Westinghouse Igen4500 Problems

Westinghouse Igen4500 is a very quiet and portable inverter generator. It features remote electric start, when and handle kit, auto choke, gas power, and parallel capability which is great for RVs.

Like any other masterpiece, Westinghouse Igen4500 has some problems which often disturb its users.

The most common problems of the Westinghouse Igen4500 are leaking, noise, overheating, rough operation, and battery failure.

Westinghouse Igen4500 Problems
Westinghouse Igen4500

What Causes Westinghouse Igen4500 Problems?

Like any other generators in the market, the Westinghouse Igen4500 also shows typical symptoms which indicate their malfunction. If you’re a beginner in using generators, you may face difficulties in diagnosing the signs of malfunctions. 

These are the most common signs of Westinghouse Igen4500 issues-

  • The generator system not starting easily
  • Corroded wire systems
  • Screws and bolts coming off 
  • The system randomly stops
  • The engine making weird sounds

How to Troubleshoot Westinghouse Igen4500 Problems?

Many users struggle with seemingly insignificant difficulties with their Westinghouse Igen4500 generator.

Here are some instructions to troubleshoot the generator and easily fix the issues.

1. Inspect the Battery

Battery failure issue is the most common problem regarding generators. When you use your generator too often, it wears out. Westinghouse Igen4500 is no different in cases of battery issues. 

There can be many reasons behind frequent battery failure. These are-

  • Turning off the battery suddenly.
  • Interruption with the battery operation.
  • Interruption while charging the battery.
  • Loose or dirty connection of the terminals.
  • Battery impedance and battery life.
  • Battery leaking acids or chemicals.

Before trying any other hack, check whether the circuit slot is flipped out. If it is, then flip it back simply the way it was. Wiping away unwanted dirt and debris can also solve battery failure. Cleaning the terminals will help you get rid of battery dirt and corrosion. 

Also, be careful while charging the battery with uninterrupted power. If the battery leaks any fluids or smoke, change it immediately.

If none of these hacks above solves your battery problems anymore, you can ask a professional. You can also replace the batteries if it’s worn out. 

2. Inspect and Fix the Rough Generator

If your Westinghouse Igen4500 is running rough, it can be due to reasons like low fuel levels, dirty air filters, and contaminated fuel. It is one of the most common problems Westinghouse customers experience. 

Troubleshooting steps for fixing a rough Westinghouse Igen4500 generator-

  • Firstly, check the oil levels. Sometimes coarse oil levels can be why your generator is running coarse. Never let the oil stay in your RV generator for too long. Dirty oil can affect your engine’s health.
  • Check out whether the air filters are clean or not. The dirt inside the air filter obstructs from air passing. And lack of clean air can harm your generator’s condition. 
  • If there is water or contaminants in the fuel, the generator runs rough. Examine your generator for leaks that could be causing contamination. 

3. Prevent the Generator from Overheating

Low oil levels can be responsible for engine overheating issues. Always maintain a generous oil level to prevent engine overheating issues. Maintaining oil levels also balances the coolant level. 

You also need to check the radiator and coolant levels to prevent engine overheating problems. Sometimes leakage in the radiator causes engine overheating. However, filling it with adequate coolant may obstruct radiator leakage. 

One of the easiest solutions to generator overheating is replacing it. If you’re not interested in going through any complicated repairing session, simply exchange the weary engine. 

4. Fix the Noisy Generator

If your Westinghouse Igen4500 engine is making disturbing noises, there is something wrong with it.

Noisy engine issues can appear due to trivial or sometimes grave adversities. Be it an engine knock or loose bolt issue, anything can be behind a noisy engine. 

If your engine makes noise because of loose bolts, tightening them will solve the problem. But the engine knocking sound is something that indicates an intense situation. Rush toward a professional in that case immediately.

5. Check and Eliminate any Leaks

One of the dark sides of using Westinghouse Igen4500 too much is, it develops leaks. Generator leaks mainly occur when the coolant hoses become very weary.

If your generator has any coolant issues, you need to fix them quickly. Otherwise, a system failure may appear soon. 

One of the easiest solutions to get rid of coolant system issues is replacing it with a new one. However, you should get the coolant system checked twice a year to ensure maximum performance. You can also replace the coolant hoses frequently for smooth execution. 

Another type of leakage that customers are worried about is fuel tank leakage. If your fuel tank has any leaks, the engine will hardly start running. Leaks can also appear if you’ve not used your generator too often after purchasing it.  

If you’re going through hard times while dealing with Westinghouse Igen4500 generator leaks, you can ask for professional help. You can also contact the Westinghood support team if you have any queries regarding your generator. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long can I run Westinghouse Igen4500 on Propane?

You can run Westinghouse Igen4500 for 18 hours on Propane.

Can I leave the oil in Westinghouse Igen4500?

No. Leaving oil inside any generator can develop dirt, debris, and corrosion inside it.

How often do I need to change the oil in Westinghouse Igen4500?

You should replace the generator oil every 1000 hours.

Who makes the engines on Westinghouse Igen4500?

The Westinghouse Electric Corporation manufactures engines on Westinghouse Igen4500.


This article is the ultimate guide for users struggling with Westinghouse Igen4500 problems. It will help you diagnose the early symptoms before a massive breakdown

You should inspect your Westinghouse Igen4500 generator for the mentioned symptoms of problems. Be sure to follow the instruction in this article to get the best out of your Westinghouse Igen4500.