The Coachmen Concord is a Class C motorhome offering lots of space with great features. This RV can tow up to 5000 pounds. This is one of the top choices for people who are looking for buying an affordable RV. But it is not free from problems. You will have to face several problems with your Coachmen concord over time.

Some of the most common problems with Coachmen Concord are water tank issues, seat covers wearing out, leaking issues and many more.

To deal with these problems, you should know the causes of them and possible troubleshoots.  In this article, I have amassed the common problems of the Coachmen Concord reported by the users and discussed their causes and solutions.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Coachmen ConcordSolutions
Water Tank IssuesReplace valves, take professional help.
Seat Covers PeelingGet upgrades from Williamsburg.
Leaking IssuesApply new sealant, perform regular maintenance
Generators FailureTake professional help, replace fuel pump.

4 Common Problems with Coachmen Concord and the Solutions:

Over time, you will encounter several problems with your Coachmen Concord.  Here are the causes and solutions to the most common ones.

1. Seat Coverings Peeling

After having some trips, you may notice that the fabrics and upholsteries coming off from the materials. This is a very common complaint from the users and it has been there since 2009! 

All the vinyl upholstery including Captains chair, sofa, dinette cracks and peels. The furniture also delaminates with time.

The cause of this problem is simply the low quality of the materials. Many affordable RVs like Coachmen Concord use such cheap products.

The Fix:

You’ll have to replace the upholstery with some good quality product. However, you can ask Williamsburg for an upgrade if you have the warranty. The replacement cost will be much less than usual in that case.

2. Water Tank Problems

There can be a number of problems pertaining to the water tank. One problem can be continuous dripping of water from the tank.

Moreover, if the grey and black water tanks leak, it will cause bad smell and waste to come into your camper.

It occurs when there is an open or broken valve.

Again, sometimes the water pump runs but no water comes out of the faucets.

The Fix:

Such leaks of tank water occur due to faulty valves. Either the valves are broken or they are not closed. So, check the valves and repair them. You should also check the pipes.

Sometimes faulty sensor allows the valves the overfilling of the tank and cause water leaks. Look for clogged water lines. If there are more problems, you should ask for professional help.

3. Generators Failure

Some users have faced the failure of generator. This can be a big issue if you are on a trip and the generator is not working. The generator can get extremely heated also.

Usually, the reason of such failure is faulty or empty fuel pump. Again, if the generator doesn’t start, it can be an issue with dead batteries. You’ll have to change the batteries in that case.

The Fix:

You should get to your dealer to solve such problems. They will diagnose the cause and make needed repairs. Sometimes, replacement of the fuel pump solves the problem.

4. Leaking Problems

Leaks can be a frustrating issue with your Concord RV. You may find your carpet soaking in water when it is raining and you will have to fight molds at some point if the leaking continues.

Windows can be a possible area of water entering into your RV when the screws are loose. Moreover, the shower and the slide outs in the Coachmen RV are also prone to leaking.

Leaking mostly happens due to the crack down of sealants.  The sealants wear with time and cause leaks.

The Fix:

Check the sealants if they are faulty. Then apply a new coat of sealant. It should fix the problem. To prevent leaking, you should maintain the RV properly. Store the RV in a covered place and change the sealant on regular basis.

You should also tighten the loose screws of window. However, some users had to change their doors as the doors were not curved enough which was a possible reason of leaking.

What Majority of The Users Feel?

Most users were satisfied with their Coachmen Concord RV. The RV is perfectly spacious with three slides and the amenities are pretty good. The outside look was praised by some users.

There were users who came up with negative feedbacks. One customer faced problems with closing the door. Another one found the door not curved enough.

There are issues with loose alignments of some components. For instance, loose trim, rough edges, misaligned screws.

However, according to most users such minor issues are common with any affordable RV. So, you will have to adjust and put some effort in fixing them. And issues like leaks can be avoided by proper maintenance.

Final Thoughts

You should get acquainted to the frequent Coachmen Concord problems if you have gone through this article. Being familiar to these problems will help you in crucial moments. 

Some minor and random problems may appear at times. But they are no big concern.  Regular maintenance will do the rest to give you a nice experience with this RV.

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