Why My RV Furnace Blower Won’t Start? Reasons and Solutions

Imagine you turn the thermostat dial of your RV, anticipating a burst of warm air, but nothing happens. This is a terrible predicament to be in, but all is not lost; with a little know-how, you may be able to get the furnace back up and running in a matter of minutes.

An RV furnace requires little maintenance because it works similarly to a furnace in your house. However, there are several things you can do to improve its efficiency and fix any difficulties that may arise. This post will cover common causes and fixes for RV furnace blowers.

Out of many reasons why the RV furnace blower might not start, here is the list of most probable reasons:

  • Battery health
  • Corroded battery terminal
  • Loose wire
  • Damaged wire
  • Failed motor
  • Low gas pressure
  • Triggered circuit breaker
  • Problem with thermostat
RV Furnace Blower Won't Start

Causes And Fixes for RV Furnace Blower Won’t Start

Now, let’s dive deep down to explore the cause and fixes that would keep your RV furnace from starting. This portion contains most likely causes that hinder the furnace and their possible fixes.

1. Battery Health

The blower inside the furnace is run by a battery. It solely depends on the battery as the power source. If the blower does not start then most of the time it is because of a bad battery.


Check the battery if the voltage is at the expected level. You are most likely to find some anomaly with the battery. The best solution is to install a new battery if it causes a continuous problem.

2. Corroded Battery Terminal

Corroded battery connections can create a variety of issues with your vehicle. They can prevent the battery from charging completely, deplete the battery, and cause significant damage to the alternator.

Corrosion on the battery terminal causes a big hindrance to electricity flow. Electricity cannot flow optimally through the wires if the terminal is corroded.


First, sprinkle baking soda over the corrosion. Soak an old toothbrush or cotton swab in vinegar or lemon juice, then dab it over the baking soda.

Allow it to bubble for a few minutes before scrubbing the corrosion away and rinsing it with clean, water-soaked cotton swabs.

3. Loose or Damaged Wire

Loose connections or damaged wires can be fatal, resulting in electric shocks or flames. Plugs, wires, and outlets, such as powerboards, must be carefully connected and maintained. If the wire gets loose or damaged then it can stop the blower motor.


The fix is simple, you just have to find out the point of failure and replace the wire if you find it damaged. For loose wires, re-tightening would be enough. Just keep in mind to replace the wire with the same type when you change the damaged wires.

4. Failed Motor

Although the furnace is powered by propane, the blower is run by the motor which is powered by the battery. So, if the motor goes bad then it directly affects the blower and it won’t start. After the battery, the motor holds the most significance to keep the blower going.


The simple solution is to replace the motor. You could do it yourself if you have the technical expertise as it is not that difficult. If it seems out of your depth, then you better leave it to a professional.

5. Triggered Circuit Breaker

If your furnace only turns on for a few seconds before tripping the breaker, this is most likely the cause. An overload might be caused by a dirty or blocked air filter. Supply or return vents have been blocked or closed.

Another typical cause of a circuit breaker trip is a faulty blower motor capacitor. A short circuit is another event that might cause a furnace’s circuit breaker to trip.


It would be best to let professionals diagnose this problem. Because besides the above-mentioned causes there are numerous other reasons that can trigger the circuit breaker.

Once the circuit breaker is triggered the blower as well as the furnace would stop working. So, you better take it to a repair shop and let the professionals handle it.

6. Problem with Thermostat

If the thermostat hands out the wrong reading the blower would act in such a way. When the thermostat goes bad it would stop the blower or keep it running despite the actual temperature.


Running tests with a multimeter, reacting to error signals, or just changing the batteries in your thermostat might get the system up and running again. If not, your thermostat may need to be replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is My RV furnace blower not working?

Your RV Furnace Blower Won’t Turn On. If you can’t get the furnace to turn on at all, the problem is most likely a power outage. This might be as easy as changing a battery or as sophisticated as repairing defective wiring.

Why Is My RV furnace clicking but not turning on?

When you turn on the furnace, it should click like a gas stove. However, if it continues to click without igniting, you should have a trained HVAC technician inspect it. The problem might be loose wiring or a clogged or faulty ignitor. Leave the repair job to the experts.

How do you reset the blower on a furnace?

To begin, switch off the electricity in the furnace by flipping the breaker in the circuit box. Locate and push the reset button on the furnace to reset it.

What is a reset button on an RV furnace?

The reset button is a safety device that will shut off the furnace if a problem is identified, usually a hot or overheated furnace, before the circuit breaker trips.


Knowing your RV and how it operates might give you the confidence to hit the road. Furthermore, there is a wealth of material available to provide you with the skills to identify and repair problems.

While these are not the only components that might fail on a furnace, they are some of the most typical problems that individuals encounter when their furnaces fail to ignite.

If you’re comfortable working on appliances, you can try to fix/diagnose them yourself. If this is anything out of your comfort zone, you should contact an RV technician.

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