RV Furnace Blower Comes on But Won’t Ignite: What’s The Solution?

The furnace failing to blow hot air inside the RV could turn into a headache very quickly. If the RV furnace blower comes on but it won’t ignite, then there could be only a few limited factors causing this.

You might just be out of gas, or your propane tank valve could be shut. Check your propane tank levels and make sure the valve is completely open. You may also check if your stove is lit by turning it on.

If your RV furnace blower comes on but won’t ignite, here are some of the most probable causes:

  • Lack of fuel
  • Defect with thermocouple
  • Problem with the propane line
  • Faulty electric
  • Ignitor failure
  • Problem with thermostat
RV Furnace Blower Comes on But Won't Ignite
RV Furnace Blower

Fixes For the RV Furnace Blower Come on But Won’t Ignite

It is a common problem that RV furnace won’t ignite but the blower would work fine. You will find the most like causes and their fixes in this section.

1. Lack of Fuel

Your fuel source is the most common cause of a furnace that isn’t producing heat. The most obvious problem, and the first to investigate, is your propane supply.

Often time, when the propane tank gets empty the blower in the furnace keeps running it cannot produce heat due to lack of fuel.


Check that you have enough gas to power your RV’s heater. If the propane tank is empty then you will have to replace that. It is better to keep at least one spare tank for moments like this.

2. Defect with Thermocouple

When a thermocouple fails to perform properly, it may have difficulty detecting heat from the pilot light. This would lead it to progressively block the gas valve, resulting in the furnace not keeping lit.


A thermocouple is also included in pilot-light furnaces. This gadget is for safety concerns; it indicates whether or not the pilot light is lighted.

You can replace it yourself, but it will only take an hour or two. Alternatively, you may employ an expert to do the necessary repairs.

3. Problem with Propane Line

If there lies any fault with the supply line, that could keep the furnace from the ignition. Although the blower will continue as usual.

If you smell gas and notice a leak, leave the area immediately and call for professional assistance.


First, check the shut-off valve on the furnace’s outside to verify if the gas is switched on. You can also validate gas availability by burning something that utilizes it.

Check to see if the gas is reaching the furnace properly. Examine the valve to ensure that it is open, clear, and not damaged in any way.

4. Faulty Electric

Tripped circuit breakers and low onboard batteries might potentially create electrical difficulties with your furnace.

A low or drained battery cannot power the heating system or operate the thermostat.

A tripped circuit breaker prevents the electrical spark required to ignite the light.


First of all, always make sure the batteries are fully charged when you set out for your camping trip.

If your furnace has just tripped its circuit breaker, reset the breaker and restart your furnace; this should resolve the problem.

If the circuit breaker keeps tripping, it may be time to replace it.

5. Ignitor Failure

If it’s an electric furnace, probable causes of ignition failure include insufficient battery power or a blown fuse in the furnace.

When a propane or gas furnace fails to ignite, it might be due to a faulty ignitor, in addition to a lack of gas supply.


The ignitor in your furnace is crucial to the startup procedure. It, as the name implies, ignites the gas that your furnace uses to generate heat.

It is better to take professional help when replacing the ignitor. Repairing or replacing an ignitor typically costs between $150 and $300.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my furnace blowing but not lighting?

If your gas furnace starts but does not fire up, it is most likely due to a malfunctioning, broken, or filthy ignitor/sensor. This is a frequent furnace issue; you may try cleaning the sensor and replacing the ignitor.

Why isn’t my RV furnace igniting?

Check that your battery is supplying 12 volts to the furnace. Check the breaker box as well to determine whether the furnace breaker or fuse has blown. Check the vents again for any evidence of dust or soot accumulation.

Why is my furnace fan running but with no heat?

There might be a blockage if you switch on the furnace but no heat comes out. Dirty air filters hinder airflow, giving the impression that there isn’t much hot air flowing out of your vents.

Can Hear Your RV furnace click on but it does not fire up?

Most likely, your furnace is generating a clicking noise and not providing heat because your furnace’s spark igniter is attempting but failing to ignite your pilot light or burners.


Solving this challenge may appear difficult. However, while it may suggest a faulty furnace component, it does not always imply a costly repair.

So, before you call a mobile RV technician or take it in for service, there are a few things you may try on your own, provided you’re adept and familiar with using basic hand tools.

If you’re comfortable working on appliances, you can try to fix/diagnose them yourself. If this is anything out of your comfort zone, you should contact an RV technician.

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