Riverstone RV Problems

Riverstone RV is one of the market’s leading fifth-wheel brands. Riverstone is one of Forest River’s numerous brands, as well as one of the company’s few luxury brands.

There includes a separate bedroom, two bathrooms, fireplaces, washing and dryer prep, and front kitchen choices. Even though the RV has provided so many alternatives for living peacefully, there are still difficulties that must be addressed.

Some of the most common problems include slide issues, electrical concerns, and troubles with the LCI Level-up system. When driving, there are also certain maintenance and practical considerations to consider.

Riverstone RV Problems

Common Riverstone RV Problems and Solutions

Problems with Riverstone RVSolutions
Slide-out Stuck IssueReset the system and clean the air filter frequently.
Slide Out Is Not Level with the GroundAdjust the thermostat properly or replace the heater.
Electrical problemsApply sealant to prevent the door from warping.
LCI Level system IssuesThe pipe should be examined regularly and if the damage gets worse, then better to replace it.
Other ProblemsFix the other issues as stated below.

1. Slide-out Stuck Issue

One of the most prevalent issues with the Riverstone RV is its slide-outs. These are rooms that can be expanded by pressing a single button. These are fantastic; however, customers report that their slides become stuck.

In this situation, the difficulties may be as follows: the slide-out has stopped operating totally, the slide-outs will not retract or extend or the slide-out does not remain open, one side retracts/extends faster than the other, and so on.

The Fix

The first thing you should look into is the gear your car is in. The slide-outs include a security system that prevents them from opening while the RV is still being driven.

Considering this, merely parking your RV should allow you to resume using it.  If, on the other hand, your problem persists, there is a good likelihood that something is stuck inside the slides.

You must physically extend the slide-out and then thoroughly clean it. Getting rid of all the trash should solve your problem.

Some customers have electrical problems with their slide-out extension or retraction system, which may be fixed by replacing all electrical components in that specific region (relays, motors, etc.), depending on how many components are problematic.

2. Slide Out Is Not Level with the Ground

If the legs on your Forest River slide-out are set too low, it may prohibit it from leveling down to meet local standards while also ensuring that door seals remain sealed when traveling and carrying freight.

If the levels are too high, you may have several issues. For starters, rainfall or melting snow may pool up to where the slide-out meets the ground and eventually make its way inside your RV.

The second source of rust is water that has become trapped in such locations.

The Fix

To fix this, make sure your slide-out parts are properly adjusted for level travel. If your slide-out is not level, it may cause unnecessary friction and pressure on the system, resulting in damage and loud noise when extending and retracting.

If you believe the problem is caused by uneven travel, compare the two sides for any differences before making any further adjustments or replacing parts.

3. Electrical Problems

Another major issue that individuals have with their RVs is their electrical connections.

The Riverstone RV is outfitted with a plethora of electrical outlets for usage with electrical equipment. However, these will encounter difficulties over time.

The Fix

The first thing you should do is double-check that your power lines are securely connected. However, if the problem persists, you may verify your sockets using a voltmeter.

Because the procedure is potentially hazardous, you should consult with a professional instead. They will make certain that your issue is resolved as soon as possible.

If you wish to repair the socket yourself, take readings of the connection and compare them to standard findings.

Any variations or low current levels should indicate that your outlet is defective and needs to be replaced. Installing a new socket should resolve the issue you were experiencing earlier.

4. Problem with LCI Level-Up System

With this problem, the users face is, the jacks will work for a few seconds, then pause, then operate, then pause, and so on. There may also be an out of stroke error message.

The Fix

To resolve the issue, try extending all of the jacks in the system by at least 6 inches. Then, hold down the retract button until the jacks begin to retract. All of the jacks should retract completely, and the mistake should be resolved.

This code may appear if the jack can no longer extend; if this is the case, a leveling block can be inserted beneath the jack to establish contact.

Check your battery voltage at the battery as well, making sure it does not dip below 11.5 volts when you try to use the connectors.

5. Other Problems

There are some other problems with this RV that are not exactly mechanical or have fixes.

For example – problems with items in the refrigerator, drawers, and so on being thrown around while driving are some most complained issues. Another issue with such a model is that the down tubes in the front bathroom toilet are too lengthy, which causes a backup and may not drain properly.

Also, the hydraulic system continues to lose pressure while not spilling fluid, although it does seep back into the tank.

The Fix

To fix the internal issues with the refrigerator and drawers, you can replace them with custom ones. You should also make adjustments to the front bathroom toilet’s down tubes.

The size of a Riverstone RV is a drawback. The Riverstone fifth wheel with the shortest length is 41’12” and the smallest gross vehicle weight rating is 18,555 lbs. You can buy other bigger-sized models.

User Feedback on Riverstone RV

In RV Insider, The RV’s average rating is 3.6, which is rather acceptable.

A pleased user reviewed in the RV Insider that he loved the livability but he wanted more storage inside the RV. He is also satisfied with the dealership and the controls including the pulls and brakes.

But another user complained in the RV Insider stating that their full-time RV had a great look on the outside but the layer peeled off. He is dissatisfied with the poor build quality.

A member of rv.net said that their Riverstone Legacy 387FB was satisfactory. He was very happy with his purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is the Riverstone RV Floor?

42.8, 41.5, 42.7, 43.2 feet long.

What is the Riverstone RV’s Hydraulic System?

Four-Point Hydraulic System.

What does Riverstone RV’s Warranty Provide?

1 year.

What Kind Of Fuel Does Riverstone RV Use?

LP Gas.


The Riverstone luxury package is one of the brand’s most popular characteristics, helping it to separate from the crowd. The luxury package alone makes a Riverstone RV an excellent buy.

Minor and resolvable difficulties with the Riverstone RV have previously been mentioned in this article. Despite these limitations, this RV is an excellent buy.