The Renegade RV Series Class B+ Motorhome boasts a beautiful interior and a smooth performance. You can choose from any of Renegade’s recreational vehicles, whether you require them for extended trips or short overnight visits.

Of course, it has some faults too. Are you aware of the most frequently encountered Renegade RV problems? What is the most effective method of repairing them? What are the views of the users on this RV exactly?

A few problems include: Chassis-related issues, unsuitable exhaust design, slide-out problems, battery low quality, and loud noises.

By the time you’ve finished reading this, you should have a better grasp of the RV and will be able to acquire additional insight.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Renegade RV ProblemsSolutions
Chassis Related IssuesAdd a valve for the air dump, charge the chassis battery to the proper voltage, and disconnect the battery when not traveling. 
Unsuitable Exhaust DesignGet an RBP extension.
Slide Out ProblemsTake to the dealer.
Battery Low QualityReplace battery.
Loud NoisesFix TV antenna.

Renegade RV Problems and the Solutions

Renegade RV problems arise any time after the purchase. But the good thing is, that they are not as bad compared to other RVs. Here are a few frequent problems and how to solve them.

1. Chassis Related Issues:

Renegade has not added an airbag dump for the heavy chassis. But it is essential for any RV with a hydraulic system. The RV sits higher in the rear end and therefore the jack cylinders often hit the ground.

But it appears that you have an air-dump. Because there are air escaping sounds.

The chassis battery can go bad if they sit for a long time without being used. This is according to dealers. The common symptom is the battery having a low charge and low voltage. And when plugged, they do not tend to take charge. Sometimes they may seem to charge very slowly.

The Fix:

You only need a 12-volt regular valve for supplying air to the dump parts. Do not alter the original airlines as so many dealers will suggest.

A bi-directional charging system has been a common component in the MH industry since 2006. Before that, it was exclusively available to the most elite Pushers.

Plugin with an in-shore power line. Wait until your house battery voltage reaches 13.3 vols. Then click the gadget to incorporate the chassis battery into your system.

When you are not traveling, disconnect the chassis battery. Even if it’s for a few days.

2. Unsuitable Exhaust Design:

It is a tough job keeping the sophisticated interior of the Renegade RV clean. However, the claw pipe design of the exhaust makes the job more difficult.

It aims the exhaust directly to the ground. This causes dirt and grime on the road to just explode out of the way. The design is highly unsuitable for graveled roads.

Moreover, at about 1500 degrees of exhaust temperature, it can cause grass or a nearby bush to fire up. This temperature rise is due to burning 100% diesel.

The Fix:

Fit an RBP extension over the exhaust pipe. You can find this at Auto Zone. To keep the extension out of site, you can use a standard 4” muffler clamp that’s mounted upwards.

3. Slide Out Problems:

Slide out problems have to be the most common problems in an RV. But I must say that the problems Renegade RV has with the slide-out are less notorious compared to other RVs.

The slide out has the problem of coming out and doesn’t go back in. It can get stuck too, not letting you extend the interior. While trying to fix it, it may break. This calls for a hefty repair again.

In low fuel settings, the RV cannot operate the slide out. You can get the slideout jammed if you are using heavy customizations inside your RV. 

The Fix:

Unfortunately, there’s little you can do yourself about this problem. The best solution is to take the RV to the dealer and let him fix the issues.

4. Bad Battery:

It has been reported that the battery requires charging every time you go somewhere. The power retention capacity is low in these batteries. It also appears to be not supplying enough power and here’s an example of that:

The LED lights are supposed to light up when you use them (according to the instructions in the manual). But when these buttons are pushed, the LED does not illuminate.

The display tends to read “float charge.” Disconnecting from the shore power, the monitor shows “inverting”. The inverter seems to be always running.

The Fix:

Replacing the batteries can resolve the issue. The breaker button on the back of the Inverter should be checked. You may have a defective inverter. Before doing this, turn off both the coach and the cab power.

5. Loud Noises:

Reports have been made on hearing loud banging noises on a first trip. The noise seems to generate directly over the cab. It starts at normal 65mph speeds (regular highway speeds).

You can feel it on the roof of the cab making a lot of noise. An air gap above the cab and an overhead sleeper section of the coach stretch over the cab. The problem may seem to generate from there.  

The Fix:

The issue generates from the TV antenna. A rubber ducky am/fm antenna starts spinning like helicopters at highway speeds and makes a lot of noise when it hits the cab.

Initially raise the hand crank, then tighten it as much as possible.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

These motorhomes have to be one of the best ones currently out there. The Renegade and Dynamax are presently rocking the RV market. So of course the users have good things to say about this RV.

Users think that the RV provides solid safety and good resale value. Users will even testify that this is the best RV they’ve ever had. That too out of the range of Class B to Class A diesel vehicles.

Even though the coach has had a few issues with it, their experience with the Renegade and the dealer has been excellent usually.

Final Thoughts

Looking at the facts, I would definitely suggest you to purchase this RV. Although there are a few Renegade RV problems. But they rarely occur and I had to look closely to point them out.

A little compromise can be made with the spaciousness. But for all my lone-wolf RV-ers out there, this one’s a dream!

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