4 Common Problems with Entegra Accolade (Solution Included)

Entegra is a popular name in the field of recreational vehicles. Entegra Accolade is one of their models which is well-known for the space, power and luxury it offers. Although it has some amazing features, it can put you in befuddlement at times with its problems.

Some of the most common Entegra Accolade problems are related to steering, water tank indicator, power and slide outs.

There are certain reasons that cause these problems.  In this article I have discussed the reasons of these problems and included some ways to deal with them.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Entegra AccoladeSolutions
1. Steering IssuesAligning the steering wheel, take it to a workshop
2. Water tank Indicator problemInstall valve plugs
3. Power issuesReplace blown fuse or breaker, get professional help
4. Slide problemsUse lubricants and sealants.

Common Problems with Entegra Accolade and the Solutions:

Your Entegra Accolade RV will come up with different problems that may frustrate you. There are the reasons of such problems and their possible solutions.

1. Steering Problems

Most complaints in the RV forums were about imprecise steering. Steering issues can give you horrible experience and cause safety concern. This model was even recalled several times due to steering related issues.

The steering wheel can be too loose or tight which will result in uncontrolled drifting and swaying.

The RV sways left or right especially when you are speeding up. It can happen at straight roads also without any sort of wind or bumps.

There were reports about steering noises also. It can occur due to misaligned steering wheel or inflated tires.

The Fix:

If you face such issues, you should take the RV to workshop and have a check.  Most of the times, steering wheel alignment and adjustment of tire pressure solve the problem. The alignment job should be done by a professional.

Again, the steering wheel remains tight at first. Putting some miles on it may help make the wheel loose a bit. So use the RV for some time and see if the situation improves.

Installing a steer stabilizer also helps to reduce this issue. You can install a Safe T Plus. If it doesn’t work, a track bar or sway bar may help.

2. Water Tank Indicator Problem

The sensors of the water tank simply don’t work in most of the Entegra Accolade RVs. It shows that the tank is 33% to 67% full all the time.

So, you won’t even know whether the tank is full or empty until you find the tank is overflowing. This can be major issue if you run out of water during a trip.

The Fix:

There is actually nothing you can do with the faulty sensors. So don’t rely on the tank indicator. What you can do is installing valve plugs on the overflow lines. Close them before travelling.

Don’t forget to open the plugs before you use the pump. You can consult the dealer also if you are under warranty.

3. Power Issues

At times, you’ll notice different electrical components losing power. For instance, the heater may lose powers. There were complaints about refrigerators, TV and microwaves losing power again and again.

The most common reason to such problems is blown fuse or circuit breaker failure. For the later part, the circuits for those components (refrigerator, TV and microwave) are in the inverter. So, the inverter can also have issues.

The Fix:

Check the breaker box and replace any blown fuses or faulty breakers. But you find no fault there, the issue is with the inverter circuit. You should get your RV to a mechanic in that case.

4. Slide Problems

Slides can be a major area of different problems.  In terms of Entegra Accolade, slide adjustment and noise are some common problems.

The slides were reportedly coming out from adjustment again and again. These slides can also cause some minor issues and end up sending you to the repair shop.

The Fix:

The slide arms should be lubricated with a dry lube. WD 40 can be a good option for it. Besides, water damage cracks the sealants and can cause leaks.

So, you should keep such damages in check and apply sealants.  It will smoothen up the slide outs and you’ll get a quieter operation.

To solve the alignments issues, you can seek professional help as there can be various causes to such adjustment issues.

What Majority of The Users Feel?

Entegra Accolade failed to create a good impression among the users.  Most of the users were not happy with this RV model. Although they found it spacious and powerful, the frequent problems and repair costs disappointed them.

The sloppy steering, faulty water tank indicator were some constant complaints. According to a user, the holding tank is also very tough to clean. Some users had slide issues, leaks, windows falling out etc. problems.

There were users who faced electrical issues, problems with the door.

According to some users, the doors were hard to open or close and the problem was with the door’s design.

The water heater doesn’t work and you may have to install a new circuit board as per some users. Many also complained about bad customer service.

On the other side, the positive comments were mostly about the plenty of space in living room and huge storage space.  Overall, this error prone model could not meet the users’ expectations.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about these problems of Entegta Accolade, you should check for them while buying a RV of this model. However, newer upgrades of this model are supposed to be less prone to such problems.

So, while buying, you should try to get one of their newer models. And if the problem appears, this write-up will help you to get a better understanding of those problems and to troubleshoot them

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