According to the Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW) Range, the momentum from grand design has 7000 to 17000 lbs. It creates an extraordinary fifth-wheel floor experience with seven-floor plans that revolutionize the way we think about toy haulers.

However, some grand design momentum problems may put you in a difficulty.

Some of the most common problems with grand design momentum are water tank issues, toilet flush issues, refrigerator problems, winterizing problems, etc.

But why do the problems happen? How long does the RV last without these problems? Can you solve these problems? I hope the article will help you to be informed and you will know what to expect from grand design momentum.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with grand design momentumSolutions
Tank valve IssuesCheck the level and empty the tank
Sealing issuesUsing sealant
Flush issuesAdjust the parts and water line
Refrigerator issuesBypass the fan, call the technicians
Hot water issuesProper winterizing

What Are the Grand Design Momentum Problems and Solutions?

You may experience grand design momentum problems due to many reasons. Here are some of the reasons and how to solve them.

1. Tank Issues

Some users complained about the valve of the fresh tank fill of the 2800 BH grand design which is a 2018 model. The valve was seeping water into the tank and filling the fresh tank up.

Again, the red pressure regulator on the propane side of the passenger side of the RV was making noise.

The alert indicator with the tire pressure monitor system does not get linked. So, there is no alert in the indicator.

The Fix:

To solve the issue, you need to check the level and ensure that the safety measure is working properly. If the level is crossed, you need to empty the tank.

If the parts are under warranty, you will get covered.

You may also get the facilities of replacing the tire link system to monitor the tire pressure inside of the RV, lights inside the RV, and others.

To get the indications, you can swap back over to the tire minder system.

2. Sealing Issues

The customers were checking around the rig. And the rigs were fallen apart. The frames were got loosen and sometimes fell apart.

The Fix:

When you have faced sealing problems, the areas have to be resealed from time to time. You can use cement as a sealant. 

3. Toilet Issue

One of the customers mentioned that when he tried to flush the potty, he got a little squirt out the back of the toilet. Some of the shower doors had leaking issues and the water was on the floor.

The screws which were used on the shower door got rusted.

The Fix:

You need to get adjusted the water line to resolve the issue. It may be loosened in the factory.

When you are replacing the screws, use stainless steel.

4. Interior Issues 

Some of the travelers have a lot of gear and the shelves in the back of the bedroom don’t have that much strength. The joints were put together with staples.

The Fix:

To increase the strength of the shelves, you can use some aluminum and screws. They will work fine.

5. Equipment Issues

The fridge is one of the major parts of your RV. It needs to work properly otherwise the commodities can get rotten.

One of the customers mentioned that the fans in the back seized up and were blowing the fuses and it shut down the entire freezer.  

Again, the customers complained that heavy frost was built on the evaporator fins. Again, there was another issue the lights were illuminating, but no cooling.

The Fix:

Since the issue is with the fan, you need to bypass the fan. Then the freeze will function again. It may not be quite as efficient as before but you will be going to get it up and going by replacing it with new fans.

The grand design puts an extra piece of wood in the back of the vent so that the air could pass all the way past the coils and freezer area and then it goes out the top.

The problem is the piece of wood restricts you from being able to get to those fans. So, to work on the fans, we cut out the wood.

For the cooling issue, first, check the recommended level of cooling. Give sufficient time for the proper cool down and try to load with pre-cooled food.

Get a qualified RV technician to check that the vents and chimney at the rear of the refrigerator are clear and unobstructed.

Also, ensure that the burner jets or burners are not dirty or damaged and check the fuses in the black electrical box on the rear of the refrigerator.

6. Water Issues

Most of the customers complained that there had been no hot water on the city connection.

It is quite a concern as you may face trouble while traveling in the freezing weather. The customers needed to pull water from the tanks to heat it.

The Fix:

The ultimate solution to this issue is to go for proper winterizing. 

7. Structural Issue

One of the customers mentioned that the garage loft bed was not level. It is sometimes common in RVs. 

The optional stairs for the ramps were useless- according to a user.

The Fix:

To solve this, you have to push up on one side of the bed to place the locking pins in. You need to stand on a stool or use a pole to push the bed up while putting the pin in. 

For the stairs, you have to use wood blocks to place under the legs even on a hard level surface.

This happened as the side porch stair mounts were not measured properly and the stairs would not mount evenly because of them.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

In Grand Design Momentum you will get everything you need – a bed, shower, toilet, kitchen, couch, dining table, and bunk beds that are protected from rain and towable down the road, all for less than the average price of a new car.  

The airflow system on the ac unit already has been installed from the factory. This is actually an after-market product that gives you a much better airflow system of the ac out of the ductwork.

This helps the ac to work more efficiently and offers less turbulence. The tires have a good load range.

However, the red pressure regulator, toilet flush, sealing, and structural issues – all of these complaints have to be kept in mind.


The legendary quality, innovation, and functionality of grand design momentum make the customers fall to love it. 

However, the grand design momentum problems that have been mentioned earlier will help you to decide whether you should go for this camper or not.

My suggestion will be that if the issues and the repairing are easy to be handled by yourself, you should go forward with it.

Sometimes, there are some problems that need proper attention from the professionals. So, you should let them do the work properly.

If you go through the article, you will find room for improvements to get proper benefits.

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By Mahfuz