Braxton Creek RV problems

The comfort that allows customers to form stronger bonds with their loved ones was the major emphasis of the Braxton Creek RV’s manufacturing process.

These travel trailers include a layout that ranges from a back living space to a big bunkhouse plan, all of which are intended to make quality time more engaging.

Some of the most prevalent difficulties are leaking issues of shower doors, faulty gas furnaces, cabinet door falls off, low battery life, and molding falling off.

Braxton Creek RV problems

Common Braxton Creek Problems and Solutions

Problems with Braxton CreekSolutions
Shower Door LeaksApply new chalk after removing the old.
Trouble with the Gas FurnaceExamine the fuel level and tighten the propane switch.
Cabinet Door Comes OffTighten the screws.
Low Battery LifeRegularly check the battery and replace it if necessary.
Molding Falling OffClean the area and apply sealant.

1. Shower Door Leaks

The leakage from the shower door has been the subject of several complaints. The door’s bad placement or the shower tray’s improper installation is the most likely reason behind this.

You could discover a crack in the grouting, which might be the source of the shower’s leakage issue. This issue can occasionally be caused by an accidental gap between the shower tray and the wall.

The Fix

The main sign of leakage is any unusually earthy stench coming from the bathroom. To locate the fracture, thoroughly investigate the area.

If you want to fix the problem by yourself, then first take out the old chalk and then add new chalk inside the frame’s borders where it joins the walls. Make sure that you match the color of the caulk to either the existing caulk or the bathroom’s finishes.

Use the right instrument for the task since specialized finishing and caulk removal tools will make the process much smoother.

2. Trouble with Gas Furnace

There are instances when the furnace won’t turn on, and the defective sail switch is usually to blame. The sail switch typically fails to operate because it gets unclean or isn’t properly maintained.

The disconnecting of the propane tank may be the source of the problem. Occasionally, a rough ride may cause the connection to become loose.

It’s possible that the furnace won’t operate correctly if the propane tank isn’t full. Longer vaporization times are required to pressurize the system when the propane tank’s fuel level drops.

The Fix

Check the sail switch in the first place, since this is the main cause of the issue. While checking, clean the sail switch to ensure there won’t be a problem later.

Tighten the propane tank’s connection, and don’t forget to double-check the tank’s fuel level.

Additionally, if it is colder outside than typical, your propane may not be expanding quickly enough to maintain the pressure, thus the furnace may take too much time to run.

Read the handbook thoroughly or get advice from a professional to quickly understand the issue.

3. Cabinet Door Comes Off

The RV’s cabinet door occasionally comes off, creating storage problems. When removing a heavy object from the cabinet, the top hinge is struck, the hinge separates, and the cabinet door ultimately drops off.

This generally occurs as a result of the cabinet door’s poor manufacturing and installation. This problem began when the hinges’ mounting screws fall free.

Frequently, the wood, particle board, or other material used on your doors is unsatisfactory and causes issues like these.

The Fix

The first course of action should be to tighten the door’s screws. Alternatively, contact your dealer and use your warranty if strengthening the screws does not work.

It is preferable to replace the door if the warranty is no longer valid.

Rather, remove the old screws, insert toothpicks to fill the holes, and break the ends even. The flat toothpicks are the most effective. After that, just replace the doors and screws.

4. Low Battery Life

This RV may have a problem with short battery life. Overcharging or undercharging can cause the battery to gradually degrade. This can cause problems with the battery’s voltage.

Sometimes, converter troubles might seriously harm the battery. Battery problems might also be brought on by the gas leak detector.

The battery degrades slowly, usually because of poor maintenance. As corrosion may occur and steadily worsen owing to a lack of routine inspection and the battery eventually dies as a result of this.

The Fix

It is advisable to read through the manual after purchasing the RV to confirm the recommended charging schedules and times. It will be smart to set an alarm to help you remember when to charge the battery.

If your converter has issues, be sure to keep it serviced so that future battery problems won’t arise. In addition, if the gas leak monitor is broken, replace it.

Maintaining the battery routinely and checking it frequently can help you avoid more battery issues. Aside from that, be sure to fix it if you see any corrosion.

5. Molding Falling Off

Multiple complaints have been made regarding the door’s moldings. Mold first appears as a result of the RV’s unexpected leaking troubles. Whether your RV is in storage and the environment is humid, molding might develop.

Additionally brought on by temperature changes, the RV undergoes molding. And without adequate attention, the mold may grow and develop.

After excessive mold growth on a door, it will appear as a large patch and begin to detach from the surface.

The Fix

Take extra precautions and keep an eye on the proper ventilation within the RV to avoid this issue. It is preferable to have some ways for sunshine to enter the RV by keeping the windows open during the day.

Identify the condition that is generating this mold problem. In order to gradually reduce the mold issue in the RV, first resolve the leaking issue.

Find a sealant that almost exactly matches the region, then clean the entire damaged area. Then apply the sealant, being careful not to overapply it to the area.

User Feedback on Trails West Trailer

Due to its size and comfort, the Braxton Creek RV has become the most popular trailer; yet, there are still a lot of conflicting opinions about it that you should be aware of before making a decision.

A feature of this RV has drawn criticism from several Overland Bound forum users. They mostly bemoaned the RV’s leaking problems caused by Braxton Creek.

This RV has received many comments, and the Go Downsize website has information about it as well as insights that can enlighten you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much propane can the Braxton Creek RV hold??

20 pounds or 4.7 gallons.

What is the body material and side wall construction of Braxton Creek RV?

Both are Aluminum.

In the Braxton Creek RV, is there a slide-out?


What kind of kitchen flooring is there in the RV Braxton Creek?


What sort of leveling jack is the Braxton Creek RV equipped with?

Rear manual jack.


Overall, if a parent and kid or a couple are looking for a quick getaway, this may be a wonderful option. Yet with so many advantages there are several common issues with Braxton Creek RVs.

Although if you have the correct knowledge, you can easily fix them. However, following the suggestions will enable you to fix your issues.

Additionally, remember to maintain your RV and inspect everything before each trip.