The thick wall aluminum structural system is the most well-known characteristic of this trailer. The Nash travel trailers are additionally insulated with highly dense block foam. However, you may encounter many drawbacks that are frequent with these RVs.

The most frequent Nash travel Trailer faults include screws getting loose, black tank valve jamming, rattling brakes, tire overheating, and many more.

I’ve compiled the relatively simple and smartest answers to these problems. So, check out the solutions in the table below.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Nash Travel TrailersSolutions
Window Blind Screws Get LooseInstall bigger and better screws
Black Tank Valve StuckClean it and lubricate the rod
Noise While BrakingReplace the disc pad and calipers
Bathroom Access IssueFollow the table unmounting procedure
Faulty Kitchen Drawer FrameInstall flat corner bracing
Cupboard Falling OffInstall nuts and bolts
Tire OverheatingInflate the tires properly

7 Common Problems with Nash Travel Trailers and Their Solutions:

The problems that I will talk about are the most common among the users of Nash travel trailers. Take a look at them to find the one you are looking for.

1. Window Blind Screws Get Loose

Many Nash travel trailer screws get loosened with time. This is a typical complaint shared by many consumers on various forums and blogs. Screws were also discovered on some people’s floors, sinks, and furniture.

After a few months of riding in your trailer, you may discover that some of the window blind screws are becoming loose. As a result, they will rattle and draw attention to the situation.

You can also find screws that have come off from other places. When traveling over rough terrain, the screws will fall out much quicker.

The Fix:

The factory screws used in the majority of the Nash travel coaches’ appliances are of poor quality. So, you should think about investing in stronger ones. Also, get screws that are one size bigger.

The larger screws will fit more securely in the already loosened holes. If you do not intend to remove the screws in the future, apply adhesives while screwing them in.

This procedure ensures that they will not come off for years. Before replacing the screws, tighten the existing ones as a stopgap measure.

2. Black Tank Valve Stuck

Because of all the waste within your RV’s black tank, the valve might become stuck. However, this is a rather regular occurrence with Nash travel trailers.

If you do not clean the tank regularly, the contents may get thick and sticky. Furthermore, if the rod is not adequately lubricated, the valve becomes stuck.

The Fix:

Filling the black tank with soapy water is the simplest method. To begin, drain the tank and refill it with soapy water. After that, you may drive the trailer around for a time to clean the inside of the tank.

The liquid also aids in cleaning and loosening the valve. While dumping the waste from the tank, you should also lubricate the rod. Consider replacing the valve if the problem occurs frequently.

3. Noise While Braking

This problem might be caused by a vibrating brake caliper. The noise in these trailer brakes is also attributed to the disc pads. These parts’ vibration causes harm to your trailer.

On calm highways, the noise is extremely audible. Keep this point in mind if you hear any form of noise during braking.

The Fix:

First and foremost, you should have the brake rotor polished. Because the Northwood firm provides services from any place, go to your local service store. You should also request that the technician use a non-directional treatment.

You should replace the disc pads and calipers to ensure that the problem does not reoccur.

4. Bathroom Access Issue

If you want to go to the bathroom with the slide in during traveling, I have got bad news for you. If you own the model, you must have noticed the issue.

There is a simple fix for this issue. You can easily perform it yourself.

The Fix:

First of all, you should uninstall the table. Then you should put it on the bed in the upside-down position. In this way, the table won’t damage the bed or the fabric.

You should place it on the headboard. Place cushions on each side of the table as well. The table’s legs will easily fit into the storage space under your bed. This allows you to conveniently visit the bathroom.

5. Faulty Kitchen Drawer Frame

The frame on your Nash travel trailer supports the kitchen drawers. You may have noticed that the frame is only fastened on one side. Some models may be stapled from the top.

You won’t be able to utilize the flat braces. Angled bracing, on the other hand, can be used on the injured side.

The Fix:

When you replace the duct to its proper location, it will move together with the frame. Using a screwdriver, pull the frame right back.

Fill the area between the bottom of the frame and the ground with a filler strip of wood. It will assist in supporting the weight of the drawers. Flat corner bracing can also be used in place of large staples.

6. Cupboard Falling Off

Numerous Nash travel trailer owners have had this problem. If the cupboard slides off, the attachment has loosened. The fasteners on the cupboard frequently come loose.

As they traveled further, people grumbled about needing to tighten the screws more frequently.

The Fix:

The screws may always be readjusted and tightened. However, a good solution to this problem is required. Drilling hinge holes are required for this process.

Then, remove the old screws. Purchase some nuts and bolts. Using the nuts and bolts, secure the cupboards in place. This will permanently solve the problem.

7. Tire Overheating

This problem may exist in some Nash travel trailers. This issue occurs when you drive with your tires inflated excessively low or too high.

All that much heat may cause tire damage. Traveling faster over the tire’s maximum speed may cause it to overheat.

The Fix:

Ensure that your tires are properly inflated before going out on travel to reduce overheating and avoid accidents.

Take into account the speed rating of the Nash travel trailer tires. To avoid tire overheating, verify the tire pressure before going on a ride.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

The Nash travel trailers from Northwood are praised all over the world. But some drawbacks of the motorhome have made many customers frustrated. The trailer has received 3.9 out of 5 from 43 reviewers on the RV Insider website.

The company is known for listening to its customers and providing great customer support. There are a few interior issues that are very common. Many users have fixed these issues themselves.

Final Thoughts

Customers on online forums are generally pleased with Northwood Nash’s quality. The trailer’s chassis is particularly excellent for off-roading, which is unusual for trailers.

I’ve gone through all of the potential issues with your Nash travel trailer. If you want a smart solution, follow my full advice.

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