4 Most Common Problems with Flagstaff Super Lite

Flagstaff Super Lite travel trailers are among the industry’s best-selling fiberglass trailers. These travel trailers have a wide variety of additional features.

Although your choices are few, you may run into problems with the Flagstaff Super Lite travel trailers, which have a lot of weaknesses.  

In short, the most common problems with Flagstaff Super Lite travel trailers are the water pump issues, problems with the appliances, fuses blowing, and poor durability.

Let’s get started by learning about the causes of the issues, the length of time you may drive your specific travel trailer with the issues, and the resolutions to the issues addressed in this article. Stay updated on the screen to the very finish!

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

1. Problem with water pump Opening the faucet one side at a time
2. Problems with appliancesUpgrading if it is necessary
3. Blown fusesFixing battery wires connection
4. Problems with DurabilityPutting load-detecting monitors

4 Common Problems with Flagstaff Super Lite travel trailers and Their Solutions:

The experience with Flagstaff Super Lite travel trailers may deal with several types of problems. The reasons behind the problem and the solution will be discussed below.

1. Water Pump  

Some of the users complain about the water pump problem with their   Flagstaff Super Lite 8529RKBS travel trailer. They claim that, after 2 weeks of purchasing the particular travel trailer, their water pump stops working properly.

It causes a great problem with water usage in the travel trailer such as you would not take shower and also would not use the toilet of your travel trailer while tripping.

It also hampers the sink where you wash your dishes. So, the problem makes the whole trip a problematic trip unexpectedly as it is linked to major and regular usable components of your travel trailer. 

The Fix:

You most likely have air in the system if the water pump is on and the faucet is turned off, but the pump is still operating continuously. Open the faucet one side at a time, starting with the hot side and then the cold side.

It applies to all faucets, including external showers (if you have them), until a steady stream of water emerges. If somehow the water pump is running and the faucet is switched off, yet the pump vibrates every few minutes or less, there’s a little leak somewhere within the pipeline.

You may look for leaks in all piping joints, mainly where the water lines link to any toilet, bathroom, or sink type of equipment. Fix the problem with a professional plumber.

2. Problems with Appliances

Several consumers have complained about the 27RLQS model of Flagstaff Super Lite travel trailers, claiming that the fault was with the antenna since they could not obtain reception on any frequency on the radio.

Radio is no longer able to find any stations. Their radio antenna gets slightly damaged at the tip, but the base remained all right on the roof, even though it functions poorly.

Several users noticed that the heater smokes and forces them to get out of the travel trailer.

The issue may occur due to wiring failure. They report there were cracked plastic components in the heater that were blowing everywhere.

It also seemed in the particular travel trailer that the refrigerator isn’t getting very cold due to the weak compressor system. It hampers food preservation in the travel trailer poorly.

The Fix:

You can upgrade the radio system of your travel trailer by purchasing it from Crutchfield radio company.  It may cost around 250 to 300 USD. (Click here to buy it)

Check the wiring connections of your heater. Change the cables if these are terribly damaged. This is more difficult to detect.

A 12-volt tester that has the sort with a pointed edge that can press into wire insulation and it is quite helpful in locating the problem area.

The refrigerator has to run for several hours to fix the refrigerator issue.

Furthermore, if you pack the refrigerator with room-temperature foods, it will take days for the refrigerator to cool down.

Starting with chilled products is usually a better choice for specific travel trailer-size refrigerators.

3. Blown Fuses

In Flagstaff Classic Super Lite 29BHKD travel trailer, a damp outlet is the most typical cause of a triggered GFCI. If the Flagstaff Super Lite travel trailer has just been washed, water may have gotten inside and caused the problem.

The GFCI will not operate if the fuse system is not correctly plugged into the travel trailer. A GFCI can fail; however, this is unusual. This is why users get confused with this type of unexpected problem with their Flagstaff Super Lite travel trailer

A new one could be required if the GFI does not reset, which is a burden while traveling. However, it causes significant difficulty for travel trailer users in the middle of the trip.

The Fix:

Reset the GFI by pressing the reset button which is located on the power converter’s outlet. If the GFCI system got damaged completely, upgrade the system. It will cost around 30 to 50 USD on Amazon. (Click here to buy it)

Make sure the battery wires are connected properly. A pinched wire is another common cause of blown fuses. This is more difficult to diagnose. A 12-volt tester is quite useful for locating issue places.

You can also contact an authorized dealer to get this checked. In such a case, the company has a warranty service that can be utilized, and they will also be able to fix it under the observation of their skilled technicians.

4. Problems with Durability

However, no matter how nice your Flagstaff Super Lite travel trailers are, problems might arise. One of the most prominent issues is that some of the brand’s travel trailers are unstable that do not produce smooth drive.

This might be irritating, but keep in mind that a little instability in these travel trailers is to be expected. If you observe that the problem is getting worse, there may be a problem with your travel trailer.

Whenever a trip with Flagstaff Super Lite travel trailers does not provide you with a smooth drive, your overall enjoyment of the trip would be ruined.

The Fix:

In this circumstance, the first thing you should do is check the air pressure ratings in your tires. Ensure that all of these are always full of air.

Whereas if the level of air begins to go below the acceptable values, your specific model of Flagstaff Super Lite travel trailer may become unstable.

Some individuals may also claim that checking up on their vehicle’s tires is a burden. If you find it bothersome, putting load-detecting monitors is an option.

The tool informs people about the load rating on their wheels. It is also preferable for you to take your travel trailer to the company’s service center which will fix the issue professionally.

Experience of Majority of the Users

Most users regard the Flagstaff Super Lite as a near-perfect travel trailer; however, the reality is exposed after a short period of use.

When users travel for lengthy periods of time, difficulties tend to develop in a series, and customers have generally faced issues with the heater, radio, refrigerator, and water pump, all of which can impact the overall experience of the journey.

But a problem like blowing fuses gets very risky for the users that can be electrified. This problem is very common among the users that force them to frequent the service center.

Final Thoughts

After assuming my research, I have found many problems with Flagstaff Super Lite travel trailers. It is preferable for you to invest your money in a better travel trailer.

Flagstaff Super Lite travel trailers are quite comprehensive and have good outlooking but the very frequent problem gets irritating for the users after a period time of usage.

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