Grand Design Reflection 150 Series RV Problems Faced by Most Users

The Grand Design Reflection 150 Series provides optimum living without straining your vehicle to the limit. You may feel at ease driving and parking into your campground due to floorplans with initial weights under 7,000 pounds and 90-degree turning capabilities.

Some of the most prevalent difficulties are a cracked fender skirt, water leakage from the underbelly, a faulty gas furnace, difficulty to close the door, and a slide-out stuck.

This article will consist of the causes, signs, and potential fixes for the issues that might arise with this RV. To understand more about the faults and challenges with the Grand Design Reflection 150 Series, keep reading.

Grand Design Reflection 150 Series Problems

Common Grand Design Reflection 150 Series Problems and Solutions

Problems with Grand Design Reflection 150 SeriesSolutions
Cracked Fender SkirtApply masking tape tightly.
Water Leaking from the UnderbellyInspect the area and reapply the expanding foam.
Faulty Gas FurnaceCheck the sail switch, and clean the gas valve.
Hard to Close the DoorUse longer screws on the striking plate.
Slide-out StuckExamine the power supply.

1. Cracked Fender Skirt

The fender skirt of the Grand Design Reflection 150 Series RV has problems. Several customer complaints regarding this RV’s fender skirt cracking have been received (Fig 1).

Cracked Fender Skirt
Fig 1: Broken Fender Skirt

The fender skirt may potentially break from abrasive driving. The skirts may occasionally be harmed by a car’s excessive vibration.

The Fix

The repair of a fender skirt may appear hard, but an ABS plastic repair kit makes it simple to do.

Use masking tape to seal the cracks as closely as you can for initial repair. Apply a thin layer of resin over the cracks. Furthermore, your warranty is always applicable.

2. Water Leaking from the Underbelly

This RV frequently has problems with water leakage from the underbelly (Fig 2). A leakage issue is frequently caused by one of the screw-on connectors to the water pump coming loosened.

This problem might potentially occur if the holes are not adequately filled with enough expanding foam. Road spray can occasionally cause foams to get loosened and cause leaks.

Fig 2: Water Leaking from the Under Belly

There is a chance that the dual flashing is also to blame for this problem. Since this procedure can lead to the black flush system’s pressure rising again.

The Fix

Thoroughly inspect each screw on the connections to see if it is loose or not. If this is the cause, make sure the screws are snug and replace the ones that are corroded or defective.

Rip off the expanding foam if it had essentially dropped down around the drain pipes and was detached from the coroplast. Apply the expanding foam around the hole once again, being sure to cover the whole area.

It is preferable to avoid dual flashing; modify the strategy. Try to rearrange your schedule such that you can flash the tank individually.

So, because gate valves to all three tanks could be open, maybe as a result of cleansing. If water leaked from the air vent, it may have gathered on top of the coroplast and loosened the inflated foam.

3. Faulty Gas Furnace

The sail switch is most frequently the culprit when things go wrong. As the sail switch makes sure the fan is operating and blowing air; if it isn’t, the furnace could not function.

If the vehicle experiences a bumpy ride, the electrode may become displaced from its proper location. The furnace could not operate if the electrode is too far from the burner.

The solenoid may not be clean, which is another potential problem. If the solenoid is unclean, the gas valve won’t pass air, eventually causing the furnace to stop functioning.

The Fix

Examine your sail switch first and clean up the sail switch properly if it isn’t already. In case you discover that the sail switch is damaged, replace it.

Check to see whether the electrode is situated closer to the burner. This could assist with the process.

Don’t forget to check the solenoid, and clean the solenoid if it’s filthy. Cleaning the gas valve may assist to cure this issue because nests are occasionally discovered there and prevent the air from passing.

4. Hard to Close the Door

This RV’s door has received so many complaints, the customer found it impossible to close it. The door needs to be shut firmly frequently.

Weather changes and humidity might cause the door to expand unusually, obstruct its correct closure, and lead it to become stuck in the frame.

This problem is exacerbated by the use of shorter screws, which are unable to hold the door to the frame more firmly. Another significant factor contributing to this is the absence of the application of oil to the door.

The Fix

Draw the strike plate into the frame a little tighter, the problem can be minimized by utilizing longer screws in the striking plate. Further reduction of the striking plate can be done by using a Dremel grinder.

It’s preferable to weatherproof your door for extended usage to protect it from severe weather. Try to draw the curtains during the summer so that light cannot readily enter the room, and widen the door.

Frequent application of lubrication and periodic cleaning of the door may also be helpful.

5. Slide-Out Stuck

A common issue with the Reflection 150 series is jammed slides. This occurs mostly as a result of the slide’s alignment being off.

The issue might be caused by a pinched wire in the engine. The inadequate power supply may also cause problems.

The Fix

Before anything else, make sure the slide is aligned correctly and that nothing is in the way. You might be able to lessen this problem by using lubricant often.

Remember to double-check the power supply as well. If you don’t have that much expertise, contact a professional for assistance.

User Feedback on Trails West Trailer

The Grand Design Reflection 150 Series is the most popular trailer in the US and is renowned for its fifth wheel line. It is owned by a large number of people, and they are happy with its performance.

In the I RV 2 forum, you may read some positive comments about the Grand Design Reflection 150 Series RV. Some customers praised Grand Design as a highly reliable and good brand.

Even though there is no air force, there are some complaints from customers on this My Grand RV site regarding the vehicle’s poor swaying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the weight of the Grand Design Reflection 150 Series RV, both dry and gross?

The RV weighs 7204 pounds dry and its gross weight is 9995 pounds.

What is the Grand Design Reflection 150 Series RV’s capacity for fresh, grey, and black water?

This RV can hold 56 gallons of fresh water, 71 gallons of grey water, and 39 gallons of black water.

How long is the 150 Series RV by Grand Design Reflection?

31 feet 11 inches.

Does the Grand Design Reflection 150 Series include an inverter?

Yes, it does.

What kind of slide does the RV from the Grand Design Reflection 150 Series use?

Lippert motorized slide-out system.


Grand Design Reflection 150 Series RV issues and solutions have been covered here. Some of the problems are unavoidable, and other RVs frequently experience them as well.

Yet taking proper care of it can let you keep using it for a longer time.

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