The greatest feature of the Alpha Wolf RV is the smart monitor panel which also works with any smartphone. Also, the dual power awnings and outdoor recreational system are some awesome features.

But the RV has some issues. Window blinds getting stuck, noisy slide, entry door sticking, not enough heating, refrigerator leaking, and tow bar failure are the most common problems with the Alpha Wolf RV.

I have gathered the easiest and smartest solutions to these challenges. So, take a look at the solutions in the table down below.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Alpha Wolf RVSolutions
1. Window Blinds Gets StuckRepair or replace the blind strings
2. Slide Makes NoiseReadjust the level
3. Entry Door Hard to OperateReinstall the jamb
4. Not Enough HeatingReplace the sail switch
5. Refrigerator LeakingReplace the drain tube
6. Tow Bar FailureAdjust the weight and connection

6 Common Problems with Alpha Wolf RV and Their Solutions:

These problems are the most reported on blogs, forums, and websites. Read on to learn more about these challenges along with the solutions.

1. Window Blinds Gets Stuck

If you own an Alpha Wolf, the string inside the window blinds may cause you a headache. These strings occasionally break off. If the strings on your coach are damaged, the shade will become stuck.

Frayed strings might also be caused by unequal blinds or become uneven while pulling up and down.

If the string is of inferior quality, it will fray with time. Strings can also become trapped in window grooves or sharp surfaces.

The Fix:

If the window shade falls during a vacation and the string rips, you’ll need a quick workaround. Use whatever spare wires you have or try to tape or knot the torn strings.

You will need to replace them at some point. So, obtain a new set of strings and get rid of the old ones.

You should also check to see whether the wires are becoming trapped on any edges. Repair the splintered surfaces. Adjust the tightness of the cord retainers as well.

2. Slide Makes Noise

This problem happens when you use your slide too frequently. While extending or retracting, the level of the slide may also cause it to become loud.

If the slide is too high up, it will collect outside water and other objects. As a result, the slide’s bottom will be destroyed. The damaged bottom will then generate noise.

The Fix:

You should check the level of your RV’s slide. If the level is too high, you should lower it till the slide is level with the ground.

If the parts beneath the slide are damaged, remove them and properly check them. If required, repair or replace any damaged parts.

3. Entry Door Hard to Operate

On several Alpha Wolf RVs, the entrance door appears to be jammed. When you try to open the door, it may seem as if it is locked even when it isn’t. Sometimes you just have to slam the door shut.

The need to employ force might severely harm the door. The major cause of this issue is an inadequately installed door jamb.

The Fix:

To overcome this matter, first, uninstall the door jamb. Unscrew and remove all of the screws. Purchase some new screws. A greater size allows the jamb to keep firmly in place.

Now, adjust the jamb to fit the door. When mounting the screws, use adhesive. Some people recommend pounding the screws in place. However, if the door becomes stuck again, reinstalling the jamb would be a major hassle.

After putting in all of the screws, thoroughly inspect them. Tighten them as much as possible to ensure that the door operates smoothly.

4. Not Enough Heating

Many factors influence your Alpha Wolf RV’s heating system. The tank must be full. However, if the furnace is not producing heat, the sail switch is most likely defective.

The hot and cold cycle of the furnace is a regular problem. If you turn it on, it will heat the RV for a short period. After a minute, it will return to cool condition. Then the procedure will repeat.

The Fix:

The sail switch is a small sensor that prevents the furnace from igniting. First and foremost, remove the furnace covering. Then clean everything on the inside. After cleaning, try turning on the furnace again.

If it fails, you must purchase a new sail switch. Change out the old sail and switch with the new one. This will resolve the heating problem.

5. Refrigerator Leaking

The Alpha Wolf RV’s refrigerator is prone to leaking. Typically, the leak is brown. It may be seen beneath the front of the fridge. The leak will be visible coming from the reefer box.

Most of the time, there will be no leaks. However, the leak will reappear in two or three weeks. Customers have had a lot of problems because of this repeating issue.

If the leakage is severe, the floor and any other objects that come into contact with the material will be affected as well.

The Fix:

The drain tube of the refrigerator occasionally leaks. If you do not replace it every two or three years, it will ultimately start to leak now and then. So, do not forget to change the tube especially if you live in hotter climates.

If the area around your refrigerator has begun to exhibit indications of mold, you must clean it with anti-mold solutions. You should also check that the air vents are operational.

If the leak is serious, contact the dealer or seek expert assistance as soon as possible.

6. Tow Bar Failure

If the tow bar is not correctly set, your Alpha Wolf will begin to tremble strangely when driving. It is a perilous situation if the tow bar fails to sustain the weight.

Inadequate lubrication is also a major contributor to this issue. The shaking may become worse if the tow bar connection is not secure.

The Fix:

You should examine the tow bar to ensure that it is capable of supporting the weight of your trailer. Then, verify the connections and make any necessary adjustments.

You should also thoroughly clean it. Lubricating at least once a month should also be on your to-do list.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

People appreciate the Alpha Wolf for the floorplan. But they have many complaints about the overall quality and the comfort of the trailer. The RV got a 3.4 out of 5 from 26 user ratings on the RV Insider website.

The heating problem is a very common problem with this RV. Many people suggest buying a space heater for proper heating.

Final Thoughts

That’s all there is to it. Although Forest River is a well-known brand, the Alpha Wolf was unable to please all of its clients.

You are now aware of all of the most prevalent issues with the Alpha Wolf RV. If you encounter any of these challenges, simply follow the instructions for a perfect solution. Have a wonderful journey!

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