Featuring innovative construction, best in Performance features, and design aspects, Prime Time RV’s Avenger RV was built for maximum customer pleasure and enjoyment. Although your possibilities are minimal, you may still have problems with the Avenger RV.

However, the most common problems with Avenger RV are front leakage, slide-out leakage, rear tires blowing out, and electrical problems within appliances. 

Let’s get started by knowing about the causes of the issues, the length of time you may drive your Avenger RVs with the issues, and the fixes to the issues addressed in this article. Keep an eye on the screen to the very finish!

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Avengers RVSolutions
1. Front leakageSealing the whole end tube with silicone caulk and adding a second backer rod
2. Slide Out LeakageRepairing the wires connection and   the water tubing
3. Rear tires blowing outUpgrading the rear tires
4. Electrical problems with appliancesUpgrading GFCI and refrigerator fan

4 Common Problems with Avenger RV and Their Solutions:

The experience with Avenger RV may deal with several types of problems. The reasons behind the problem and the solution will be discussed below.

1. Front Leakage

This is a helpful caution for anyone who owns an Avenger 32QBI RV model. Several consumers complain that water in the front storage and the master bed within six months of ownership, and occasionally during the first trip traveling in the rain.

Everything gets saturated afterward. Coating, framing, and other finishing touches got soaked.  So, after a wash down the front (using the fan pattern to replicate the spray you’d receive from driving), all three seems on the ribbed side leaked immediately and badly.

The other components of your particular model of Avenger RV can be damaged unwantedly due to the problem.

The Fix:

You can Install a foam backer rod through the seam from the outside and fill it in with a plastic scraper. Then you may add a second backer rod, which will cost roughly 7 to 10 USD depending on your needs.

Finally, use a high-quality 100% silicone caulk to seal the whole end tube from top to bottom. You may test for a long time after the sealing is set, even using the stream function on your water pipe, and nothing will leak.

So, if you have this Avenger RV, it may be water-tight, or at the very least, pay attention when driving in the rain, and if you smell stale as time passes, take it to the company’s customer service center as soon as possible. 

2. Slide Out Leakage

It is a very pathetic problem for many users of Avenger RV. Whenever you have the 28DBS model of Avenger RV, you have to suffer from this issue. The exact model of Avenger RV would have a large leak in the slide-out within a week after arriving home.

If you investigate the problem quickly, you may discover that the manufacturer did not correctly place the slide-out. The most common cause of the problem is a connection fault. Users also notice a wet mark on the bedroom wall near the slide within two weeks of taking the unit home.

A range of power-related issues impacts the pump, power regulators, and motors in the slide-outs. A leak in the water cylinder is another common problem with the slide-out.

The Fix:

Start by checking for any wires that have come loose. If you notice any disconnected wires, reconnect them to fix the problem. If the wires are completely destroyed, you should replace them.

Ensure that the power center switches and fuses are in excellent working condition for a power loss. Follow the water tubing from the pump to the operating pressure to locate the leak. You must repair the water tubing if you find a leak.

You can fix the problem by watching tutorials on YouTube. Fixing the slide-out issue on your own might not be the most outstanding solution in this scenario.

Instead, you can bring your Forest River travel trailer to the company’s service center for repairs. A professional expert will be able to pinpoint the exact issue and address it faster than you can. 

3. Rear Tires Blowing Out

Some users claim that Avenger 28DBS RV has this significant issue whenever they start traveling by the distinctive Avengers RV when one of their rear tires blew out just 20 miles after starting the trip.

The problem occurs because of the poor quality of rear tires. Overspeed while driving within your Avenger RV using poor rear tires is a significant reason behind the tires’ damage.

The flooring, skirt, metal siding, and refrigerator vent are all damaged due to the tire failure. As a result, it brings a prohibitive cost for you to repair your Avenger RV.

The Fix:

If the tire blowing-out problem causes other components, the damages will be estimated to be in excess of $1000. According to Avenger RV, will only replace the wheel and tire from Amazon.

Mastercraft Avenger G/T Performance Radial Tire – 295/50R15 105S is a preferable model for your Avenger RV that may cost around 140-150 USD on amazon.com.

It would be best if you also drove your Avenger RV slowly on rough roads because the unevenness of rough roads may damage your rear tires very quickly.

If you find any issue with the rear tires, take your Avenger RV to the Company’s service center where they will read out the issue and will fix that by their professional mechanics.   

4. Electrical Problems with Appliances

Many users experienced this problem in different appliances of their Avenger LT 16FQ RV. The outside speaker will occasionally cease working after a brief period of use.

The GFCI in the bathroom began clicking (for 20-30 seconds at a time) and ultimately tripped the complete circuit within one to two weeks. It happened now and again, and eventually; it became more often.

Despite simply having a TV, a mobile charger, and a lamp connected in at a time, the circuit becomes overloaded.

The fan in the refrigerator of the specific Avenger RV began to blow heavily, even though it is not a regular cycle fan, and it would beep like a GFCI before shutting off.

The Fix:

You can show your outside speakers to the mobile technician. Check the connection and repair it if it is not connected. You can change the GFCI by purchasing a brand-new system for the whole electric system of your Avenger RV.

The GFCI system will cost around 17-30 USD on amazon.com (To buy, click here). Therefore, the circuit breakers would not trigger, the fuses would not blow, and they would be able to take a load of multiple appliances simultaneously.

You can upgrade the refrigerator fan, which will cost around 40-50 USD. (To buy, click here) Fix the issues by professional mechanics.

Common Experience Between The Users

Most customers consider the Avenger RV to be ideal for their RV, however, after a few months of use, the truth sets in.

Whenever users travel for long rides, the problems occur consecutively, and the users mainly have dealt with significant parts of the Avenger RV, such as rear tires blowing up may cause road accidents on uneven roads.

Electrical problems such as a weak GFCI system and poor fan in the refrigerator are significant issues in most users’ Avenger RV. Problems like weak slide doors and front leakage will frequently force users to the service center.

Final Thoughts

After conducting my study, I discovered several issues with various Avenger RV models. It is preferable for you to put your money into a greater RV.

Several Avenger RVs are highly extensive, but their repair costs are quite high, and their regular problems become irritating to owners after a time.

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