From the three teardrops of the little guy trailers family, the guy mini max is the small one but quite adventurous.

Currently, Little Guy has about 17 models on the market, but the one we’ll be looking at today is known as the Mini Max, and yes, it’s a teardrop camper.. However, little guy mini max problems can put you in a difficulty.

Some of the most common problems with little guy mini max are water tank/pump issues, cabinet issues, shower problems, and many more. 

In this article, I will be discussing the common little guy mini maxproblems and how to deal with them.

A Quick Look at The Problems and The Solutions:

little guy mini max Problems                             Solutions
1. Shower issuesChange the door and fixtures
2. Cabinet issuesIncrease the length, and make the latches stronger
3. Water tank issuesmonitor the freshwater tank level and refill it before it gets down to around 25-26%

3 Common Little Guy Mini Max Problems and The Solutions:

Several problems will occur with this TT if you use this for a long period. Let’s expound on the problems that you are most likely to encounter. 

1. Shower Issues

The owners are not happy with some parts of the shower. They have problems with the door and shower fixture.

The Fix:

Change the shower smoked door as you can see silhouettes through.

Change the shower fixture in the bathroom which was hard to adjust and get the water to go in the direction you want.

Consider a prefab bathroom stall with towel bars and a shampoo shelf already built-in.

2. Structural Issues

Some owners faced some small yet troublesome issues while driving. The DVDs fell down from the entertainment cabinet while traveling.

Again, the magnet that holds the tv doesn’t work properly. The latches of the kitchen cabinet also work poorly. 

The Fix:

Deepen the entertainment cabinet at the foot of the bed by an inch or two so the DVD’s will not fall off the shelf while traveling.

Tighten the latch or find a better way to secure the TV at the foot of the bed. 

Make the upper pantry cabinet in the kitchen a rollout one so you can more easily access what is in that cabinet.

You can add another shelf to the upper kitchen cabinet. Make the cabinet latches stronger.

The kitchen table is functional but cumbersome to get in and out of.

3. Water Tank Issues

The owners complained about the water running problem. They said the water stopped flowing. The water level was full, the pump ran but no water. 

The Fix:

Firstly, you need to add water once you hit 25% on the freshwater tank. Add water sooner.

Definitely keep the level above 20% if possible. When you get the vapor lock, you should follow the hose from the exit side of the pump down to where it connects to the plumbing system. Then give it a good suck start while hitting the pump on the switch.

Make sure you can drain that hose into the toilet or a bucket and that you can quickly reach the off switch to the pump once you have it flowing again. 

The rule of thumb here is to monitor the freshwater tank level.

And as noted by others, refill it before it gets down to around 25-26% read level on the SeeLevel ll system or you’ll be standing there listening to the pump and without water flowing.

Prior to showering, always fill up the tank to ensure adequate water for this task. This is a learned process that anyone with the shower experiences with a small trailer and with limited resources and storage capacity. 

As for re-priming the pump, try filling the FW tank up to the top, burping the T@B water system.

When the tank starts to spit the water back out, stop the filling process.

Then let it calm down some and begin filling it again until water comes up to the top and out the water fill port onto the ground and activate the pump again.

If no water is coming out and the pump continues to run do the following:

  1. Let the pump continue to run and:
  2. Open up the sink faucet handles to allow any air in the system to escape.
  3. Flush the toilet and hold the handle in the flush position for a few seconds to allow air to escape.
  4. Open up the shower faucet handles to allow any air in the system to escape.
  5. Let the pump run a bit, turn it off and repeat the above steps as necessary until the system pressure rejuvenates itself.

You can simply flush the toilet a few times, this releases air trapped in the system.

If the above doesn’t work, you should also place a towel beneath the water pump (to catch water), unscrew the filter from the pump, inspect it and remove any debris that might possibly be collected there. 

What Majority Feels About Little Guy Mini Max?

It is everything we wanted in a small trailer – A little taller, has a bigger refrigerator, a bigger bed, and more storage area. Plenty of storage exists throughout the camper.

Overhead storage, cabinet storage, and even an exterior storage compartment for more rugged hardware, while dual pane windows with integrated shades and blinds allow natural light in. 

Several other systems aimed at making your life more comfortable, like a 13,500 BTU AC unit, 16,000 BTU furnace, propane, and carbon monoxide detector, and a control center to operate everything easily, are found as well.

What people really like about the design is that it followed the principles of home kitchen design by creating the classic triangle workspace. The second thing loved by people is the pan drawer under the refrigerator. 

However, there are some drawbacks as well. The tank monitor system isn’t perfect. There will always be trapped water in the FW tank as the manufacturer’s design doesn’t permit it all from being drawn out.

Final Words

The Little Guy Mini Max has a small footprint, but it’s big on adventure. Taking several cues from its bigger brother, the Mini Max features the same high-quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and thoughtful details as the larger Max.

The weight of the Mini Max starts at 2,320 lbs., making it an ideal companion for most small SUVs, and well-equipped crossovers.

The Mini Max is designed to deliver maximum fun in a compact package. Keep in mind the problems and you will have a wonderful journey.

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By Mahfuz