When it comes to camping and choosing a recreational vehicle, you may come across the term Tiffin Wayfarer. This RV looks fantastic, and most people rate a motorhome based on its appearance. However, it is not what you do while selecting your RV.

Every car has a unique set of attributes. Problems and issues arise as a result of the excitement. There are various issues with the Tiffin Wayfarer.

Some customers regret purchasing a Tiffin Wayfarer RV because they were unaware of the vehicle’s flaws when they purchased it. So, today I’m here to talk about the issues that I’ve brought up.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Tiffin wayfarer problemsSolutions
Air ConditionBe sure of air condition tube is leakage free.
GeneratorWinterize the generator.
StorageMake sure there is enough space of storage.
Slide-OutCheck if there is any broken screw or not.
Cruise ControlAlways having a working cruise control will be enough.

Tiffin Wayfarer Problems and Solutions:

Here are the problems and their solution about Tiffin Wayfarer I could gather searching through the internet.

1. The Air Conditioner Would Not Stay On:

I was on my tiffin wayfarer since it was too hot, and the air conditioner suddenly stopped working. I tried to remedy the problem, and it was fixed, but the air conditioner switched off again after a while.

The Fix:

There are a variety of reasons why the air conditioner in your RV won’t remain on.

Faults in the air conditioner wire are one of the most typical causes. In essence, the cable is harmed by the winter.

If you haven’t winterized your RV, the RV air conditioner line is at risk of becoming damaged.

Also, ensure the air conditioner tube is free of leaks.

2. Generator Would Not Stay While Driving Cold:

The generators used by Tiffin Wayfarer are 3.2kw Onan generators.

Which are sufficient for your Tiffin Wayfarer. However, being powerful enough is not what we require. We must be flawless.

No matter how good a generator is, if it does not even stay on, it is impossible to call it ideal.

It’s possible that there’s another reason why your RV generator won’t stay cool. When it’s cold outside, you’ll want to keep your RV winterized, and as part of that, you’ll want to keep your generator winterized as well.

The Fix:

If your generator isn’t winterized, you won’t be able to drive in the cold. Internal generator components may freeze and become damaged.

3. Generator Would Not Stay While Driving Hot:

Most of the time, if your generator is not properly filled with field oil, it will cease working. Because if your oil level is low, the pickup lube can leak while you’re driving your RV.

It can also reduce your oil pressure to zero, causing the generator to shut down. You should also avoid adding any additional oil to your generator.

The Fix:

It’s possible that there’s another reason why your RV generator won’t stay cool. When it’s cold outside, you’ll want to keep your RV winterized, and as part of that, you’ll want to keep your generator winterized as well.

4. Not Sufficient Storage:

The majority of Tiffin Wayfarer motorhomes are class C. The Tiffin Wayfarer appears to be quite large from the outside, yet the interior is quite little.

If you’re going camping with a lot of gear, such as chairs, an outside mat, a table, towels, and leveling blocks, you’ll run out of storage space.

The Fix:

Tiffin Wayfarer claims that their motorhome is designed to accommodate four people, but we believe that four people is too many for this camper, which already lacks storage.

The Tiffin Wayfarer mobile home appears to be ideal for a three-person family.

The newer Tiffin Wayfarer RV does not have a television inside, but it does have a television outside.

This may save some storage space, but some people dislike the concept of having a television on the outside.

5. Slide-Out Not Working:

The Tiffin Wayfarer slide-outs are, without a doubt, enormous. But what if you can’t even put them to use?

Yes, your Tiffin Wayfarer slide-out can get stuck and unusable at times. Isn’t it annoying when your RV slide-out becomes stuck?

The Fix:

One user reported once he started the slide-out, it surprisingly started to pull away from fiberglass on one of the bottom corners due to a broken screw. (Luckily, the dealer fixed this problem under warranty).

The motor, power line, slide railing, etc. could contribute to the slide not working. If the slide gets stuck it is better to call for professional help.

6. Cruise Control Stopped Working:

When your cruise control malfunctions, you lose control of the RV as well. Your vehicle’s speed is constantly monitored and controlled by cruise control.

It’s possible that you’re experiencing this issue. Whether it’s a tiffin wayfarer or another type of RV, the cruising quality is the same.

The Fix:

Although not all of you will experience this issue, if you do, you may be eligible for a warranty claim.

However, if you are driving and your cruise control fails, you may lose control of your RV and cause an accident. However, this is a rare occurrence. Check to see if the cruise control on your Tiffin Wayfarer is working before you buy it.

What Majority of The Users Feel About?

The majority of Tiffin Wayfarer RV owners are happy with their RV since it met all of their needs. Mostly by families with a limited number of members and not a lot of belongings to transport.

Some users find it extremely comfortable to drive. Very easy to park and with two slide-outs it is very roomy. Tiffin is top of the line for quality. The 25QW has a great bedroom design with the queen bed dropping down.

The bed is a solid mattress (no folds). And others find it a waste of money. They complained about, Cruise control stopped working. The generator would not stay on while driving to cool the Front cab. And many more.

Final Thought

Tiffin Motorhomes is no stranger to the world of luxury RVing. With the Wayfarer, their lone Class C model, they’ve added to their tradition of high-quality motorhomes.

Every Wayfarer includes theater seats and enough residential amenities to make you feel as if you’ve never left the house. The advantages and disadvantages have been listed above to help you make a more informed decision.

So that, Tiffin wayfarer problems may not be your concern anymore. There are approximately 30 different floor plan combinations available from Tiffin Motorhomes, offering you plenty of alternatives. Make an informed decision!

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