Most Common Problems with Coachmen Freedom Express

Coachmen is a subsidiary of Forest River and have been producing recreational vehicles since 1964. The classic freedom campers from coachmen offer a spacious layout and come at a relatively low price tag. 

However, coachmen freedom express problems can put you in a difficulty.

Some of the most common problems with coachmen freedom express are leakage issues, electrical problems, design problems, and many more. 

But why do the problems happen? Can you solve these problems? In this article, I will collectively answer all these questions. Stay tuned till the end! 

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with coachmen freedom expressSolutions
1. Leakage issuesProper sealant and Take to the dealer
2. Water tank issuesCheck the water lines, valves, flushes
3. Wiring issuescheck voltage.
4. Design problemReplace the parts

4 Common Problems with Coachmen Freedom Express and Their Solutions:

You may encounter some common problems if you are using this coachmen freedom express RV for a while. Here are the problems that you are likely to face most commonly. 

1. Leakage Issue

The owners complained that rainwater entered the living space.

The shower head comes with bad sealant. The slide-outs also have leakage issues. The loose screws in the windows can cause the windows to leak.

The Fix:

The fix to this problem is fairly easy. As soon as you notice the leakage, you can simply take the leaked layer off and apply a new coat of sealant.

You can face problems with aligning the sealant. In that case, using a heat gun or blow dryer will help.

A large dehumidifier can also dry up the trailer wall. If only the rubber has come out, you can get it into place by applying some gentle pressure. 

Again, performing certain maintenance will help you to prevent these leakages for a long time. You can change the coat of sealant once a year even if they are not leaked yet as a preventive measure.

Check your freedom express for possible leakage or any other damage after every trip. It will help stop any leakage before it wreaks havoc on your RV and cost you a fortune.

If the camper is still under warranty, Coachmen should be able to replace them.

2. Water Tank Issues

The users mentioned that the grey and black water tanks were prone to leaking as well.

If the holding tanks leak, then bad smells can enter the cab. Also, waste can leak into your camper.

The leaks are linked to faulty sensors that allow the tanks to overfill and insufficient quality valves. 

Again, the water heater and tank monitor’s control panel can’t be accessed when the slide-outs are in.

The Fix:

Since this is a crucial issue, you should take the help of a professional to take care of this issue. They should check the flushes, water lines, valves, etc.

3. Wiring Issues

The customers reported poor quality wiring. This sometimes led to fires, drained the battery, caused devices such as the fridge to fail, and more.

Reports include that connections to appliances had only been wrapped in electrical tape. 

The Fix:

The solution to these problems is to check the respective components. Get the outlets checked properly. The voltage should be accurate.

I suggest consulting a professional to solve these problems if you are not very good at doing electrical fixes. Otherwise, you will only end up causing damage to your rig or even to yourself.

4. Design Issues

The customers are not happy with the slide-outs. Theloose screws, ill-fitting fixtures, etc. also disappointed the owners.

The flimsy drawers can’t hold as much weight as they should. The trim was peeling off. 

The large freshwater tanks are supported by aluminum braces underneath the camper and they aren’t sturdy enough.

The Fix:

These are problems that can be taken care of if you’re willing to buy and install new hardware.

Again, if the camper is still under warranty, Coachmen will replace the peeling trim. It is recommended to upgrade to a sturdier type of material for the braces.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

Freedom campers are famous among the camper owners for the spacious living area, a large kitchen area (indoor and outdoor), and LED lighting throughout.

Since Freedom express campers’ range in length from 22′ to 35′, you’ll be able to find a camper that fits your needs.

However, the freedom express has taken a sharp decline. The slides and drawers are ill-equipped to carry valuables and heavier items. 

The loose screws are annoying and potentially dangerous. 

The furniture is cheap and lacks comfort and support as well. The synthetic material doesn’t last long, and it’s prone to peeling. It can’t hold up to prolonged use. 

Final Thoughts 

The earlier models from coachmen gained a lot of appreciation. But the quality has been declining since 80’s. However, if you can deal with the common coachmen freedom express problems mentioned above, you can have this camper.

This article will help you to get all basic knowledge about solving these problems. Being familiar with these problems and knowing how to troubleshoot them will come in real handy at times.

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