The Most Common Issues with Thor Freedom Elite RV

Thor manufactures the Freedom Elite series. Thor Motor Coach manufactures a variety of RVs and motorhomes for each RV category, such as Class A, B, and C motorhomes.

Though it appears to be a wonderful class C motorhome with all the necessary features at a reasonable price range, several issues may develop.

The most common problems of the Thor Freedom Elite are the generator not working, the problem with the awning, cable TV issues, generator overheating, and outlet issues.

Common Thor Freedom Elite Problem and Solutions

Problems with Thor Freedom EliteSolutions
Generator Not WorkingOpen the panel of the generator, and switch the little circuit breaker in there.
Generator OverheatingKeep the compartment door of the generator open for some time.
Cable TV IssueMake sure to turn off the OTA antenna booster.
Problem with awningRoll the awning up in the reverse way or remove the patio awning switch from the panel.
Outlet IssueRemove the GFI and check the wires for power. Replace the GFI if you have electricity.

1. Generator Not Working

One of the most typical problems with Freedom Elite is generator failure. The generator is sometimes operating but not supplying electricity for the rest of the coach. It may disrupt your entire work routine.

The Fix

Come out to the generator, which is near the driver’s seat, open the panel, and switch the little circuit breaker. It is located in the same compartment as the oil fill and the backside of the start button.

The generator is most likely not running because the circuit breaker has tripped. A decent bump can sometimes trigger that breaker. Simply turn it back on and you’re ready to go.

2. Generator Overheating Issue

Because of the intense heat, generators might overheat. As a result, the generator continues to shut down a few minutes later on its own, causing inconvenience.

The Fix

Simply raise the compartment door containing the generator and prop it open with a 2*4 or a rock or a piece of baggage or whatever to keep the door open.

After that, turn the generator back on and it will be able to draw enough air in there to naturally chill it. Then it will work just fine.

3. Awning Stops Working

Some consumers have reported that their Freedom Elite Awning abruptly stopped working, with no noise from the engine or anything.

Even after examining the fuse box and the switch, everything appeared to be in order. Furthermore, all connections were securely connected, making it difficult to resolve the issue in the first instance.

The Fix

To manually bring in an awning, bypass the wall controls and put a cable into the motor, powered by an additional battery.

Remove the patio awning switch from the panel. A 5 amp fuse is usually placed on the back of the switch. That can be beneficial.

You may also roll the awning up the in reverse way. It will look to be broken, yet it can occasionally be useful. You may also try retracting it when the generator is operating or the shore electricity is connected.

The second option is to roll it up by hand. You can also get an awning replacement with a new switch and wires.

4. Cable TV Issues

Some customers have reported cable TV troubles in Freedom Elite, for example, everything works OK on the local antenna, but reception across the airways isn’t good.

The Fix

If you have the OTA antenna booster switched on, make sure to turn it off. Locate the antenna booster on the plate where the coax links to the main television.

5. Outlet Not Working

Sometimes the outlet of the freedom elite fails. Even pressing the reset button will not solve the problem.

This is one of the most common problems that the Thor Freedom Elite RV users complain about.

The Fix

The GFI is powered by a home current. Make sure you’re connected! Most GFIs features a light that indicates that the electricity is on.Check the breaker in the fuse box.

This is when a wiring diagram comes in handy. Try to find one online or from the manufacturer.

Begin by tracing back from the GFI to the power source. Remove the GFI and check the wires for power. Replace the GFI if you have electricity. If there is no power, consult the schematic and go on to the next outlet/GFI on the same circuit.

You may have to make your way all the way to the power distribution panel. You’ll come upon the open wire sooner or later. It’s possible that a screw vibrated free, cutting the power source.

This RV also has some quality control difficulties. This RV’s insert molding frequently falls or some screws are not correctly attached, rain enters the RV due to poor molding, and so on.

You can resolve these issues by troubleshooting on your own or by consulting a professional. You can also request a factory warranty for any major damage.

User Feedback on Thor Freedom Elite

There is a mixture of good and bad reviews on freedom elite RVs, while some users feel it’s not worth the money, some others think it’s the best for a cheap Class C motorhome.

In RV Insider, The RV’s average rating is 3.5, which is rather acceptable. A contented customer reviewed in the RV Insider saying that his Thor Freedom Elite was a great class C motorhome. He also liked the storage capacity and towing mechanism.

But another user was disappointed in the quality and said in RV Insider that he was very disappointed in the quality of the RV. Although the handling was okay, there was a very bad leak.

Also on, the majority of consumers advised against purchasing the Freedom Elite, seeing it as a waste of money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is the Thor Freedom Elite Floor?

24.1 feet to 30 feet.

What is the Thor Freedom Elite’s Hydraulic System?

It has both automatic and manual hydraulic leveling systems.

What does Thor Freedom Elite’s Warranty Provide?

In addition to their usual 1-year limited guarantee, Thor offers a warranty that covers RV delamination for 6 years and structural faults for 12 years.

What Kind Of Fuel Does Thor Freedom Elite Use?



The Freedom Elite RVs are mostly RVs with the bare necessities on a tight budget. It’s straightforward and manageable, but it doesn’t force owners to forego necessary conveniences or comfort.

I’ve previously mentioned the potential issues with this RV in this article, as well as some reviews to assist you to decide. I will neither highly suggest it nor declare it is the greatest RV in this price range.

However, given the price, it is pretty manageable. It will meet all of your needs. You can make effective use of it if you can tweak it or troubleshoot it if there are issues.

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