Most Common Problems with Entegra Qwest (Solution Added)

The Entegra Qwest motor provides so many luxurious facilities to its users but it has some significant problems. The problems are most noticeable in the interior portion of the motorhome. Users may suffer from the problems after a while of using.

Some of the most common problems with Entegra Qwest are power protection switches problems, door problems, bedding problems, fittings problems in bathrooms, refrigerator problems, and so on.

The reasons behind the problems and the solution will be described in the article. So, let’s get started!

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Power protection switches problemCover up the switches
Door problemsChanging the door and using the door more carefully.
Bedding problemsChanging both of the beds.
Fitting problems of bathroomUsing good quality fittings.
Refrigerator problemsFixing the wires and power supply.

Common Problems with Entegra Qwest and the Solutions:

You may have experienced the Entegra Qwest motorhome with some problems. The reason and the solution will be discussed below.

1. Power Protection Switches

The major power switches on the Entegra Qwest are located at the entrance door and the driver’s seat. The switches are not covered up by the company.

Therefore, in the cockpit, your animal pals lose inside your coach and they accidentally shut off the power.

Therefore, the main switch gets turned off which leaves the auto-gen turned off. While traveling, it would turn your air conditioner off which will make a very uncomfortable problem in the summer season. 

The Fix:

To prevent the accidental turning off the power switches of your Entegra Qwest, you need to Cover the switch in the cockpit. That will prevent the air conditioner from being mistakenly turned off while you’re away.

In the summer, Fido will keep you cool, and your food will stay fresh.

2. Door Problems

It is one most of the significant problems of Entegra Qwest motorhome. Firstly, in the 2020 Entegra Qwest 24L model, the slide doors become stuck after using a while period of time.

Though the slide doors o must be manually inserted. The side door is always stuck shut and difficult to open. The shower door does not close properly. The bathroom door does not close properly.

The Fix:

It is not preferable for you to fix the door by yourself as the slide doors are made of glass that is very sensitive.

You may take your particular model of Entegra Qwest to the company’s repair shop. They would find the exact issue and solve it with their professional mechanics.

Besides this, you also should have to aware of using slide doors roughly. It may damage the seals of the door by which the problem occurs.

3. Bedding Problem

The problem mostly occurs in the 2020 Entegra Qwest 24L model. the corner bed is difficult to get in and out of and short on one side. Therefore, you can not use the bed all the time because of its tiny size. It implies that the bed is worthless most of the time.

The original bed is also very uncomfortable to sleep in the night. Whenever you are on a trip, tiredness occurs at the same time. If you can not take rest properly during the night while sleeping in the night comfortably, your whole trip can be ruined.

The Fix:

The corner bed can be interchanged with a full bed. It would cost 300 USD to 350 USD. By adjusting to a new bed, you can enjoy the advantage of two full beds, which allows you to accommodate more people for traveling.

Since the original bed was very uncomfortable, you can change the mattress of the main bed. It will cost 100 USD to U50 USD but it will allow you to sleep more comfortably in the bed of your Entegra Qwest motorhome.  

4. Fitting’s Problems of Bathroom

This problem is common in the 2019 Integra Qwest 24R model. It is a very frustrating problem whenever you have a great motorhome like Entegra Qwest but it has several interior problems.

Sometimes, the showerhead in your bathroom has come loose. Therefore, you may face unbearable problems while taking shower.

Another problem can be said that the floor of the shower is shaky. Sometimes, it the floor gets broken, which can be a terrible issue for your Entegra Qwest motorhome.

The toilet of the Entegra Qwest motorhome gets overflowed sometimes. It is a very pathetic problem for the users. It gets more pathetic while cleaning the toilet when this kind of problem happens.

Even sometimes, the problem would discourage a guest of your motorhome to not visit anymore to your motorhome.

The Fix:

Since the poor showerhead creates problems while taking shower, you can interchange this with good quality showerhead which must have too tight while fixing and it may cost around 30-40 USD. Thus, would not face the problem of a loose showerhead.

If the floor of the washroom of your Entegra Qwest motorhome gets shaky, you may take your motorhome to the company’s customer service. Therefore, they would examine the issue and fix the problem with their professional mechanics.

You may also be alert while using your washroom such as keeping no heavy substance when the motorhome is not in use.

You may make sure that all the fittings maintain good quality and may provide you with the best facilities. You can check the seals of the fittings before using them. If you find something wrong with the fitting, fix it as soon as possible. Otherwise, so many problems may occur at any time. 

5. Refrigerator Issues

2019 Integra Qwest 24A model has this problem. When switching power sources in automated mode in your particular model of Entegra Qwest motorhome, the fridge does not stay on. It would hamper your food preservation. The problem is also related to wiring problems.

The power supply of your refrigerator in your Entegra Qwest motorhome may have problems as well. It would make the problem of drawing not enough power.

The Fix:

Fixing it by yourself might not be the precise way in this regard. You may bring your Entegra Qwest motorhome to the company’s repair shop.

The expert mechanic can find the exact problem and solve the issue more professionally than you.

Experience of Majority of the Users

Most users feel that having luxurious facilities in Entegra Qwest motorhome may not have a vast problem. So, they are not very conscious of the quality before any problem occurs.

The users also claimed that the company does not provide the best customer service to its consumers.


I have found several problems in Entegra Qwest motorhome after some research. You have to spend money to fix the problem rather you can go for the alternative of Entegra Qwest.

Though the Entegra Qwest motor home has so many luxurious facilities, it also makes difficulties of maintenance that may be costly for you.

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