Most Common Problems with Taxa Cricket You Should Know

A Taxa Cricket Camper is a tiny, well-equipped pop-up camper. The Cricket boasts a unique design that makes it both durable and lightweight. Though this RV has many excellent aspects and unique features, there are a few drawbacks that need to be addressed.

Some of the most prevalent difficulties are Axle failure, water leakage issues, cooling problems, rivet issues, and cleaning problems.

Let’s find out more about Taxa Cricket and its problems and possible fixes.

taxa cricket problems

Common Problem with Taxa Cricket and the Solutions

Problems with Taxa CricketSolutions
Axle FailingReplace it as soon as possible.
Water Leakage IssuesCheck plumbing connections and tighten them if necessary.
Rivet IssueUse custom-angle aluminum and insert hex bolts.
Air Conditioning ProblemKeep the portable air conditioner in a hole in the floor.
Cleaning ProblemApply large strips of white plastic electrical tape on the top lip.

1. Axle Failing

One of the most prevalent issues that people have with Taxa cricket is that it frequently comes with the incorrect axle or the axle breaks too rapidly.

The trailer is placed too low, so there isn’t much space between the inner fender and the actual tire, which may have caused this problem.

The Fix

If the axle is not working properly, you must replace it as soon as possible. You may contact Taxa Customer Service about this problem, and they will assist you with replacing the axle.

If they are unresponsive, you must contact Lippert directly because they manufacture the axles for these trailers.

2. Water Leakage Issues

Another typical concern with this RV is water leaks. Water has occasionally leaked from kitchen cupboards, where all of the plumbing is housed.

There may also be sink leaks, shower leaks, or water heater leaks. The majority of these leakage issues are caused by a loose connection or over-pressured water.

The Fix

Remove the kitchen shelf unit to solve the water leakage problem in the cabinets. Pressurize the system and look for the leak. Tighten hose clamps and install a dependable water pressure regulator.

Check plumbing connections in the issue area for other leakage problems like sink or shower and tighten if necessary.

3. Rivet Issues

This is a common issue among users. A couple of rivets pop on the right mid and back of the Cricket now and then, and some stays strain on the aluminum inner wall.

The back walls are just riveted on the bottom at the mid-point and rear corner, with some polyurethane glue in between. A few rivets in a lightweight aluminum wall panel are far too frail for any type of even mildly uneven road, especially if anything is stacked on top, such as bikes.

Normal transit’s “racking” is what finally causes these objects to pull over time. The cabin structure construction in these items is not very structurally sound.

The Fix

Custom-angle aluminum should be manufactured for both sides of the back half of the cabin where the walls meet the floor. Because the wall-to-floor angle is not 90°, normal-angle aluminum will not function properly. Cut the aluminum angle to the appropriate size.

To complete this task, the berth must be removed. After removing all of the woodwork save the sections surrounding the batteries, I cleaned up all of the spaces between the walls and floor, inside and out, and resealed them with a nice bead of polyurethane adhesive caulk.

Drill holes in the angle aluminum on the floor side to match the holes in the aluminum on the floor.

Drill holes through the walls to the exterior of the camper, and then use sheet metal screws to fasten the walls together. After that, insert hex bolts through a flat aluminum plate and the walls from the outside.

The flat metal on the outside is intended to provide more uniform pressure throughout the wall panel. Fender washers could be used, but they would dimple the walls more readily.

Apply poly glue to each bolt between the flat metal and the wall to seal the bolt/holes, and then gently tighten them down using nylon nuts on the inside.

4. Air Conditioning Problem

In this Taxa Cricket, staying cool is a difficulty. It is still far too hot and uncomfortable for users on hot, humid days. The factory-installed air conditioner isn’t much assistance.

The problem does not improve even after venting the air conditioner through the window. This means that the flexible tubing took up a lot of room along the kitchen counter.

The tubing also keeps the front of the camper hot – always over 90 degrees.

The Fix

Drill a 5.5″ hole in the Cricket’s floor to accommodate the portable air conditioner. When not in use, marine ports have lids that shut the port.

This will let you regain the window, and counter space, and, probably most importantly, cool the Cricket on a hot trip.

5. Cleaning Problem

There are black markings inside the tent portion of the Cricket which are kind of impossible to remove and clean. The black is aluminum oxide from the lip on the camper shell.

The Fix

Tape the metal using gorilla tape. It will protect the black stain from staining the tent. Alternatively, apply large strips of white plastic electrical tape on the top lip.

User Feedback on Taxa Cricket

A user from Making Money And Traveling has said that their camper gave them great service. It also had enough room and storage for their whole family.

Another satisfactory review of Taxa Cricket is founded in RV Country. He said that he found everything okay with his RV. The Taxa Cricket does not provide any extra stuff that you do not need.

Most of the reviews of Taxa Cricket are positive. Nonetheless, there are also some mixed reviews. For example, in RV Travel a user said that although he and his friends liked the trailer, the size was too small. Without a shower and a proper toilet, they faced some issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is the Taxa Cricket Floor?

15 feet.

How Much is Taxa Cricket?

$22,250 – $31,600.

What does Taxa Cricket’s Warranty Provide?

5-year manufacturer warranty.

What Kind Of Fuel Does Taxa Cricket Use?



The Cricket is no slouch when it comes to features both inside and out. It is an exceptional camper that is very adaptable to a wide range of camping demands.

Overall, the Cricket is an excellent camper. The features of this sort of camper are outstanding, and the available option adds even more comfort. If you find some low-quality components issue, just replace them, and for operator issues, check the fixes mentioned.

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