Forest River is a popular RV manufacturer. They are well-known for their fifth wheels and campers. Forest River’s Arctic Wolf is one of their top fifth wheels. But, I’m here to discuss the most typical issues that RV owners have with this model.

The most common issue with this RV is the front door refusing to lock. Other problems are warped window frame, underbelly hanging to the ground, leaking from roof and sides, and floor separating from the main slide.

Here is a summary of all the problems and the solutions:

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Cherokee Arctic Wolf ProblemsSolution
Warped Window FrameRemove and install sturdier window frames
Hanging UnderbellyUse a metal strip along with screws
Leaking Due to Cheap QualityRebuild the exterior or use high-quality sealants
Front Door Does Not LockInstall a new lock on the door
Floor Separating from the WallReplace the floor or screws using top-graded screws and glue

Cherokee Arctic Wolf Problems and the Solutions:

Let’s dig a little deeper into the challenges now that we’ve learned about the concerns and their solutions.

1. Warped Window Frame:

The use of low-quality plastic on the window frame of the 2018 Cherokee Arctic Wolf is the source of this issue. The scorching sunray will gradually distort the window frame if you reside in a hot climate.

As a result, the window will not remain in its original position. If the frame is deformed, small openings will appear. These openings allow unwanted dust, wind, and rainwater to easily enter the RV.

The Fix:

If you observe that the window frame on your Arctic Wolf is bending, you should replace it. First, remove the window by unscrewing the window screws.

Keep it in a secure location. Remove the frame from the RV side now. You can get rid of the old one and replace it with a better and more durable frame. They are available from your dealer.

You can eliminate this problem by constructing a stronger frame that will not be distorted by the sun’s heat.

2. Hanging Underbelly:

The Arctic Wolf 3550’s underbelly can collapse. As a result, it will hand down from underneath the RV. This will cause it to be in contact with the road.

Some individuals recommend securing it using duct tape. However, this is only a short-term remedy. This issue could arise at any time with your Arctic wolf.

There are also reports which show that customers experienced this issue right after buying the RV from a dealer.

The Fix:

You can fix the problem yourself by using self-tapping screws. Just get underneath the RV and install the screws.

A metal strip around the underbelly is another option. Using screws, attach a high-quality metal strip. You can also use your warranty to get it mended by contacting your dealer or the manufacturer.  

3. Leaking Due to Cheap Quality:

Cherokee Arctic Wolf RVs are less expensive. But this feature comes at a cost. The RVs are constructed primarily of low-cost materials.

After barely a year of use, the roofs and sides of the RV are prone to leaking. The plastics on the cabinets can also peel off. I have already talked about the window frame being warped.

The RV’s deteriorating materials lead it to leak water. The roof insulation is also reportedly in bad condition.

The Fix:

The only method to permanently eliminate these leaky problems is to completely rebuild both the inside and outside.

Because this is a pricey procedure, I recommend that you avoid purchasing secondhand Cherokee Arctic Wolfs. Even if you acquire one or have leaks, you can improve the insulation around the spots that are leaking.

Proper insulation will also help to eliminate dampness in your RV. Make certain install the best quality sealants before it is too late.

4. Front Door Does Not Lock:

This is the Cherokee Arctic Wolf’s most frequent problem. The front door occasionally refuses to close. It will not close unless you slam it down hard.

The door may refuse to lock even after it has been closed. Because you have to sleep with the door unlocked, this is a huge concern.

There have been cases where the lock only works if you lock it from the outside. Many customers have complained about this issue with the 2018 models.

The Fix:

The solution is to replace the old lock with a new and improved one. To accomplish this, remove the screws from the old lock with a screwdriver.

After that, unscrew the strike panel from the side of the front door. Remove the locking components from both sides of the door.

To install the new lock, you may need to cut a section of the door. So, take care not to cut too much. Then, on the side, you need to install the new strike panel.

Finally, carefully install the new lock. Inspect both sides of the door to confirm that the lock is in perfect working order. Before you embark on another ride, double-check the lock.

5. Floor Separating from the Wall:

The Cherokee Arctic Wolf’s main slide has many faults, including hesitating to slide and floor dismounting. The main slide’s floor is secured to the slide’s sides with screws.

These screws may occasionally fail to support the weight of the floor. As a result, the floor may begin to loosen away from the walls. Another issue with the main slide is missing screws.

The floor may be severely damaged if it entirely separates from the slide. It has the potential to break. As a result, you might need to replace the whole floor of the main slide.

The Fix:

Examine the main slide screws thoroughly before purchasing the RV. If you already have an issue, temporarily tighten the screws until you can acquire a good alternative.

The screws that hold the slides together are of poor quality. So, to keep the floor securely in place, be sure you get high-quality screws. Make sure to remove any old screws before inserting the new ones.

Drill fresh holes and seal the existing ones for the new screws. For a firmer grip, use adhesive in conjunction with the new screws. Also, use sealant to fill any gaps.

You must purchase a new floor if it has been broken. Install it using the same method.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

Thor’s Cherokee Arctic Wolf has gotten a lot of criticism. Cherokee Arctic Wolfs have caused numerous problems for certain consumers.

The majority of buyers are pleased with their one-of-a-kind floorplan. However, the company’s general quality and warranty service are serious concerns.

If you look at this forum, you will see that the Cherokee Arctic Wolf has received 3.2 out of 5 from 31 reviews.

From the Forest River Forums, a frustrated customer has talked about facing a lot of issues. He’s had troubles with the door, oven, refrigerator, lighting, bed, shower, and awning, all of which are now being fixed.

Final Thoughts

Forest River makes excellent recreational vehicles. However, there have been several complaints regarding the general quality of their Cherokee Arctic Wolf. So, if you’re thinking of purchasing one of them, keep this in mind.

I don’t want you to have to deal with these issues. However, I hope that the methods I’ve offered may come in handy if you run into any problems. Have a safe and enjoyable RVing experience.

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