6 Common Problems with Forest River Sierra (Solution Added)

The Forest River Sierra features a vacuum bonded laminated structural system and a welded aluminum frame. The motorhome also includes several safety features. However, unlike any other RV, the Sierra may cause issues.

Smoke detector failure, damaged awning bolts, sink pipe kinks, propane leak, slide getting stuck and brake failure are some of the most common issues.

I’ll explain the indications, and remedies to these problems. Continue reading to learn more about the Forest River Sierra’s difficulties and concerns.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Forest River SierraSolutions
1. Smoke Detector Refusing to WorkInspect and replace the smoke detector and batteries
2. Faulty Awning Clip and FastenersTighten the rail and replace the fasteners
3. Weak Kitchen Sink PipeExamine the faucet and replace the pipe
4. Incorrectly Installed Propane HeaterInstall er sturdier platform
5. Kitchen Slide Gets StuckFix the rails under the slide
6. Brake FailureInspect and fix the connections

6 Common Problems with Forest River Sierra and Their Solutions:

Take a look at the problems I have mentioned above in greater details:

1. Smoke Detector Refusing to Work

The smoke detector is a critical component of your RV since it warns you if there is a fire or smoke. However, the smoke detectors in the Forest River Sierra may malfunction very soon.

The most prevalent cause is poor quality smoke alarms. These have a relatively short lifetime. They also appear to consume the batteries quite rapidly.

Furthermore, if you travel on rough roads, the connections within the detector may become loosened. As a result, it will not send you any signals.

The Fix:

You can easily replace the smoke detectors inside the RV with a better ones. I will suggest you this product from Amazon. This will make sure that the smoke detectors will last longer.

Changing the smoke detectors might ensure that the battery won’t drain as fast. But, you should always inspect the batteries and change them regularly. Also, be sure to keep spare batteries.

You should also examine the connections of the detector if none of the procedures work. Repair or replace any damaged or corroded wires immediately.

2. Faulty Awning Clip and Fasteners

The Forest River Sierra’s awning clip has caused considerable problems for campers. It tends to fall off after a few rides and uses. As a result, the awning pin slides.

Another problem with the awning is that the fasteners on the top of the awning mount begin to strip. Sometimes, you might see some missing. The awning becomes loose and unsteady as a result.

The Fix:

You can remove the awning clips on your own. However, if it falls off automatically, you should invest in stronger awning clips. Tightening the top rail may also assist if it has a greater gap.

To resolve the fastener issue, you must completely replace them. Remove the old fasteners and replace them with larger ones. Bigger fasteners also help to avoid delamination.

3. Weak Kitchen Sink Pipe

The Forest River Sierra’s exterior kitchen sink pipe is made from lightweight plastic. As a result, after a few years of use, it will develop many kinks.

Kinks might eventually damage and rupture the hose. As a result, you will have water leaks. Even if you manually work out the kinks, it will reform after a while. The pipe can also leak if the washer is damaged.

The Fix:

The apparent option is to get a new and improved outdoor kitchen sink pipe. All you have to do is switch off the water supply and replace it.

You should take precautions when unrolling the new hose. If you tug on it, it may become damaged and produce another kink.

You should also look over the faucet. Install a washer if it is worn or not present. Be careful not to over-tighten the faucet.

4. Incorrectly Installed Propane Heater

The Forest River Sierra’s propane heater is built on a thin plank of wood. It is located in the front. The intake supports the load of the propane heater.

The exhaust lines at the back of the heater also contribute to its weight. These lines are connected to the heater as well. As a result, the welds melt and overheat.

This causes a carbon monoxide leak inside your coach.

The Fix:

This is a tricky problem to solve. If you don’t want your propane to leak, consult with your dealer. The propane heater should be built on a sturdy foundation.

To avoid leaks, disconnect the exhaust lines from the rear of the heater. The new platform should be strong enough to support the weight.

If the propane leaks, call your dealer right away. Replace or repair the exhaust pipe as well as the propane tank.

5. Kitchen Slide Gets Stuck

The kitchen slide might refuse to go out completely with some Sierra models. Even if you get it out on one side, the other will become trapped.

The cabinet doors and the slide will clash. Pulling the bin drawers leaves markings on the doors as well. The top door collides with the door also. The issues are mostly the result of a manufacturer’s design flaw.

The Fix:

Before purchasing a new motorhome, you should properly examine the slides. Forest River is partly responsible for installing equipment in the incorrect order.

If you already have this problem, add a bumper on the door to keep the marks at bay. Crawl below the slide to examine the rails. If the rails get clogged, seek expert assistance.

6. Brake Failure

The Forest River Sierra’s brakes may fail now and then. This issue occurs in this model mostly as a result of a bad electrical connection. The brake might fail during a journey.

The issue is caused by wiring damages. Sierra brakes frequently have faulty or weak connections. Also, corrosion is a common issue with weak wires.

The Fix:

Regularly inspect the connections of your Forest River Sierra brakes. Check that the cables are in the appropriate position.

You could also consider utilizing high-quality wiring. Corroded cables will likely break sooner or later. The connections must be secure. Repair or replace any loose connections you discover.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

Customers have given the Forest River Sierra mixed ratings on forums and blogs. The kitchen sink hose is the most prevalent issue with this RV.

These RVs may have several manufacturing flaws. If you’re looking for a Sierra, inspecting it thoroughly and checking for these defects should be your top priority.

Final Thoughts

The Forest River Sierra received a 3.6 out of 5 rating from RV Insiders. These models from the company include a variety of floorplans, and customers love them.

However, certain issues do arise after a time. Take the instructions into consideration if you encounter any of the issues I’ve mentioned.

I wish you a safe and enjoyable trip in your Forest River Sierra.

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