4 Common Problems of Pullrite Superglide and Solutions

Pullrite products are among the best in the market. They come with exclusive features and have the durability that people want for the 5th wheel. Their iconic design makes them unique and easy to use.

Although they are exclusive and splendid, they can cause you trouble sometimes. The hitch that is used in the Superglide can sometimes show some problems that can be quite annoying and sometimes costly.

When you have this 5th wheel you need to know some basic issues that may happen to your Superglide.

Pullrite Superglide Problem

Common Pullrite Superglide Hitch Problems and Solutions

Problems with Pullrite Superglide HitchSolutions
Lock problemClean the jamming, use proper grease
Sway IssuesDistribute weights evenly and fix hitch
Handling problemKeep the trailer weight inside your hitch range
Loose connectionSecure the screws and tighten them

Common Problems of Pullrite Superglide

There are not many issues with the Superglide hitch. But you will find the most common ones here-

1. Lock Problem

One of the most common problems of Superglide is the lock issue. Sometimes it gets stuck and stops working. You can not unlock it when it is locked. And it will seem hard to lock it when it is unlocked. This problem can be caused due to few problems.

One reason is when it gets jammed due to rusting, oil, or other liquid it can cause the lock issue. You will not be able to move your trailer due to this problem. It can even be dangerous if not locked properly.

Lack of lubrication can also make the lock work poorly. You will feel that it is hard to move the lock and friction are much more intense there.


In order to fix this problem, you have to be careful and put on some gloves. You need to check if there is any kind of jamming issue there. Put some lubrication and clean the rust if there is any.

After that, you should try to move the lock and check if it is working or not. If the lock is still not working it might be damaged and that’s why it is not working. Hence, you have to talk to an expert about it.

2. Sway Issues 

People frequently remark about the car swaying when using the Superglide hitch, which is another common problem.

Remember that this issue will exist in your car regardless of the trailer or hitch you are utilizing.

When the trailer is much bigger, the trailer attached to the vehicle will move about more frequently.

When the distribution of the weight is not evenly done this problem arises. It is not actually a fault of the Superglide, but rather the way it is engaged with the trailer.


This tendency can be lessened by correctly configuring the system while taking certain factors into account.

You must still correctly spread the weight on the car, though.

You can use a digital weight machine to correctly measure the weight of the car and trailer for better distribution of the weight.

It will also be beneficial to keep your tires aired at all times and to change them as needed.

These measures guarantee that even while you are traveling fast, your trailer will remain stable. Furthermore, they ought to fix the sway problems you were experiencing.

3. Handling Problem

The Hitch system’s inability to support the whole weight is another issue that users encounter with Superglide. This poses a serious risk since too much strain on a hitch can cause it to break and potentially harm the vehicle’s structure.

Sometimes when the hitch can’t take the weight the trailer might get into a problem. The hitch may get detached in some cases.


The fix for this problem is inside the user manual. You should check how much weight your Superglide can take and you should keep the trailer weight in that range.

4. Loose Connection

Occasionally, you could find that the hitch system is loosening while driving. The connector on the gear may start to come out at first. You should halt the car and readjust the hitch system if you spot something.

Establish a routine to regularly strengthen the connections since a hitch system failure may be disastrous.

When there is not much pressure on the pin this problem will occur. Another reason why this can happen is when there is something wrong with the pin or the hitch. Physical damage to the structure can make this problem prevalent.


If you want to fix the problem you will need a tightener that can be used to tighten the pin and make the thing rigid so that it does not get loose. You should also check for any possible damage.

If there is a sign of a broken pin or the hitch tongue, you should immediately change it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use a Pullrite SuperGlide without a Capture Plate?

The Capture plate is obviously necessary for the Pullrite Superglide 5th wheel. This plate is fastened to the skid plate of the trailer. It separates the movement of the trailer’s kingpin in the hitch after you’re fastened onto the SuperGlide hitch and prepared to trail.

How do you lubricate a Pullrite SuperGlide hitch?

You have to carefully lubricate the Superglide hitch. Spread your lubricants in each of the hands and screws. Also, put some in the pin and the attached places. This will ease your friction and make things easy.

How much does a PullRite Superglide weigh?

Different Pullrite Superglide weights differently. However, on average the weight is around 180 pounds to 200 pounds.

How often should I grease my fifth-wheel hitch?

You should use lubricants after 3 months each or when you have run about thirty thousand miles. Clean everything near the hitch and the trailer’s joint areas. Remove old grease and dirt. Put water-resistant lubricants so it stays for a long.


There are no questions about the quality of the Pullrite 5th wheel and Superglide is among the best in their product line. Their amazing features always minimize their drawbacks and problems.

Although they have few issues with the hitch, people who have found them are quite low.

However, if you do not want to be among those people, you should take regular care of your Superglide.

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