Soft Closing Drawer Slides Problem

Soft closing drawer slides problems

When you have an RV and cabinets which use soft closing drawers you may encounter a problem with opening and closing it.

This problem can occur due to a number of problems and most of them are related to the slider that is used for sliding it out or getting it in.

The main reasons behind the slide problem are rusting, the wrong installation, etc. You should know them in detail.

Soft closing drawer slides problems

Is the Soft Closing Drawer Problem Common in RVs?

Well, to be fair, this problem with sliding is pretty common in RVs. You may see people complaining about the drawer quite often.

Some will say they cannot open the drawer smoothly while some people will face a problem such as it getting stuck while closing. Some cases suggest that opening the drawer becomes impossible.

All of these problems may not seem that dangerous, yet can be very annoying when you need something from the drawer and it gets stuck. That’s the reason why you need to know why this happens and how you can fix it, if possible, on your own.

What are The Soft Closing Drawer Slide Problems?

There are a few problems with the slide that you need to know about. Here is the list of them-

1. Rusting issue

There are no other problems that can be this much annoying than rusting. Due to rusting of the nuts or the sliders it can stop working or make it hard to open or close. The rust will decrease the smoothness of the sliders and that can cause the problem.


The main fix for the rust is to clean off the rusting. Here is how you can do it-

1. remove the drawer and check for rust.

2. take an anti-rust liquid to clean it off with a brush or a towel

3. if the rust is cleaned off put on some lubricating agent and make it smoother

4. put the slider back in place and see that it fits right.

5. try to open and close the drawer and see if it is working fine.

2. Wrong Installation

Another reason for the soft closing drawer slide problem is the wrong installation. When it is installed may be the placement was not correctly done which is why the drawer is not working as it should.

This is not that much of a problem as you can just get everything out and put things in the right way to fix the problems.


First of all, what you need to fix the problem with your slider is to get the whole thing disassembled. Then you can check the user manual for any instructions on how to place it in the right way.

However, if you don’t know the initials for fixing these things, you can always call the dealer or a professional mechanic to fix it for you.

3. Broken Slider

Another reason why the drawer’s slider is causing the problem is when the slider is broken it will not operate correctly. It will fail to work and cause the drawer to get locked into a certain position.

When this problem arises, you will have no other option but to change the slider.


The only fix is to change the slider in this case. Now, if you are to change the slider yourself without any proper knowledge of attaching the slider then you will get into trouble.

So, it is advised to talk to an expert who has proper knowledge on this matter.

4. Bend Sections in the Drawer

If you have any bend sections inside the drawer’s slider you can be sure of the reason why it is not working well.

You can just open the drawer out and inspect thoroughly for any bend section in there. If you have found any you can then try to fix it.


If the bend is adjustable, you can use pliers to bend it back to its original position. If it is beyond your expertise, then you need to check with your nearest repair shop.

5. Dust, Debris, and Objects Clogging the Slider

This problem is a bit common when your drawer is used for a few years or so. When dust or debris builds up inside the drawer slider’s pathway it gets jammed and it becomes harder to close the drawer.

The soft closing stops working and the drawer tends to stay out. If any object is stuck inside the drawer, it can cause a similar problem.


Well, there isn’t much to share as we all can clean and keep things tidy. However, make sure you get the drawer out and clean it thoroughly. After cleaning try to polish with lubricants.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my soft close drawer not closing?

The most common cause of self-closing drawer malfunction is incorrectly placed or a drawer that was not designed squarely. As a result, the drawer may slant in one direction and be unable to shut completely. This drawer may be adjusted with simply a screwdriver.

Can you adjust the tension on soft close drawers?

If you own soft close drawers, you can probably modify them using the built-in adjustable buttons. These may be located on the drawer box’s bottom. 

How do I make my drawers glide smoothly?

You need to clean the drawer and the slider regularly. Make sure there is no dirt left inside. You can use some lubricating agent sometimes and also anti-rusting components to keep it smooth.

Does wax make drawers slide better?

The candle wax might assist drawers in sliding more smoothly. Simply rub a soap bar and a cheap candle on the bottom of the drawers and the slider. This can reduce the friction and slide it better.


Soft closing drawers sometimes can show sliding issues. however, if you take proper care regularly you should be well off.

However, if your drawer is already causing problems, you can follow the instructions given in this article and find out what is causing the problem. in most cases, you can fix it on your own.