The production of Beaver Motorhomes has been closed since 2009. However, there is still a demand for used ones. The exquisite woodwork on the coaches is legendary.

However, there are certain frequent issues that you may have with these RVs. These are battery malfunctioning, slide-out weld breaking, windshield cracking, water leaking, and some others.

Many users suffer the issues I’ve listed above. I explained the problems as well as the solutions.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Beaver MotorhomeSolutions
Battery MalfunctionDisconnect when not in use
Broken Slide-Out WeldReplace the broken rail
Windshield Cracking FrequentlyDeflate slowly
Water Leaking from PipesChange rusty/leaking pipes
Fuse BlowingRepair damaged wires
Water Heater Not WorkingSet up the thermostat properly

6 Common Problems with Beaver Motorhome and Their Possible Solutions

I compiled a list of the most prevalent issues from various blogs, forums, videos, and websites. Feel free to locate yours and follow the steps for a quick fix.

1. Battery Malfunction

Most of your coach’s equipment will stop working if your battery dies. If you do not unplug the batteries when you are no longer using the RV, it will drain the power.

As a result, the battery’s lifespan will be significantly shortened. This is a common reason why many Beaver RV owners must repair their batteries regularly.

The Fix:

When you return from your trip, always unhook the cable. If the battery wires are disconnected, the electrical devices will be unable to draw energy from the battery when it is not required.

When not in use, you should additionally connect the battery to a tender. In the winter, following this process will keep your battery from losing power.

If the battery entirely dies, I strongly advise you not to restore it. Repairing a battery that has been in use for more than three years is ineffective. Go to your dealer for replacing the battery.

2. Broken Slide-Out Weld

The Beaver Marquis RV owners were the most affected by this problem. Several slide-outs in the coaches may sustain significant damage.

The rails of the slide-outs will create a loud noise if they break. It might have come from the wheel well. Further investigation revealed that several of the slides’ rails were twisted and broken.

If not corrected immediately, the entire rail and slide may break.

The Fix:

If you hear rattling noises coming from the wheel well, the first thing you should do is examine the wheels. Examine the underside of the slide outs whether they are in good condition.

If you discover noticeable damage to the rail, you can drill some holes in it as a temporary remedy. Then, insert several strong bolts to keep the slide firmly in place.

Go to the local vehicle repair shop as soon as possible and have the broken or damaged rails repaired or replaced.

3. Windshield Cracking Frequently

This problem mostly affects the Beaver Patriot. However, other people have reported their windshields cracking as well. The problem reoccurs even after some individuals replace the windshield.

Placing a shim on the other side of the fracture might help prevent the problem. However, it may cause the other side of the windshield to fracture. This issue is also caused by the fiberglass front of the motorhome.

The gap between the fiberglass and windshield or direct sunlight may also cause windshield cracking.

The Fix:

If a crack appears when the air is released, avoid releasing the air completely. You should let it deflate slowly. It can also be aired up from time to time by running the engine.

You can also use an external air pump using the input for towing the coach. While parking, make sure that the windshield is not under sunlight. Direct sunlight severely damaged the windshield.

You should also try to increase the clearance between the fiberglass and the windshield.

4. Water Leaking from Pipes

Water leaks are rather common with Beaver RVs. The pipes leading to the gray water tank may degrade with time. As a result, they will burst, allowing water to escape.

This is a major problem since water may destroy numerous components of your RV. Beaver RVs are made of high-quality wood. If the wooden items are destroyed, it will be quite expensive to replace or repair the problem.

The Fix:

Your Beaver motorhome’s water pipes should be inspected regularly. If you see any rusting or ripping, attempt to fix it as soon as possible.

If you wait too long to fix the problem, water will leak into the inside. If the damage is serious, you should replace the pipes. Because the operation is highly dirty, seek expert assistance.

If you want to handle the dirty work yourself, make sure to turn off all water-related equipment.

5. Fuse Blowing

The fuses are attached to your RV’s electronics and electrical components. If there is an electrical problem, the fuses will blow. They ensure that your components are protected.

However, this is a pretty regular occurrence with many Beaver motorhomes. The problem is particularly prevalent when the wires get rusted or loose.

The Fix:

You should always examine your RV’s cables for any noticeable flaws. For appropriate safety, perform the examination every three months.

If you find any damaged wires or loose connections, replace them with new wires. You should also replace any blown fuses and have spares on hand.

6. Water Heater Not Working

Your Beaver motorhome’s water heater may occasionally fail. There should be no fuel odor because it is equipped with low emission technologies. However, it can be unpleasant when used on diesel.

In addition, the heater may occasionally fail to heat your water. Most of the time, the thermostat is to blame. A filthy heater will also cause it to fail.

The Fix:

First and foremost, ensure that the heater can operate on both diesel and electricity. Inspect the thermostat if the water does not heat up. Water will not heat up if your thermostat is not properly adjusted. So, set it up properly.

If the issue persists, you should clean your heater. As a consequence, the dirt will be removed from the sensors. If the heater emits odors while operating, clean it with hydrogen peroxide and vinegar.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

Beaver motorhomes are famous for their overall quality. It has one of the highest ratings on most RV-related websites. It has got 4.4 out of 5 from 48 owners on the RV Insider website.

Although you might face some issues from time to time, you can’t ignore the spacious floor plan and the excellent driving capabilities. The owners praise the livability and quality of these motorhomes.

Final Thoughts

That’s all I have to say about the most common Beaver motorhome problems. You are prone to encountering these challenges while RVing.

Feel free to heed my advice and follow the guidelines I’ve provided for each issue. Also, keep your RV in good working order to reduce the frequency of problems.

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