Most Common Problems with Vanleigh Beacon (Solution Added)

The Vanleigh Beacon‘s biggest appeal is its five-sided insulated and laminated slide. The sidewalls are framed in tabular aluminum and have a high gloss fiberglass finish.

However, the RV has certain drawbacks. The most common Vanleigh Beacon faults include ice maker leaking, moldy AC unit, leaking from the roof, stairs blocking the front door, and faulty leveling system.

Continue reading to discover more about these issues and their solutions. Here’s a table to help you find a quick answer.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Vanleigh BeaconSolutions
Ice Maker LeakingReplace the water supply line
Moldy Air Conditioning UnitGet rid of wood shavings and mold
Leaking from RoofInspect thoroughly and apply sealant
Stairs Blocking the Front DoorRedrill and reinstall the stairs
Faulty Automatic LevelingRecalibrate the zero point

5 Common Problems with Vanleigh Beacon and Their Solutions:

The problems I have discussed here are reported by many users in forums, blogs, and videos. Read on to learn more about them.

1. Ice Maker Leaking

If the ice maker in your Vanleigh Beacon begins to leak, you have a massive problem. Many questions are raised about water coming out of the bottom of the refrigerator.

The water supply line is the primary source of the leak. Water flows continually if the pipe is broken. Even though the flooring of this RV is composed of high-quality materials, it sustains significant damage as a result of water leaks.

If the problem is not addressed, the floors and sidewalls may grow moldy. Water can also damage carpets and other furniture.

The Fix:

The first action you should do if you discover any leakage from your refrigerator is to examine the water supply line. Turn off the refrigerator if you see any breakage or a loose connection.

If there are any symptoms of the damage, you should always replace the water supply line. Call your nearest technician for quick help. To minimize further damage, do not turn on the refrigerator.

Clean up any spilled water on the floor and carpets. Allow for enough ventilation and dry the area. If required, use mold removal products.

2. Moldy Air Conditioning Unit

Even after 6 months of using the Vanleigh Beacon, you may become sick. Many customers have performed mold inspections inside their RVs and discovered that the AC unit was transporting mold throughout the Trailer.

Some Beacons have low manufacturing quality. As a result, the air vents are filled with wood shavings. Moisture is continually created on these shavings by cold air.

As a consequence, the shavings mold and spread via the air vents. Failure to address the issue may result in serious health consequences.

The Fix:

If you have congestion, sore throat, or lung irritation, get an expert to examine your trailer for mold. Remove any wood shavings that you discover inside the air vents or the AC unit first.

Then, the molds should then be removed using any type of mold cleaning solution. The RMR-86 is an excellent product for RVs. You can accomplish this by spraying the affected areas yourself.

You should also ensure that other areas around your RV do not include any kind of wood shavings.

3. Leaking from Roof

Because of improper sealing, your Beacon’s roof may develop a leak. The sealing is also prone to wear and tear. If not addressed promptly, you will almost certainly experience rainfall inside your RV.

Water can leak for a long period via multiple exposed seams. Failure to discover the leakage will lead to further spread. While walking, some portions of the roof will feel mushy, indicating extensive deterioration.

Any obvious damage caused by tree branches on the rooftop is always visible.

The Fix:

First and foremost, you must climb to the roof and conduct a visual examination. Do not waste any time if you see any minor holes or damaged edges. You must remove any dirt or debris from the area.

Then, seal the area using a roof sealing product. If you are unable to seal immediately, use flex tape as a temporary measure. If you travel frequently, you should also examine the roof once a week for noticeable damage.

If the entire roof is noisy or squishy, you may need to replace the roof. In this case, get an expert for the inspection and replacement process.

4. Stairs Blocking the Front Door

If you inspect thoroughly, you may see that the main door of your Vanleigh Beacon is not completely shutting. The door is locked, yet there is a visible gap.

The stairs outside the entryway are to blame for the misalignment. After a while, the stairs may become crooked. The installation of the stairs is of terrible quality. It may potentially get damaged if not repaired.

The Fix:

To resolve this issue, remove the entire stairs. Then, examine the holes. For perfect alignment, you may need to drill the holes again. Try aligning the stairs with the door after drilling.

Install the bolts if the alignment is precise. Make certain that the bolts are correctly tightened so that the problem does not reoccur. This process should close the gap between the door and the stairs.

5. Faulty Automatic Leveling

Your Vanleigh Beacon’s automatic leveling feature may fail. However, after pressing the auto-leveling button, you may realize that your RV is not perfectly level.

It may slant slightly to the left or right. As a result, the water drainage systems will not function correctly because they are built for flat land.

In addition, an uneven floor can harm many products, including the refrigerator. This problem happens when the zero point is incorrectly placed.

The Fix:

You must manually resolve the problem. This method should be performed in standard mode. To begin, choose the standard model and menu. Then, six times, tap the connected icon at the top of the leveling screen.

After some time, hit the gear icon to access the settings. After the setup zero-mode dialog appears, hit the enter button. The touchpad will give you leveling choices.

Select the zero point calibration option and press enter. The trailer will automatically adjust itself and re-level with the ground.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

The Beacon model from Vanleigh has received both positive and negative reviews from users. Although they are happy with the floorplan, the customer service and the interior quality aren’t satisfactory. Many new clients are likewise dissatisfied with the Beacon’s woodwork and finishes.

Final Thoughts

Vanleigh’s Beacon model did not perform as well as others. If you have the money, they are still a good option. I would recommend reading up on the trailer and obtaining additional information before purchasing it.

If you already own one, I hope the information I’ve provided will assist you in resolving the issues with your Vanleigh Beacon.

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