Most Common Problems with Jayco Redhawk (Solution Included)

The Jayco Redhawk is an excellent long-distance travel buddy for couples and small families. It includes a ducted air conditioner with 15,000 BTUs and a 31,000 BTU auto-ignition furnace.

The entrance door of the RV features the industry’s largest travel-view window. Even though this RV has many amazing features there are a few concerns about which I’d like to enlighten you.

Some of the most prevalent difficulties are poor construction, slide malfunctioning, Electrical issues, Leaking problems, and Battery power loss.

I’ll tell you about the causes, symptoms, and solutions to these issues. So keep reading to find out more about the Jayco Redhawk issues and concerns.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Jayco RedhawkSolutions
1. Poor Interior ConstructionApply the Rubber Roof Adhesive 8011
2. Slide MalfunctioningRepair electric motor and use lubricant
3. Electrical IssueReplace the wire with the negative one
4. Toilet and Ceiling LeakingExamine the roof and the possible area thoroughly
5. Battery Power LossMaintain properly and replace if damaged
6. Unsatisfactory Customer ServiceContact your dealer for support

Common Problems with Jayco Redhawk and Their Solutions:

The Jayco Redhawk has some minor issues but these can be solved. Some of the issues and the possible solution are given down below:

1. Poor Interior Construction

The tank heating system isn’t attached to the ceiling securely enough. The manufacturer utilized spray adhesive to attach the heating system to the tank. This is why the heating system is frequently falling off.

Also, due to poor design, the shower system’s trim might fall off. The shower drain can also get detached. As a result, used water will spill all over the floor.

The edge of the countertop inside the RV occasionally came loose because it is not attached sufficiently to the body.

The Fix:

If the heating system fails, you may use the Rubber Roof Adhesive 8011. This is water-based glue that works very well attaching anything to the RV ceiling. It also dries very quickly.

The shower system trim is of poor quality. if it falls off, you may replace it with a better one or repair it. In this situation, you can contact their customer service.

If the countertop becomes loose, you can secure it on the primary stage with a drill machine.

2. Slide Malfunctioning

The electronic controller does not always operate during opening or closing periods. The process of sliding mechanism is somewhat difficult to operate.

As a result, the slide is frequently stuck. It can also be occasionally misaligned. You won’t be able to drive with your slide stuck midway.

The Fix:

The sliding electric motor must be repaired. If the problem persists after the motor has been repaired, you should consider replacing it. Also, lubrication is a major answer to the jamming issue.

There are several silicon lubricants available for slide seal protection. You can select one and apply the lubricant. You can use this silicon lube from Amazon.

3. Electrical Issue

The company utilized unmarked black cables to connect to the home battery. These cables are positive rather than negative.

The circuit breaker panel’s push buttons or switches don’t always work. Also, the cables peak out of the panel. This situation might potentially be dangerous.

The Fix:

You may use red wire instead of black wire to connect the home battery. A negative wire is ideal for the long run in an RV.

You should also consider replacing the push buttons on the circuit breakers. If you have no prior knowledge of electrical concerns, expert assistance would be the best option.

4. Toilet and Ceiling Leaking

After several months of use, there are some leakage issues in the toilet area and the ceiling over the washroom.

There may be holes or cracks in the ceiling; if these problems are not treated, water intrusion may occur.

The Fix:

You may purchase a tube of self-leveling sealant for flat seals. This will completely cover the surface and solve leakage issues.

Roofs should be thoroughly and frequently examined. You should check for leaks around the shower skylight, bathroom vent, and other possible sources of water.

This repair can cost a lot of money. You will need roughly $15 to purchase a tube of sealant.

If the damage is severe, you may need to replace the entire roof to fix the water damage caused by the leak. This will cost you thousands of dollars.

5. Battery Power Loss

This usually occurs as a result of carelessness or irresponsible battery usage. However, this might happen when the battery is damaged or dead.

When the RV is not in use, most users forget to unplug the batteries, resulting in a damaged battery. The failure to change the distilled water is another cause of the damage.

The battery will die faster if it is not completely charged. It will also malfunction if the fluid level is not monitored regularly.

The Fix:

You should use the battery with greater caution. The battery should be recharged properly when the RV is not in use. Distilled water should be kept on hand just in case the battery needs it when the water level is insufficient.

The battery may need to be replaced in some circumstances. A new battery costs around $200 and takes a very short time to install.

It is preferable to purchase a battery disconnect switch, which costs around $10. This will assist you to save battery life. The device will unplug the battery while the RV is not in use, preventing damage.

6. Unsatisfactory Customer Service

The customer service of Jayco is appalling. The majority of customers claimed that they do not provide enough instructions when an issue comes up.

In addition, the user must carry a variety of different equipment to solve difficulties while on the road. This is quite bothersome.

The Fix:

The company’s customer service isn’t very responsive to its clients. First and foremost, I recommend you to contact your dealer about these concerns; they will assist you in resolving the situation.

You may also buy RVs from other companies if you want good customer support. If you need any warranty service, you may also contact the company of the specific damaged product.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

Many consumer reviews on forums and blogs demonstrate that the Jayco Redhawk is well-liked. However, several owners have minor complaints regarding the RV’s performance.

The owners suggest using better sealant for sealing purposes. Also, the construction of the RV can be way better if the authority wants.

Final Thoughts

I’ve mentioned the minor issues with the Jayco Redhawk. These issues are fixable but there are too many minor issues on a journey to fix. In case any of these problems arise, make sure to follow my instructions.

Though some of these problems are common, these can be avoided if you are responsible enough and take good care of your RV. Proper care is the main key to having is RV in the long run.

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