Most Common Open Range RV Problems and Their Solutions

Despite having a decent reputation, the open range RVs are riddled with different problems. Some of them can be fixed with a few tools and others require expert intervention.

Most Common Open Range RV Problems are included – poor brake performance, rust-prone hardware, poor plumbing, and cheap interiors that break easily are a few common problems in open range RVs.

But why do difficulties arise? How long will the RV last without these issues? Can you address these issues? All of these questions will be addressed in this post. Keep reading to the end!

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Tiffin Allegro Red 33AASolutions
1. Poor brake performanceReplace braking parts
2. Rust proneUse sealers
3. Poorly made with cheap materialsReplace the ones that go bad
4. The warranty does not cover batteryNothing to do here
5. Cheap interiorsUser carefully
6. Automatic leveling does not workCheck-in with the dealer
7. Severe water leakageTake it to the repair shop
8. Poor kitchen plumbingRe-tightening nuts and bolts should work

8 Common Problems with Open Range RV and the Solutions:

There is no surprise that open range RV has its fair share of problems. In this section, we will dive deep into these problems and their solutions.

1. Poor Brake Performance

The electric part of the brake in this trailer often seems to break down. The electric brake wirings are set up with a separate wiring system. This causes extra hassle for the mechanic trying to get everything up and running.

If the mechanic is not familiar with this model it could a long time to pinpoint the problem.

The Fix:

When receiving this trailer, ask for the wiring diagram of the vehicle from the dealer. Having the diagram laid out would help to remedy the situation quickly.

2. Rust Prone:

Most of the surface on this vehicle is corrosion and rust-prone. Usually, you will notice rust taking place on frames and other metal surfaces within a few months.

If you don’t take action quickly, they are most likely to spread at a very quick rate. If rust and corrosion take a firm grip, the lifespan of the trailer will be reduced.

The Fix:

You will have to apply sealer on a regular basis in rust-prone areas.

3. Poorly Made with Cheap Materials

The internal wiring, plumbing system, and other stuff are made with cheap materials.

There are quite a few reviews that claim poor workmanship on this unity of RV trailer. So, you are often likely to bump into unexpected problems.

The Fix:

There is no telling which part would cause the problem and when. So, the smart action would be to wait for something to pop up and replace the portion with some better parts.

After a few rounds, your motorhome would become the perfect place for camping.

4. Warranty Does Not Cover Battery

It is surprising that one of the most important components in an RV trailer is not covered by a warranty.

When the engine is off, the responsibility of electricity generation depends solely on the battery.

And, a component of this caliber that is not covered by warranty will surely raise some eyebrows.

The Fix:

The fix for this problem is to be ready to replace the battery at any time. Also, take good care of the batteries through regular maintenance.

5. Cheap Interiors

Another annoying thing you will have to deal with in this trailer is the cheap interiors. They lack finishing and are prone to breaking.

When you use them, you will be able to feel the difference.

Also, it won’t be satisfying to live with all these cheap pieces of interior.

The Fix:

You can replace the interiors slowly one by one. This is you won’t have to spend a lot in one go.

6. Automatic Leveling Does Not Always Work

The automatic leveler does not always work in the right way. This happens because the manufacturer tried to cut corners and use some cheap hardware.

The Fix:

If you still have the warranty then should claim the warranty. Otherwise, you will have to pay for its repair or replacement.

7. Severe Water Leakage

Most RV trailer leaks more or less, but leaking its open range is in a class of its own. It leaks water from almost everywhere possible. The user experience from this video will give you some perspective.

The Fix:

If you are unfortunate, then you will have to take it to a repair shop for a complete overhaul. Also, you will always have to keep a sharp eye for the leakage.

8. Poor Kitchen Plumbing

There have been several comments that water leaks from the kitchen section. It most likely happens due to a lack of finishing in their workmanship.

Also, the kitchen kits are made of low-quality materials. So, they are prone to breaking which ultimately leads to water leakage.

The Fix:

Problems in the kitchen section are easier to solve. Just regular refitting and re-tightening would work wonders. If any parts get damaged beyond repair, you will have to replace them.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

The majority of consumers have mixed feelings about open range. Some claim they enjoyed it, while others say it was a nightmare. So, there will be enough people on both sides of the fence.

On user on the online platform states, “Unless we get a satisfactory resolution soon, we will be opening a lawsuit, a class action lawsuit (since there are many with this problem) and will never buy from that group of RV makers.”

While another comment says, “The couch is made of cheap material that degrades quickly. It takes a great deal of effort to actuate my gray and black water valves. I had a mechanic redo one…and it slides in and out beautifully. I don’t know what they were thinking.”.

Is it, however, all doom and gloom? Some people submitted comments like these on an internet platform, “I really like this Rv, in particular, it has a fifth wheel look and lots of headspaces the three slides make it really nice. Built really well makes you feel like you are in a house.”

As a result, you could think that the experience varies from person to person. The unit you purchase has a large impact on your RV trailer experience.

Because the RV industry’s quality assurance has been declining for quite some time. So, it all relies on your luck.

Final Thoughts

Every brand-new RV comes with a few defects. Once you have sorted out some of the problems the trailers start to give off the home vibe. Every time you face any problem at first try to understand if it needs professional intervention or if you can solve it yourself.

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