This Recurve R6, a weight-distribution hitch comes with a has a premium adaptive sway control. Because the sway control keeps the trailer in place. Such locking makes turning considerably more difficult.

But do you know what the most common Recurve R6 problems are? What do the users feel about it?

Hitch hardware breaking, high load intolerances, low-quality spring bars, ball bearings, and non-user-friendliness are a few issues to begin with.

In this article, I’ve done all the work for you. After reading this, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from this particular weight-distribution hitch.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Recurve R6 ProblemsSolutions
Hitch Hardware BreaksReplace the hitch.
Intolerant to High LoadsPick a more withstanding hitch for heavier Tongue weights.
Low-quality ComponentsUse recently manufactured hitches.
Ball BearingsGet replacement pins.
Not User-FriendlyGet more skilled or get a better hitch.

Recurve R6 Problems and the Solutions

The sway being visible mainly in extreme weather conditions makes it a good option for those who are new to trailering. However, there are several Recurve R6 problems.

1. Hitch Hardware Breaks:

It has been reported that while traveling at normal speeds, often the hitch hardware snaps. It is prone to snapping from spring bars, draw-bar receiver, ball, and head. Particularly from the drawbar receiver.

An accident was reported in the Chevy Suburban. The accident was caused by the hitch snapping mid-drive. It resulted in losing control of the RV. The entire rig was on its side before he could reach for the.

However, this user had his manufacturer replace the hardware twice, the trailer tongue’s hardware had failed. But despite that, the hardware is not the strongest on this hitch.

Other reports indicate the hardware material is cheap. A certain roll pin can come off trying to detach the sway from the trailer.

The Fix:

When the hardware breaks you have nothing else to do except replace the hitch. You can try and maintain the hitch through regular maintenance. But the issue is inherent within the hitch.

2. Intolerant to High Loads:

A multi-point integrated sway control system instead of a single collar would enhance TV handling characteristics when dealing with greater TT tongue weights. In this case, the weight is usually more than 1000lbs.

This hitch is suitable for loads within and below the 1000lbs range. But of course, you may ask that Recurve has hitches for loads of 600, 1000, and 1200lbs. But chances are they will disengage. Reports have been found on this.

The Fix:

Use the hitches for 600 and 1000lb loads. 1200lbs may be a little ambitious. In these trailers, use hitches from other brands like the Equalizer.

3. Low-Quality Components:

The top-loading spring bars allow lower ground clearance. However, the bar mounts get twisted due to being made of weak material.

Another issue is with the tool that you use to set up the bars. They are also made of poor material. It’s better to use your own tongue jack.

Moreover, the tabs on the sway control switches can get broken. Additionally, the castings are a little rough. This explains the items being made in China.

There were 45% variances in weight found between two identical castings. These should weigh the same. This implies cast density or machining QC/consistency issues. Moreover, even after tightening the trailer frame brackets, they move a little.

The Fix:

The bar mount problem has recently been solved by Camco. So buy the latest version of the hitches.

4. Ball Bearings:

The pins in the hitch keep the spring bars attached to the brackets bolted to the tongue of the vehicle. The pins are held in place by little ball bearings placed at the end of the pins. The projecting bearing keeps the pin in place.

These ball bearings have very little tolerance for protrusion. This means that even a minor problem with the ball bearing will cause the bracket to come loose. As the pin will not be holding it any longer. The spring bar will fall off the tongue if that happens.

The Fix:

You can get some replacement pins from Camco. This can meet the shortcoming of the ball bearings. As a temporary fix, you can duct tape the bars when the pin starts to fall off.

5. Not User-Friendly:

The Recurve R6 company video features the operational steps of the hitch. But, it’s difficult for users to recall all the processes. There are simply too many steps.

The R6 must be switched on and off repeatedly. Then to complete the installation operation, pins must be inserted. In this process, a pin might get lost but there’s no clear instruction on what to do at that time.

For sway control, there is a collar that must be adjusted. But if the brake pad material used in the sway control collar gets dirty, oily, ice, or gets tar on it; users wouldn’t know what to do.

The Fix:

In my opinion, you can get a more user-friendly sway bar. Or search in the depths of RV forums about the R6 adjustments and try to remember the operational procedures.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

Users do like the hitch but they are unsure about Camco, the manufacturing brand. The hitch is easy to set up. The hitch height can be modified using the conventional bolt configuration on the trailer’s side that clamps to the frame.

The angle of the head can change the amount of weight that is returned to the front end. This hitch has no washers, unlike some others. The bolts are tightened once the “thumb screw” has been adjusted and the angle has been locked in place with a set screw.

Using a tongue hitch to elevate your truck’s back end while lowering your trailer, you’ll be able to secure your hitch to the frame brackets and lower the trailer.

In order to keep the sway under control, two bearings are pressed into a detent. Turning a hex bolt on either side of the hitch can “turn them off” or “turn them on.” This works because it is obvious if you do not engage them.

Overall, people like this hitch. There are least sway problems after having this installed. And they can generally be counted as good hitches.

Final Thoughts

The Recurve R6 problems justify these hitches being this cheap. The company claims it to be good for beginners. However, it should be noted that users, especially beginners, find the operation a bit confusing.

All in all, I would suggest a better hitch. Because it is not wise to cheap out on this important component.

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