Most Common Problems with Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite

Rockwood signature ultra lite offers spacious flush floor slides, comfortable stylish sofas, wide dinettes, and extra-large windows to enhance your camping experience.

The Ultra-Lite series offers lots of room and amenities while still being a 1/2 or 3/4 ton towable fifth wheel. However, rockwood signature ultra lite problems can put you in a difficulty.

Some of the most common problems with rockwood signature ultra lite are refrigerator issues, leakage issues, awning problems, and many more. 

But why do the problems happen? Can you solve these problems? In this article, I will collectively answer all these questions. Stay tuned till the end! 

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Rockwood Signature Ultra LiteSolutions
1. Fridge issuesTake to the dealer, replace parts
2. Leakage issueCaulked the parts
3. Monitor panel issuecheck voltage, fuse and take the help of technician
4. Awning light issueCheck the wires and switches

Common Problems with Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite and Their Solutions:

You may experience Rockwood signature ultra lite problems due to many reasons. Here are some of the reasons and how to solve them.

1. Refrigerator Issue

The customers complained about the heavy frost build-up on the evaporator fins. The fridge was not cooling and the food got rotten. 

The Fix:

To solve this issue, first, use a proper power source that is available and cooling operation to specification.

You need to make sure the refrigerator unit is level. Then, allow sufficient time for a proper cool down and try to load with pre-cooled food.

Take the help of a qualified technician to check that the vents and chimney at the rear of the refrigerator are clear and unobstructed.

The technician needs to make sure the burner jets or burners are not dirty or damaged.

Also, check the fuses in the black electrical box on the rear of the refrigerator.

2. Leakage Issue

It is very common for the rockwood signature ultra lite to get a leaking roof.

Again, there can be leakages in the holes that include screw holes in places like where the awning is attached, holes for baggage and entry doors, screw holes and of course, holes for the ports and even windows and doors.

Furthermore, the roof is also full of holes including vents, air conditioner, exhaust ports, and any other holes in the structure including screw holes. 

The Fix:

Your roof may have been guaranteed for 10 or 12 years but that’s the membrane on the roof itself.

All these various holes that are punched in the material are considered maintenance items and it’s up to the owner to keep them in good condition.

Most RV manufacturers recommend that you do an inspection at least every 90 days of the surface of the RV looking for leaks. 

When water gets into this sandwich it causes the materials and glue to fail which is called delamination. That delamination was the first sign that that marker light hadn’t been sealed properly and resulted in a pretty pricey repair. 

So, the leaked areas have to be caulked.

3. Monitor Panel Issue

The customers reported the voltage monitor panel issues. The holding tank lights deliver false readings suppose 1/3 or 2/3 indication. Sometimes, there are no lights on the panel when the switch is pressed.

The Fix:

If there blinks no light, verify if the tank is empty. Debris can be built up across probes. Clean and flush tank using four parts vinegars mixed with two parts waters.

Sometimes, there can be no lights on the panel when the switch is pressed –

  • Check battery voltage and condition.
  • Check the fuse at the battery; if the fuse is good, have a dealer or qualified RV technician and get checked the condition of the panel.

The propane indicator display indicates E or F all the time –

  • Ensure if the propane gas tank is full or not.
  • If the display is F, check the wiring or sending unit for malfunction.
  • Get it inspected by a certified technician.

4. Awning Light Issue

The most common problem with the rockwood signature ultra lite is the awning light issue.

When the owners tried to turn on their awning LED light, it wouldn’t come on. They thought this has happened for a loose connection or frayed cable. 

The Fix:

To solve the issues –

  • Check if the wires got pinched when you last rolled up the awning.
  • Check in the front pass-through where the wires come through the outside wall.
  • Check any wire connections you can find, if they are not crimped properly, they can come loose.
  • Check the connections to the switch.

There is a flat plastic cover, covering the wires to the awning motor and the led strip light.

The strip light has an automotive-type push-together connector, that has duct tape wrapped around it to keep it from coming apart. The problem can be it is not pushed completely together before they are taped.

So, remove the duct tape, if the connection is loose, pull apart and put dielectric grease on the contacts. Push together firmly and wrap with new duct tape.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

People love the comfortable bed, kitchen equipment, bathroom facilities, and many more. People also like that this trailer has two grey tanks, one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen sink.

It pulls great and overall, the trailer seems to have been built really well. However, there are some complaints as well. 

The fridge doesn’t work properly. You will need to get fixed the parts of the fridges. The service of the company sometimes disappoints the owners. You need to check the voltage of the monitor panel always.

The awning is good but the lights are not. Most importantly, the roof comes with several leakages and it is quite tough to fix it. 

Final Thoughts

After research, I found some Rockwood signature ultra lite problems. If the problems mentioned above are not that much serious to you, you can go for this RV. The main thing is to keep in check always and go for regular maintenance.

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