Despite the fact that Spartan motorhome chassis types are quite comprehensive and will last a long period of time, many customers have encountered minor chassis issues.

Even if your options are limited, you may encounter issues with the Spartan motorhome chassis that contain several problems.

In short, the most common problems with spartan motorhome chassis are steering problems, engine problems, ball joints problems, radiator problems, air suspension problems, and so on.

Let’s get started to know about the reasons behind the problems, the duration that you can run your motorhome with the problems, and the solutions to the problems that will be discussed in the article. Stay tuned till the end!

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Uncontrollable SteeringAdjusting Safe-T stabilizer
Weak engineReplacing engine
Unsteady ball joints Tightening the loose ball joints
Poor radiatorCleaning the surface
Air Suspension ProblemInterchanging the airbags

Common Problems with Spartan Motorhome Chassis and the Solutions:

The experience with Spartan motorhome chassis may deal with several types of problems. The reasons behind the problem and the solution will be discussed below.

1. Steering Problems

It’s an unavoidable problem with Spartan motorhome chassis. You may find that the steering wheel on your motorhome is uncomfortable while traveling around. That makes it difficult to maintain control.

However, even the tiniest gusts might cause the motorhome to shift about. Each of these issues is linked to your steering and must not be overlooked.

Spartan makes a variety of chassis variants, all of which require routine maintenance in order to minimize vehicle problems.

Sometimes, it just gets hard to control in the slightest amount of wind. It may cause accidents while you are driving.

The Fix:

Whenever your RV drifts to one side due to improper adjustment, you may fix the problem by replacing these mounts. You can buy a Safe-T stabilizer to fix the problem which may cost around 350 to 400 USD. (To buy, click here)

Whenever a wheel is installed, users must grease the steering fittings. They’re normally concealed below the steering wheel, but they’re easy to find. You should go through the guidebook for your chassis version

To have this examined, contact an authorized dealer. In the event of a situation like this, the firm has a warranty service that may be used, and they will also be able to repair it under their professional mechanics.

2. Engine Problems

The engine of your Spartan motorhome chassis is perhaps the most vital item to keep an eye on. Some issues with it might lead it to seize, necessitating a permanent fix.

This involves inspecting the engine oil, air filters, and cooling fluid in the motorhome. Ensure they’re replaced on schedule and that they’re always full.

It has also seemed that, when the engine of your Spartan motorhome chassis loses power, the fuel shutdown solenoid arm is released, and the valve is closed.

The Fix:

Whether there’s a difficulty with the functioning of your motorhome, any engine faults may usually be discovered. If you hear hitting sounds coming from your engine, you should not drive your motorhome in this state since it will quite probably die on you.

It’s also seriously damaging for you and others around you. As a result, you must resolve the problem or take your motorhome to a mechanic and replace it as soon as possible.  

3. Unsteady Ball Joints  

Dust and pollution can ruin the ball joints in your Spartan motorhome. Furthermore, the presence of dust and grime will create damage and affect its function.

Repeated movement in mountainous places during extended journeys on rough roads might cause these ball joints to wear out. If you do not tighten them, they will grow loose and you will be unable to maintain their maintenance.

It will also result in an unbalanced condition, increasing the danger of an accident.

The Fix:

This problem with Spartan motorhome chassis may be solved by properly maintaining these ball joints to avoid dust and rust, as well as for smooth traveling.

Whenever you notice heavy steering and a shaking sound coming from the front side of your Spartan motorhome chassis, you must stop the motorhome.

You can tighten the loose ball joints but it is preferable to fix the issue by professional mechanics of the company.

4. Poor Radiator

Many users report that the radiator of Spartan motorhome chassis is of low quality and breaks down after a short period of time. It aids in the reduction of vehicle heat and the maintenance of the motorhome’s interior temperature.

The fan may also be found in radiators, which helps to keep the air in the motorhome cool. The radiator fan is also useful for preventing dust and debris from entering the system. Hydraulic leakage will occur if dirt and particles access the inner side.

Leakage is a significant issue that can harm these components, causing them to fail to perform their functions. The engine of the chassis in this system gets very hot due to the inability of the radiator in the Spartan motorhome chassis, causing the idling issue.

The Fix:

To avoid the radiator problem, it must be properly updated the motorhome from time to time. When individuals are unconcerned about this, they may lose their utility.

To prevent rust on the radiator’s panels, you may tackle the problem by carefully cleaning the surface. Users may also solve this issue by keeping leaves and dirt from entering the system and using a high-quality cooling system.

Take your Spartan motorhome chassis to the company’s customer service department. Explain the problem to a professional mechanic to examine your electrical system properly.

5. Air Suspension Problem

The Spartan motorhome chassis uses air suspension that keeps the vehicle stable.

These are used to give the user a smooth ride but if these start to run into problems.

Then the motorhome starts to feel heavy and will even register small bumps.  

The hydraulic compressor is a component of this system that loads these airbags with air to give a safe and seamless ride. These airbags have a shorter lifetime.

After 55,000 to 75,000 miles, they may cease to operate and become inaccurate. When these bags are destroyed, you can’t drive on rough or irregular roads since it might affect other sections of the motorhome.

The Fix:

The issue generally develops when the motorhome fails to maintain proper compressed air in the system. You may confirm this by using the jacks to raise your motorhome.

By detaching the cables and seeing how they operate, the user may inspect the valves on the tank of your motorhome.

Drive the motorhome around a while to see whether the airbags fill up with air. Typically, they should, however in the event that this does not occur.

You may solve it by replacing the airbags when they reach the end of their service life, which is around 55,000 and 75,000 miles.

To limit the danger, protect the air valves and bags from rust and other external pressures.

Experience of Majority of the Users

Most users think about the Spartan motorhome chassis as a very perfect chassis for their motorhome but the reality gets reviled after short usage.

Whenever users travel for long rides, the problems occur consecutively and the users mostly have dealt with significant parts of the Spartan motorhome chassis such as air suspension and steering problems may cause road accidents on uneven roads.

But problems like poor radiators, unsteady ball joints, and engine failures are very common among the users that force them to frequent the service center.


After assuming my research, I have found many problems with Spartan motorhome chassis. It is better for you to invest your money in a better motor home chassis.

Spartan Motorhome chassis is quite comprehensive and very its repair cost is very cheap but its frequent problem gets annoying for the users after a while.

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