Common Issues with Forest River Vengeance

The wonderful small Forest River Vengeance is created with your trip in mind. Your Vengeance is truly a home away from home thanks to a number of practical residential amenities. But not free from problems, rights?

Here are some of the most typical reasons for this problem in this article, along with potential solutions. So, if you’ve been having issues with your forest river revenge lately, keep reading for more details.

Possible Reasons:

  • The door does not stay on track
  • Issues with the water heater
  • Slide malfunctions
  • Rusting of the frame and underbody
  • Leaks in the plumbing system
  • Vacuum issues
  • Trim falls off
Forest River Vengeance

Common Problems of Forest River Vengeance

In the months following the purchase of a new RV, several concerns regarding Forest River’s production occur. In general, the RV community views that as unacceptable and a problem.

1. The Door Does not Stay on Track

The cause of a Forest River door not closing properly is frequently the determining factor. You may need to do operations like realigning the door or changing the locks to ensure that the door of your camping car stays closed.

On occasion, one of the screws holding the door’s top roller latch in place will pull out. In order to give the screw something solid to grasp onto, you will need to remove the door first, and then gently relocate the latch.

2. Issues with the Water Heater

There are a few typical issues with RV water heaters, such as lukewarm water, no hot water, and lighting problems.

When your 120-volt shore power won’t cooperate with a tank-style water heater that uses both propane and shore power, problems will also arise.

For the lighting, problems are simply fixed with some tinkering, but more enduring issues can necessitate expert help.

3. Slide Malfunctions

Lubrication problems and motor burnout are the causes of a slide out the malfunction.

Your RV slide struggles to move in and out smoothly if it isn’t properly lubricated. Using a lubricant can frequently be a simple solution to this.

Motor burnout is another typical offender and happens when the motor that moved the slide in and out stops working. Like the last situation, power problems arise when your slide-out cannot draw power from your RV or when your RV is improperly linked to a power source.

4. Rusting of the Frame and Underbody

The steel’s defense mechanism against additional harm is rust. Rust, however, usually performs poorly because it is flaky and loose. Mother Nature triumphs in the end!

The paint is the only thing between your frame and complete environmental destruction.

Although surface rust doesn’t degrade the metal physically, it is visible evidence that your frame is exposed and unprotected. Any rusty places will also become more visible as the water removes the metal around them.

5. Leaks in the Plumbing System

You can notice a confusing jumble of water lines if you’ve ever peered inside your Forest River. These disorganized lines are prone to problems.

Water pumps may malfunction or experience difficulties keeping pressure. Because they don’t use enough water, RVers frequently have clogs and other issues with their toilets.

Generally speaking, flushing a toilet shouldn’t consume more water than necessary.

If you frequently experience plumbing problems, hiring a professional might become rather expensive.

A costly error, though, can result from attempting a DIY fix that is out of your league. Recognize your limitations so you don’t take on a task you can’t handle.

6. Vacuum Issues

Sometimes while vacuuming, the suction stops. The vacuum could be too hot.

The Relay guards the motor against an electrical surge. If you hear the clicking sound, it means the relay board is operating properly and is supplying power to the motor, which is important if you are certain there was a power surge and another appliance, such as a microwave, was also harmed.

Check to see if the outlet is operational. Check the outlet’s functionality by plugging in a lamp or hair dryer.

Also, check the Forest River Vengeance camper breaker if there is no power coming to the outlet. It might have tripped and needs to be reset.

Verify the filter bag’s presence and determine whether it needs to be replaced.

7. Trim Falls off

A leak in the outer trim could be indicated by your insulation not being adequate.

The presence of water inside a Vengeance should raise some red flags, even if you’re unsure of its source.

The external trim may need to be repaired and likely has for some time if it has developed discoloration from water damage or other problems.

Locate the leak. It’s critical to locate the entire damaged area if you want to keep the trim from needing to be totally replaced. Use combined sealants.

You might need to remove some components to tidy the space. You don’t want to cause more damage than the repairs will cost, so proceed with caution. The Stick is a simple but useful tool that will help you apply the right amount of sealant to your trim without going overboard.

Customer Review on Forest River Vengeance

There are many reasons why Forest River Vengeance receives so many favorable evaluations. It has floor designs with ramps for toy haulers, and Forest River sells lightweight versions of the rig so you may tow it behind a lighter camper.

What, then, could some of the adverse reviews have to say? More on Forest River RVs’ negative side in a moment.

Most people who purchase a brand-new Forest River RV have challenging interactions with the customer service line, warranty troubleshooting, and the general longevity of their vehicles.

Final Words

For any type of RV, proper maintenance is required. The durt needs to be cleaned frequently. Other component maintenance should not be ignored on a regular basis. Contact professionals right away if you feel you cannot fix a problem on your own. While some modifications may be costly, they are worthwhile.

Despite all the issues, it is uncommon to find a fifth wheel that also feels like a cozy, homey RV, but Forest River has managed to combine the two with the Vengeance.

Let’s talk more about the Vengeance and the reasons it won the best toy hauler fifth wheel of the year award from RV News in 2021.

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