Winnebago Via has been one of the most popular Class A motorhome for its luxurious features. Different innovative features like voice navigation,

However, no machine is out of problems and that’s true in terms of this RV also. Different problems will show up at times and you should know about them.

Air conditioner failure, battery issues, sealant problems, and electrical issues – these are some common problems. There can be others as well.

I will cover all the common problems and their possible solutions.

A Quick Look at The Problems And The Solution

Winnebago via ProblemsSolutions
Electrical IssuesReplacing the fuses, taking professional help
Battery ProblemsRegular maintenance, replacing dead battery
Air Conditioner  FailureReplacing the air vent filter, replacing the thermostat, taking professional help.
Sealants Coming OffApplying a new coat of sealant.
Low Water Pressure In ShowerCleaning the showerhead, replacing the hoses.
Overheating  Radiator FluidTaking professional help

Winnebago via Problems and The Solutions

Over time, different problems can appear in your Winnibago Via RV. Let’s discuss the most common ones here.

1. Electrical Issues

You can face different electrical problems in your RV. Most of these problems occur when the fuse is blown.  In Winnebago via RV, the fuse box that contains fuses for all components is located under your dash.

The Fix

Check the fuse box and if one fuse is blown replace it with a new one. Sometimes several of the fuses blow and you cannot figure out the blown fuse. In that case take help of the troubleshooting guide.

You’ll get necessary information in the electrical problems part. Some electrical problems may also need professional help.

2. Battery Issues

Complaints about battery are very common from Winnebago via users. Sometimes the users find the battery not taking charge while driving. It happens when either the battery dies or fails to work.

The causes of such battery problems lie in the lack of maintenance mostly. Many users neglect the maintenance of battery which leads to battery failure and eventually you’ll get a dead battery.

The Fix

You should determine the reason first. If the battery is dead, you’ll have to consider replacing it. Repairing a damaged battery will do. But you need to be careful about the maintenance. 

Don’t overcharge the battery, and don’t keep the engine running unnecessarily.  The battery will last from 3 to 5 years smoothly with proper maintenance.

3. Air Conditioning Failure

Air conditioner is not only a luxury. It is a must when you are going on a trip during summer. But the situation can get downright brutal if your air condition does not work. There can be different problems with the air conditioner.

You may notice the air conditioner is running well but the air is not cool. It occurs when the air vent filters are dirty or clogged. There can be problem with the thermostat also.

The fix

For the first problem, you will need to change the air vent filters. In fact, you should change the vent filters regularly as a preventive measure.

Again, another common problem is when the thermostat cannot communicate properly with the air conditioning unit.

An adjustment in the thermostat or replacement will solve this problem.

However, problems like no electricity going to the AC or the AC being very cold suddenly are more serious. You should take professional help to solve them.

4. Sealants coming off

Water leaks are inevitable with any RV. When it’s raining outside, if you notice water is getting into your RV’s interior, it can be due to the ineffectiveness of sealants in your RV. Actually RVs use sealant in hour body to stop water from entering into your RV.

But with time the sealing deteriorates. If water enters into the RV, it will lead to bigger damages in the inside components. Repairing those damages will cost you a lot. So, you should take steps as soon as possible.

The Fix

Always keep your RV in check. Whenever you see the sealants coming off or getting weakened, you should take the sealants off and apply a new coat on it.

However, water can also come into the RV in other places like curtain and places that don’t have skirt around them. You can invest in skirting those parts if needed.

Moreover, to prevent leakage, store your RV under UV protective cover. Exposure to sunlight or rain can quicken the deterioration of sealants.

5. Low Water Pressure in Shower

The water pressure in shower becomes low when there is not enough flow in the showerhead. Mineral deposits in the showerhead or loose hoses and fittings can cause this. 

The fix

To fix this problem, first take the showerhead off and clean out the mineral deposits if there is any. Use vinegar for cleaning. If the problem continues, try replacing the hoses.

6. Overheating Radiator Fluid

Leaky or clogged radiator cap can cause the radiator fluid to overheat. You can also break the radiator hose which will flood the engine.

But issues with radiator are not noticeable until they reach to a certain point when you will hear a steam hissing from under your hood.

The Fix

The fix to radiator issues is hard.  If you notice anything wrong with the radiator fluid level, take help from a professional mechanic.

Apart from the issues you can encounter flat tire while driving. So always try to keep a spare tire. Issues like gas leak can only be traced with advance equipment. So you’ll need professional help in those cases.

What Majority Feels About Winnebago via RV?

Winnebago is a trusted model in the RV world. The Winnebago via also got pretty good reviews from majority users.

The users reported that this RV can run on 16-18 mpg consistently even on steep mountain roads. It also lasted well over 25,000 miles according to the users.

Additionally, the build quality, comfort and the huge space were appreciated by most of its users.

The Sealant issues, the battery problems and the water pressure problems should be taken into account. 

However, Winnebago has discontinued making via RVs according to some sources. So, you should look out before you buy this.

Final Words

Winnebago via will be a nice investment for you. But it will have its issues over time. You should know how to maintain the RV to avoid any issue and what to do when any problem pops up.

This article will provide you those ideas. If you can properly follow the article, you should get a good experience.

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