Dynamax Rev Problems You Should Know

The Dynamax Rev is a class C gas motorhome. Dynamax is well known for its durable construction, impressive details, hand paint exteriors, and the customer service experience. The engine of Dynamax Rev is RAM ProMaster 280 HP Gasoline engine.

Some of the most prevalent difficulties are the breakage of weight bearing issues, compact space, broken water pipes, window leaks, and sudden milage fall.

The causes, symptoms, and solutions to these issues will be discussed in this article. Continue reading to find out more about the issues and concerns about the Dynamax Rev.

Dynamax Rev Problems

Common Dynamax Rev Problems and Solutions

Problems with Dynamax RevSolutions
Weight Bearing IssueAdd weight to the rear wheels
Compact SpaceBuy a comforter or larger RV
Broken Water PipesAdd pipe fittings or change the pipes
Window leaksApply new Sealant or change the glass
Sudden Milage FallChange the fuel or service the engine

1. Weight Bearing Issue

Dynamax Rev’s dry weight is 8024 lbs and its cargo capacity is 1108 lbs. The manufacturer of the Dynamax Rev instructs that the weight not to exceed more than 9350 lbs. The dot scale front axle is 3540 lbs. and the rear axle is 5220 lbs.

The total is 8760 lbs., which is actually less than 9350 lbs. GVWR. It is not problematic when the gas, propane, and water are filled for the Dynamax Rev.

The problem is the wet weight without the cargo is only 60 lbs. less than 5291 lbs. RAWR. So it cannot carry 5 passengers if they are more than 750 lbs. at the back. It is a bad problem for the RV.

The Fix

Add weight to the rear wheels individually. The right rear was greater, as the frame is not sturdy enough; the first thing you have to do is to support the frame.

The front and rear axles’ combined maximum capacity is known as the GAWR. Equilibrate the load distribution between the front and rear axles.

Make sure that neither the front nor the rear GAWR is exceeded. If seats are removed for carrying cargo, do not exceed the specified GVWR and GAWR.

2. Compact Space

The layout of Dynamax Rev is well enough. But the problem is the overall area is a bit small. The sink is unhandy. The driver seat cannot be slid all the way back. The beds are small as well.

When you sit in the Dynamax Rev’s driver seat, it is uncomfortable compared to other RVs because the area around the driver’s seat is very small. The seat also has no thigh support.

The Fix

There is no proper solution for the compact space for the driver seat or any other compact issues. You can use extra comforter equipment such as thigh comforters, back comforters, etc.

The best solution is to buy a larger model of RV. Normally Dynamax Rev 24TB is a bit compact or small. So buy another model as Dynamax Rev 24CB. It is much better than the other one.

3. Broken Water Pipes

A broken water pipe is a bad problem for RV users. It is a very common problem for the Dynamax Rev. The pipes or water lines can break by external forces or they can be damaged if it’s too old.

Because of the broken pipes, the water can leak out of the pipe and mess up everything in the RV.

The Fix

If the pipes are broken, the easiest way to fix this is to apply some special types of glue. It is cheap but not a permanent solution.

To fix the fracture permanently, Cut the pipe where it is broken, and add it with pipe fittings. There are many types and sizes of pipe fittings are available. You can also replace the old pipes with the new ones.

4. Window Leaks

Window leaking is a major problem for RVs. Because when it rains, the water comes in for the leaks and messes everything up. Leaks may exist in a few possible locations. The water may leak through the roof or any window or door seals.

The seals stop working properly after several years of usage. And as a result, rainfall may enter in the Dynamax Rev without difficulty and quickly wet everything.

The Fix

There are several ways that you can fix your window leaking problem. If the glass is cracked, causing the leak, change the glass to a new one.

If seals are the reason behind the leaking, to fix the sealant apply heat on it. When it melts, fix the sealant by pressing on it with something.

Changing the sealant also can be a solution; and a permanent one. It will last longer.

5. Sudden Mileage Fall

The new Dynamax Rev has a well enough mileage rate. It goes around 24.5 mpg, 70 mph, and 1-10 level interstate. But with the passage of time the mileage rate decreases. Sometimes the mileage rate suddenly falls down.

The mileage fall can increase the cost of you for the fuel. As well as it sometimes can be a reason for the engine malfunction.

Because sometimes, suddenly the gear can downshift and which increases the RPM (Revolution per Minute) to approximately 3000 and the meter shows 9-10 mpg only.

The Fix

The reason behind the mileage problem of Dynamax Rev is sometimes the fuel or the gas. Change the fuel with better ones if you get less mileage.

If the gas change does not work, service the engine from the manufacturer or repair company. It is a little fix that can solve your problem of getting less mileage.

User Feedback on Dynamax Rev

Dynamax Rev RV is a small and luxurious RV for traveling. Many users own it for a living too. But it is quite small to live in. Here are some customer reviews.

In a review on RV Insider, people have praised Dynamax Rev by saying that its layout is pretty good. And the facilities like radio, tv, sound setup, and twin beds are quite nice.

If you see the forum Forest River Forum, you will notice some users faced the bad sides of the Dynamax Rev. They wrote about the compact space and how uncomfortable the experience was.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much engine power does the Dynamax Rev have?

280 Horse Power.

How much does it cost to buy a second-hand Dynamax Rev?

It costs around $70,000.

What is the fuel capacity of Dynamax Rev?

It can contain 24 Gallons of fuel.

What is the length of the Dynamax Rev’s awning?

14 inches.

What is the class of the Dynamax Rev Motorhome is

Class C.


This article covers all the possible problems that can happen to your Dynamax Rev. Even though these are not all. You can also find solutions of every problem that are mentioned above.

Follow the given steps if any problem arises. Furthermore, if the problem is more critical, contact with the dealer or a repair shop, and they will fix it for you.

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