Once upon a time when the Forest River brand was regarded as one of the most venerable and reliable travel trailer manufacturers.

The brand was noted for its high-quality products. Unfortunately, due to many faults with the latest models, the corporation has now lost that trust.

In short, the most common problems with forest river travel trailers are slide-out problems, poor appliances, poor quality, poor finishing, Poor customer service, and so on.

Let’s get started to know about the reasons behind the problems and the most probable solutions that will be discussed in the article. Stay tuned till the end!

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Slide-out problemsUpgrading cables, repairing the leaks.
Poor appliancesUsing appliances having good quality.
Poor quality, poor finishingRepairing the issues and fitting properly.
Poor customer serviceProviding the best customer service.

Common Problems with Forest River Travel Trailers and the Solutions:

You may have experienced the Forest River Travel Trailers with some problems. The reason and the solution will be discussed below.

1. Slide-Out Problems

Several travel trailers of the Forest River have the issue. The cabling is the most prevalent problem that most individuals who use slide-outs have. A surge or variation in current flow might cause the cables to short-circuit in rare situations.

Electrical difficulties are the most prevalent reason for slide-out not opening or shutting in Forest River travel trailers. A burnt-out engine is the most common cause of the slide-out becoming jammed while shutting or opening it.

The slide-outs have a variety of power-related concerns that affect the pump, power controllers, and motors. Another typical issue with the slide-out is a leakage in the hydraulic pump.

The Fix:

You should begin by looking for any detached cables. If you find the detached cables, reconnect them to resolve the issue. Upgrading is the only option for a burned-out motor.

Therefore, you should test the engine with an ohmmeter while replacing it. Cleaning the engine to remove any dirt from the moving components. Since dirt hinders the engine and wheels from rotating, this is critical.

In the event of a power outage, assure the power center switches and fuses are in good operating order. To find the leak, follow the hydraulic tubes from the pump to the working pressure. When you notice a leak, you must repair that hydraulic tube.

2. Poor Appliances

In the 2021 17JG Wolf Pup Forest River travel trailer model, the awning does not electrically extend but will retract. It is a very old and weak facility that is not as advanced as the modern awning systems in travel trailers.

The outside fridge heats up instead of cools down because of having a poor compressor and the problem is also related to wiring problems. It would hamper your food preservation.

Furthermore, the microwave trim is bent and missing bottom screws. Sometimes cookstove is not adjusted correctly and leaves soot on pots.

These problems are rare. Some of the users may face this problem because of their unconsciousness while the company made it.

The Fix:

You can upgrade the awning on your particular model of Forest River travel trailer. It will cost around 300-700 USD on amazon.com. The repair would provide you with the best performance of the awning system.

In this case, repairing the refrigerator on your own might not be the best option. You are willing to bring your Forest River travel trailer to the company’s service center.

A qualified technician will be able to identify the specific problem and resolve it more efficiently than you.

The company Should more conscious of using the appliances by maintaining better quality. I should also focus on the fit of the fixing.

3. Poor Quality and Poor Finishing

The users are not much satisfied with Salem Cruise Lite and R-Pod because the build quality might have been better. Even though it was the third-best amongst the other Forest River travel trailers, the Flagstaff E Pro had a poor mattress.

The Rockford, Wildwood, and Cherokee were among the Forest River models that received demerits for the same reason. The general concern was that the quality of construction was lacking in all six travel trailers.

Leakage issues in travel trailers can degrade ride quality when traveling on the open road. The water supply hose for the toilet is leaking on the floor.

In certain sections, the workmanship is subpar. Some people have expressed dissatisfaction with the sinking flooring. Throughout, the finishing was really bad.

The Fix:

It is high time the company made the travel trailers maintain better quality and it has to be done within all travel trailers whether they are popular or not.

Users can fix the leakage problems but it is preferable for the users to take their Forest River travel trailers to the Company’s repair shop.

The mechanics of the company can examine the problems and fix the issues with their professional mechanics.

The finishing of fixing wiring must have to be more sustainable that would prevent the leakage problems ahead.

4. Poor Customer Services

Many users claimed poor customer service from Forest River Company about repairing their travel trailers. Most of the time, the company makes delays while providing customer service to the users. Even, after delaying, they subsidize insufficient money to the users.

Although the company has warranty services for the users, sometimes it does not provide the facilities to its users properly. Many users go to take advantage of the warranty and come back without getting anything.

The Fix:

Therefore, the company must have to provide the best customer service to its consumers otherwise the consumers will turn away from the company.

The users of Forest River travel trailers should be given customer service in time otherwise their damaged accessories may not be repaired anymore. The company should also subsidize the sufficient money to the users.

Experience of Majority of the Users

Most of the users agree with the issues that the electric wires not working, bad quality, leaks, and bad customer service are all frequent issues with Forest River travel trailers.

Users either hate or love this brand, with little in between. Many users wonder if Forest River travel trailers are of excellent quality because of the quick procedure.

Final Thoughts

After much research, I have found several problems in with Forest River travel trailers. If you buy a travel trailer from the company, you must have for spending money to repair the travel trailer for ample occasions.

Though Forest River travel trailers are not costly to purchase it gets expensive to carry the maintenance of the travel trailer’s problems.

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By Mahfuz