5 Most Common Problems with Forest River Wolf Pack

There was still a time when Forest River was considered one of the most renowned and dependable travel trailer builders. Nevertheless, the company has now lost that confidence owing to several issues with the Forest River Wolf Pack travel trailers models.

In short, the most common problems with forest river wolf pack travel trailers are weak slide doors, structural damage, poor toilet, refrigerator problems, and GFCI Problems in both bedroom and bathroom.

Let’s all get started by understanding the causes of the issues and the most likely solutions that will be explored later in this article. Keep an eye on the screen to the very finish!

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

1. Weak slide doorsAdjusting a strap that holds slide doors
2. Structural damageRepairing the sidewall frame
3. Poor toiletUpgrading to a new good-quality toilet
4. Refrigerator problems: Loosened DoorsUsing the washer spacer on the bolts
5. GFCI Problems in both bedroom and bathroomChecking the wiring connection and Upgrading to the new GFCI system

Common Problems with Forest River Wolf Pack and the Solutions:

You may have had issues with Forest River Travel Trailers in the past. The cause for this, as well as the fix, will be described further down.

1. Weak Slide Doors

It is a very significant problem in the Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack 365PACK16 model. Several users complains that immediately after purchasing the travel trailer, they discovered leaks in the bedroom and living room slides.

Users must manually flip slide seals since they do not flip when the slide is in or out. Sometimes the seals of the door get loosened. While driving the travel trailer, the slide doors may get accidentally opened or closed due to the shakiness of the road.  

Soon after buying, the main slide began to leak badly, causing a splash of water behind the particular model of Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack travel trailer.

Users also claim that major structural damage to the travel trailer was caused by that water. Cracks in Fiberglass are another severe issue that may occur due to improper slide adjustment.

The Fix:

You can adjust a strap that holds the slide doors of your distinct model of Forest River Wolf Pack travel trailer when you are going down the road, the slides will not move unexpectedly. The strap costs around 7-10 USD and you can buy it from amazon.com.

To solve the leakage problem, you can bring your Forest River Wolf Pack travel trailer to the company’s service center for repairs. A competent expert will be able to figure out the exact issue and address it faster than you can.

2. Structural Damage

Users find Poor sidewall frame construction may cause structural issues in the future. The problem mostly occurs in the Forest River Cherokee Wolf pack 306WP travel trailer model.

Users particularly claim that major structural damage to the travel trailer was caused by the rainwater. Because of the poor seals of different components, the water gets into the joints of the parts. Then the components get loosened.

After roughly 6 months of ownership, all of our decals began to crack and detach. Large production screws may also be found through the ceiling, according to users that get loosened very quickly because of driving on rough roads.

The Fix:

If any user finds any structural damage issue, the individual should no longer drive the Forest River Wolf pack travel trailer otherwise the damage will be increased.

You can repair the sidewall frame but it is very expensive to change the whole sidewall frame. The interchange will cost around 20000 to 25000 USD.

Weak seals and detached decals can be repaired by the users but it is preferable to you for bringing your travel trailer Forest River Cherokee Wolf pack to the repairing center of the company. 

3. Poor Toilet

The company produces cheap toilets for the Forest River Cherokee Wolf pack 264CK travel trailer model. Several users complain that a little space seems behind the bowl of the toilet and after sitting on the toilet, it becomes stagnant.

Then sewage water comes out by the space, usually, a bad smell comes from the area, starts splashing out while the driving and pours disgusting sewage water on the floor.

The toilet itself was defective and the company did not put the recall on the toilet.

The Fix:

To solve this terrible problem, you must buy a new good-quality toilet from Amazon. It may cost around 130 to 150 USD. (Click here to buy it) 

you can use a coupler with the new toilet and put together a short piece of Pex pipe that may cost around 20 to 25 USD. (Click here to buy it) in order to adapt that to fit.

Fix the professional plumber to fix the issue or contact the company’s service center.

4. Refrigerator Problems

The down door of the refrigerator is loosened because the locker tab is loosened and too high to be locked up with the door.

Because of this, the door suddenly gets opened while driving and preserver foods may come out from the refrigerator.

The cooling capacity of the refrigerator in the Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack 264CK travel trailer also appeared to be insufficient, according to several users.

The company delivers a Norcold RV Refrigerator to a specific travel trailer with a delayed absorption cycle and insufficient thermal efficiency to function effectively.

This implies that even if something is slightly off, it might create major issues with your travel trailer’s refrigerator.

The Fix:

You can use the washer spacer on the bolts of the loosened locker tab that would force the tab to go down lower. Then it will catch and lock the door in the place accurately. 

You’ll need to learn how to get to the rear of the refrigerator before you can fix the cooling problem. The rear of the fridge is accessible through ventilation and access panels on the external wall of this travel trailer.

Pull the panel to see the interior of the refrigerator’s rear. The parts you’ll be dealing with are depicted in the figure below. The components should appear to be the same but maybe in different places, which will significantly influence the cooling system.

5. GFCI Problems in both Bedroom and Bathroom

Users notice that there is a significant issue of GFCI that occurs in several models of Forest River Wolf Pack travel trailers. The problem occurs because of the cheap GFCI system and also weak wiring in both the bedroom and bathroom.  

The fuse gets blown out sometimes that effect the appliances brutally. It is a very unexpected issue while tripping with the travel trailer. 

The Fix:

To solve the issue, check the wiring connection which might cause the issue. Take your particular travel trailer to the company’s customer service care. They will fix it more professionally.

If the GFCI system gets damaged completely, you can upgrade the GFCI system which will cost around 25 to 35 USD. You may also buy it from amazon.com

Experience of Majority of the Users

Initially, most of the users find the Forest River Wolf Pack travel trailers dependable but after using them for a while, the problems appear frequently.

They mostly suffer simultaneously from the structural damage and the weak slide door. These problems make the users busy to spend more money to carry the maintenance frequently.

Problems with several appliances such as poor toilets, GFCI issues, and refrigerator issues ruin users’ whole trip on several occasions.


After research, I found the Forest River Wolf Pack problems. The amount of money you would have spent on repairs may have been better spent purchasing a decent travel trailer.

Though the Forest River Wolf Pack travel trailers have so many impressive facilities, it also makes them difficult for you to maintain which may be costly for you.

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