Gulfstream vista cruiser is a popular lightweight choice when it comes to RV trailers. Although, like other RVs, it comes with its fair share of problems too. Among them, some are serious enough, and some can be dealt with quite easily.

Some common problems of Gulfstream are bent axles, faulty generator switch, no transmission dipstick, black water does to register in the panel, and a few more. Even though the list is not finished, you are most likely to have these problems.

Don’t get worried! In this post, I will go through all these problems; so, take a deep look at their solutions. Stick till the end, and you will be better equipped to face the hurdles.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Gulfstream Vista CruiserSolutions
Does not register black water on the panelUse sensors or a water-flow meter
Bad after-sale supportDepends on your luck
Engine air plastic adapter leaksYou will require aftermarket adapters
Does not provide transmission dipstickGet one on your own
Problem with axlesRequires help from professionals
No temperature marking on the thermostatYou will have to do with guesswork
Faulty generator switchCall the dealer or take it to the mechanic

Common Problems with Gulf Stream Vista Cruiser and The Solutions:

Most RVs are riddled with problems that need solving once you make the purchase. You may experience gulf stream vista cruiser problems due to many reasons. As I covered in this post, here are some of the reasons and how to solve them.

1. Does Not Register Black Water on the Panel

Blackwater is the wasted water from the toilet, kitchen, sinks, and other places.

The tank that holds black water comes with limited capacity. But this trailer won’t be showing you the conditions of the tank on the panel. Which makes it difficult to keep track of water usage.

If you are not careful the tank can get overflowed. In the worst case, it can suck the fun out of your camping experience. There is nothing worse than the overflowed black water tank on you

The Fix:

There are two options at your hand. You can either install a sensor or a water flow meter. Going with the sensors would be the best choice.

2. Bad After-sale Support

There have been quite a lot of complaints about the after-sale service of the Gulfstream. When it comes to RV trailers, it is certain that you will need servicing support from the company.

But the experience shared on the online platforms might raise your eyebrows. Sometimes it is hard to reach them by phone or online.

Even if you can, they are likely to take a long time according to some reviews. So, if you need their help, don’t expect a premium experience.

The Fix:

The best way to reduce this hassle is to take it to the company for servicing through the dealer. This way, the dealer will be handling most of the work.

3. Engine Air Plastic Adapter Leaks

The engine air adapter on this RV is made of cheap plastic. This piece of equipment can leak anytime, anywhere. This type of incident can put you in tricky situations.

For example, say it gets leaked while you are camping in a remote area. If something like this happens then you would be in trouble.

As this plastic adapter is not reliable, you should not rely upon your hopes for them too.

The Fix:

The fix is simple as you will have to buy an aftermarket adapter.

Also, it is best practice to keep a few spares in the trailer as who knows they might come in handy.

4. Does Not Provide Transmission Dipstick

The transmission liquid lipstick is like the oil dipstick. As the oil dipstick estimates the level of the motor oil, transmission dipsticks measure the amount of transmission liquid in your vehicle.

After you have made the purchase don’t forget about this useful tool as they don’t come with the package.

The dipstick is a piece of essential equipment for routine maintenance of the trailer when it rests at home.

Although you won’t need it as much as the oil dipstick, it will make your life easier.

The Fix:

You can get a transmission dipstick from any shop with a few bucks. So, get it as soon as possible once you have made the purchase of the RV.

5. Problem with Axles

Axles on old models were reported to arrive bent and were prone to bending. This bending not only puts pressure on the frame but also on the tires.

As a result, tires wear out quickly in certain areas. At the end of the day, you will have to spend more on the tires regularly.

The trailer frame might change shape if the pressure is too much. In the worst case, the bent axle could be the culprit of an accident.

The Fix:

If you have a warranty, you can claim it, otherwise, the repair would get expensive. You can replace the stock axles with any after-market brands but get ready to spend a hefty sum.

6. No Temperature Marking on the Thermostat

There is no temperature marking on the thermostat regulator. One side says high and another side says low. There is no marking in between these points.

So, you might find it difficult to set the temperature you wish. Even though it is not much of a problem.

But having marking in between the high and low points would have made life easier.

The Fix:

You can put some stickers as an indication. Also, with time you will get used to it.

7. Faulty Generator Switch

The generator switch stops working after a few days into action. It could turn into a serious problem later on. Just imagine not being able to use the generator when you need it most.

The Fix:

The best option is to keep an eye on the generator switch and change it at the first sign of a problem.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

The majority of the user base has mixed feelings when it comes to Gulfstream vista cruiser. Their rating fluctuates between ‘wonderful’ to ‘think twice before buying. For example, the comment voted helpful review says, “If I could rate this with no stars I would. I did however like the floor plan.”.

Then there is another comment that says, “All in all, these older Vista Cruisers are great rigs at a modest price.”

So, you can assume the experience varies from person to person.

This happens because RV manufacturer tries to churn out as many units as fast as possible.

Some models are a shift to dealers with poor setups for this reason.

Final Thoughts

There is no perfect trailer that you will be able to enjoy without any problem. Down the road, you will be facing different problems sooner or later.

The Gulfstream vista cruiser problems are not unsolvable. With some time, dedication, and money you will be able to sort them out.

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By Mahfuz