural integrity
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Flawed design
  • Misalignment
  • Subpar floor material
What To Do When Bottom of Slide Bowing Out in My RV

Common Causes and Fixes for The RVs Bottom Of The Slide Bowing Out

Understanding the cause and why it is happening is part of the solution. The causes and fixes will be described in detail in this portion.

1. Losing Structural Integrity

Losing structural integrity is a very common issue but it usually occurs on old RVs. Just like every other thing, the parts that hold the slide together get old.

As a result, the slide bows outward. If th is problem shows up on a new vehicle you should claim a warranty if possible. If not then take it to a repair shop.


If you don’t want to deal with this problem then checkout the material quality before you make the purchase.

Ask your dealer about materials as the brochure might not contain all the necessary information. Make sure the parts used for the slide are made of quality materials.

2. Lack of Maintenance

If the slide-out is not well maintained then they get prone to bowing out. This can happen due to several reasons like extra pressure on the frame, worn-out parts, putting excessive weight, and many more.


There is no better cure for RV problems than regular maintenance. You should check up the whole RV for maintenance work not only the slide. Maintenance at regular intervals will significantly improve the slide’s operational life.

3. Flawed Design

This is a problem that occurs mostly in reconditioned RVs. Not to say some brand news ones are not victims too.

Designing an RV is a complicated process and from time-to-time manufacturer makes mistake. Slide-out with flawed design often ends up bowing out.


The best solution to this problem is to claim a warranty. Take the RV to a dealer or manufacturer as soon as possible. This problem should be covered under the warranty. So, once you hand them over then it will be up to them to get the slide running.

4. Misalignment

Slide-out on RVs utilizes different mechanisms to implement the systems. Driving rough could misalign some parts which would result in the slide bowing out.

Constant vibration would do the same too. It is very common for misalignment to occur due to these reasons.


Try not to drive rough unless it is absolutely necessary. Always try to avoid uneven roads. Doing so will not only keep the slide in good condition but also the other parts as well.

Reducing the chance of misalignment would mean your RV will enjoy a longer problem-free span.’

5. Subpar Floor Material

Sometimes through no one’s fault except the manufacturer, the slide is made of subpar material. At the end of the day, these materials and parts give out quicker than expected. This is the worst possible cause of the bowed-out slide as it will cost a lot to repair.


Directly go for a warranty claim as soon as possible if you face this problem. Let the dealer or manufacturer deal with this problem as it will cost a hefty sum to repair.

This type of repair is bound to put significant pressure on your wallet. If a warranty does not cover it then beware that you are already ventured too deep.

RV Slide Repair Cost

Depending on what was wrong with the slide and the length of the work needed, the repair would cost anywhere from $500 to $5000.

Also, the mechanic would need to know what was done, replaced, etc. before commenting on whether the repair cost was excessive, low, or expected.

It also depends on the sort of repair you had, the dealer, the location, and so on.

Another aspect of your motorhome or RV that requires attention is the slide-outs. Because these rooms include moving elements, they are more prone to wear and tear than other parts.

Regular maintenance on seals and mechanical devices will ensure that your camping season is as long as possible. The typical cost would be between $500 and $1700.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you fix a sagging RV slide-out?

By releasing the bolts on either side of the bar, you may adjust the front. In order to adjust the height, slide it in or out. To adjust the back, one or more bolts must be loosened at each adjustment location. Retighten them after that.

Can I Relevel my RV with the slides out?

Any expert should be able to inform you that the common approach is to level first before displaying your slides. They will also advise you to follow the instructions in your owner’s handbook provided by the manufacturer.

Why does my RV slide sag?

Verify the brake holding the arms out to the side to be sure it hasn’t slid. If so, it could have caused the arms to slightly retract, which would explain why your slideout is drooping.

How much does it cost to fix RV slides?

In general, the cost of repair rises with size. You should anticipate an entrance point of around $500 and up to $1500 to $2000 for each slide out unless the repair is quite straightforward.


You can’t just overlook anything like a large amount of sagging in your RV’s slide-out area. By manually releasing carriage bolts or the jam nut, you might be able to manually realign the misaligned slide-out portion of your RV.

Just keep in mind that the manufacturer or the RV dealership you purchased it from could not honor the repair under the warranty coverage if your RV is damaged while doing this or damaged when you retract it.

Some straightforward RV supports can go a long way toward preventing more damage without nullifying your RV’s warranty protection if you want to be safe and make it through the remainder of your camping vacation.

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