Grand Design Reflection Problem

Grand Design is a top trailer in the market. They bring amazing RVs and trailers and Grand Design Reflection is among them. It has so many features which can make you want to buy it.

These luxurious features assist the trailers to retain their worth and resell for a higher secondhand rate compared to many other trailer manufacturers. Winnebago owns Grand Design Trailers, which is their most important asset.

However, while driving or owning one Reflection you may encounter a few problems such as electric issues, water leaking problems, roof problems, etc. When you have a Reflection, you need a proper idea of what can go wrong to save your time and money.

Grand Design Reflection Problem

Common Problems with Grand Design Reflection and Solutions

There are many small problems and some problems are serious as well. Here is a list of some common problems of Grand Design Reflection-

1. Electric Problem

Electrical problems like malfunctioning LED lights, defective generators, and power controls are the most typical problems with a Grand Design Reflection.

Electrical problems might manifest as the failure of restroom lights, kitchen lights, a generator, or a fridge.

Blown wires might cause problems with the electric system. Also, a loose connection, a damaged fuse, or a short circuit can cause similar problems.


Electrical issues might arise at any time. However, with several basic electrical knowledge, you may quickly remedy these difficulties. To resolve some electrical issues, follow the discussion below:

If the lights are out, you should check if the wires are working by using a tester or multimeter. If the problem is not there then changing the bulb is an option as it should have a fried fuse.

When the generator is not working, you should check if it is overheating or had a short circuit. However, it is best to consult a professional about your generator issue.

When a refrigerator operates on propane and not on 110 volts, electrical complications emerge. In that scenario, examine the circuit breaker and, if necessary, change it.

The air conditioner will shut down if it does not get 120V electricity. Look for connectivity issues, fuses, and circuit breakers to repair the problem.

2. Roof Problem

Roof problems can happen due to installation incorrectly. The most serious concern appears to be the roof covering. It can compress or weaken considerably and water leaks may occur.

This leaking problem can also happen due to using it for many years and the membrane has weakened.

Rusting on some corners can cause a water-leaking problem. The problems with the roof can hamper your leisure rainy days into nightmares due to water leaking.


If the problem seems to be associated with the installation process you can ask for help from the dealers or customer service. They should be able to fix it for you if you are under warranty.

When the roof membrane is weakened you should change it and put in a new one. This should solve your problem with the roof.

However, if there is leaking you should seal off the parts immediately. You may need professional help if it is due to rusting.

3. Tire Problem

The axle of the RV allows it to move freely. Axle bearings also govern wheel motion and sustain the vehicle’s load.

Axle-bearing problems can lead to a variety of issues. In addition, the wheels can lose all control and begin to grind just on one side. This issue can potentially harm the RV’s hub and CV joint.

The tires used on the Reflection can sometimes get bad due to manufacturing issues, poor lubrication, rusting, etc.


Inspect the bearings to ensure that there’s sufficient lubrication and no corrosion. If not, use extra lubrication to avoid unnecessary friction.

You also need to fix any leaks in the hydraulic system to avoid rust formation.

Should the bearings continue to cause problems, change them?

If the tire is beyond repair, you need to buy a new one for your Reflection.

4. Slide-out Problem

The slide-outs becoming jammed is a quite common issue with a Grand Design Reflection. Slide-outs are components of the RV that allow more room in the camper for resting and various purposes. So, when you try to get it out you may see that it is not sliding out anymore and got stuck.

There can be different causes for this problem such as lack of lubrication, rusting, motor going bad, etc.

This problem normally won’t happen unless there is a lack of maintenance or you haven’t used it for a while.


Examine the working pieces of the slide-outs for rust or corroding. Replace any moving components that are no longer in an excellent working system.

You need to ensure that the slide-outs sliding parts have enough oil.

Check for any leaks that might result in an infinite water leak. Fix the leak to keep water from leaking.

You must also look for any electrical problems. If the slides do not receive 12V electricity, they may cease working. As a result, inspect the fuses and circuit breakers for any connectivity issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Grand Design reliable?

Grand Design RVs provide a wonderful selection of travel trailers and fifth wheels featuring dependable build, and the majority of buyers are pleased with their Grand Design RVs. So, it can be said that it is a great and reliable company.

What is the difference between a grand design Imagine and Reflection?

There are more options and features in Reflection than in Imagine. Reflection comes with more luxurious options than Imagine which is a predecessor of Reflection. But in quality, both excel just fine.

Does grand design use Lippert frames?

Grand Design uses Lippert frames that have been customized to their requirements, as do most fifth wheel manufacturers. They all pick this frame because they are the best for the RVs.


RVs or trailers there is no doubt about the credentials of Grand Design products. They provide amazing trailers such as the Reflection.

This model has plenty of splendid features and it can be a great partner for luxury-loving traveling people.

 If you take care of the Reflection regularly it will give you the best outcomes as well.