The American Coach is a popular choice when it comes to RV trailers. It has a solid reputation for producing high-quality RV trailers. It does, however, have its share of problems just like all other RVs do. Some of these problems are quite easily solved, but some would require special attention.

A few of the problems you are most likely to face are bait and switch practice by the company, driving stability problems, faulty air deflector, tires wearing out, delamination, and some more.

But don’t worry! In this post, we’ll go through all of these concerns and their solutions in depth. If you stick with it until the end, you will be better equipped to face the obstacles.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Tiffin Allegro Red 33AASolutions
1. Bait & switch practiceCheck the terms & conditions, and owners manual carefully
2. Driving stability problemChange tires
3. Electrical problemsSeek help from professionals
4. Parts not available for old modelsContact dealers & spare parts shops
5. Faulty Air deflectorDo scheduled maintenance
6. Delamination problemApply new coats after regular intervals
7. Water leaking from the ceilingSee a mechanic

7 Most Common Problems American Coach and the Solutions:

We will be looking into some of the common problems and American coach and their solutions.

1. Bait & Switch Practice

There is supposed to be a notice on the brochure that says they can change anything from the RV they want without any notice.

So, you might like the interior in the advertisement and find interiors are altered upon delivery. There is no way for you to check it up before the delivery.

It broke the trust of many customers as the company can do it legally.

The Fix:

As the RV market is a very volatile place the price goes up and down quickly. Using this clause, they can adjust their profit margin. It is best to check the trailer before payment is possible and try to go in person rather than taking a home delivery.

2. Driving Stability Problem

The stock tires in this trailer are not good enough. They wear out quite easily and unevenly. As the result, you are likely to notice the trailer becoming unstable on the road.

With some trailers the problem lies with the axle, but not in this trailer. If you check out the tire you are most likely to find the fault.

The Fix:

The ultimate solution is to change the tires. If you install better quality tires then you will be set for a long time.

3. Electrical Problems

Many users complained that they had faced a myriad of problems like lights not turning up to various dysfunctions. It could be a serious problem when you are camping in a remote corner of the country.

Just imagine the heater or ac not working, or the oven and fridge are not doing their jobs due to some electrical problems. Only a few things can be worse than this situation.

The Fix:

The key to keeping everything working as it should be is routine maintenance. Especially, involve professionals when doing any electrical maintenance work.

4. Parts Not Available For Old Models

This is one serious problem if you are considering buying older models of American coaches. Many users on different online platforms said there were no parts available once they needed any replacement.

The Fix:

There is no permanent fix to this problem. Although you are not likely to find the spare parts for older models online. The spare part shops in this case can be a lifesaver. If you are looking for such parts, then spare part shops, dealer and the company is where you should be looking.

5. Faulty Air Deflector

The air deflector on this trailer gets loose over time. After a few years, the nuts and bolts get loose. Which might cause the deflector to get separate when driving at high speed.

In short, the air deflector becomes a liability until the fault is solved as it hinders the aerodynamic process.

The Fix:

The best fix is to install a new air deflector once the stock one can not perform anymore. Also, check from time to time that all the nuts and bolts are in place on this equipment.

6. Delamination Problem

There have been several reports that delamination occurred in the American coach trailer. Under the driver’s window, the slide-out are the places where it mostly happens.

But you will have to keep your eyes open as it can happen in any place. And, you should take action as soon as possible.

The Fix:

Water causes the wood beneath to deteriorate, releasing the fiberglass. To remedy the problem, you must pull the window and reseal it. Delamination is typically larger than they look on the surface.

Poor seal maintenance is to blame. Simply correcting the delamination will not stop it from happening again.

7. Water Leaking From The Ceiling

Water leaking from the ceiling can be caused by any number of reasons. There are so many causes that can lead to this. The culprit could be anything from a loosely fit bolt to AC dysfunction.

The Fix:

If the scenario comes to this, it is better to take it to the repair shop to pinpoint the exact problem.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

The bulk of consumers has conflicting feelings about American coach. Their ratings range from ‘wonderful’ to ‘consider carefully before purchasing.’

For example, one of the most informative reviews had the comment “Potentially a great coach.  Just be very, very careful of the sharp practices and slippery language used by the manufacturer”.

Another person stated, “3 months in repair shop used it for the first time since repairs called factory said could get me in in October this is my 4th American coach and will be my last”.

While there are other comments like, “We purchased our 2001 American tradition about one year ago. To date, we’ve put approx. 4000 miles on it and I absolutely love this coach. The exterior and interior are in perfect condition and it rides and drives great.”.

So, there are enough individuals on both sides of the fence. You will find more feedback at this link.

As a result, you could think that the experience varies from person to person, and this is because RV manufacturers want to make as many units as possible as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

There is no perfect trailer that you can watch without difficulty. You will face several issues down the road sooner or later. Solving issues quickly would make the trailer more comfortable to live in.

The American coach’s problems are not overwhelming. You will be able to sort them out with some time, attention, and money.

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