5 Most Common Problems with Renegade Vienna

The inside of the Renegade Vienna is very roomy and comfortable to live in. It has a full-wall slide for extra living space. The RV also has considerable storage space for extended trips.

But the RV has many demerits also. DEF sensor problems, bolts of the propane tank becoming loose, faulty black tank sensor, sanitizing the fresh water tank, and AC refusing to turn on are some of the most common challenges.

If you face any of the problems I have mentioned, look at the table below. I have given you a hint of the solution here. If you want to learn about each of these problems in detail, read on.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Renegade Vienna ProblemsSolution
Diesel Exhaust Fluid Sensor IssueKeep the capacity full or build a better DEF sensor
Propane Tank Becoming LooseReplace the bolts or tighten them before every journey
Faulty Black Tank SensorEmpty the tank and clean with detergent
Sanitizing the Freshwater TankSanitize all of the tanks using the given method
AC Refusing to Turn OnInspect and fix the connection and the thermostat

Renegade Vienna Problems and the Solutions:

Here are the problems and their causes along with the best solutions available for the Renegade Vienna RV.

1. Diesel Exhaust Fluid Sensor Issue:

The diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) sensor is combined with the exhaust stream to minimize nitrogen oxide emissions. Sometimes, the RV can come to a near stop because it can slow the vehicle down due to a bad sensor. If the DEF in the exhaust runs out or becomes contaminated, the engine de-rates. This might happen with the Renegade Vienna when you’re driving.

The microprocessor within the DEF head is also susceptible to failure. As a result of the malfunctioning DEF system monitor, the engine might be de-rated even though the DEF rating is normal.

The Fix:

If the DEF sensor fails frequently, keep the container at full capacity. Refilling the container every thousand miles should be sufficient to keep the sensor from malfunctioning.

Also, be certain that the sensor is not in contact with any outside air. If the sensor fails too frequently after using this procedure, you may simply build a good DEF sensor yourself.

You’ll just need basic electrical abilities and a few electrical components including the Arduino Due Board, CAN bus interface, extension wire, and waterproof case. Follow this guide to make one by yourself.

2. Propane Tank Becoming Loose:

A propane tank is positioned beneath the RV. It is held in place by four bolts. These bolts have been known to go loose if you drive on bumpy roads. Users have sometimes noticed many of the bolts going missing. The propane tank will collapse to the ground if all of the bolts get unscrewed. If this occurs while you are driving, you may be involved in a serious accident.

In addition, the brackets attaching to the panel may slide slightly. This indicates that the bolts are going loose.

The Fix:

You should inspect your Renegade Vienna RV before every ride to see if the bolts of the propane tank are tight enough. If they are loosened by shakes and bumpy roads, tighten them immediately.

You can replace the bolts with better ones from the market. Also, if you see any one of the bolts missing, you should buy a whole set and replace them.

To replace the bolts, line up the propane tank using a floor jack. Then, use new washers and bolts to keep the tank in place. You can also use nylon locking nuts for better safety.

3. Faulty Black Tank Sensor:

The sensor on your Renegade Vienna’s black tank alerts you to the tank’s level. You can’t tell how much toilet water is in it if it produces misleading information.

The waste from the gray water tank and the toilet is collected in the black water tank. As a result, the sensor may get heavily contaminated with garbage. There may be food particles or tissues on top of the sensors.

As a result, these particles may provide a misleading signal to the sensor even if the tank is not full or at the level indicated by the sensor. If the black water tank fills up owing to inaccurate readings, the toilet might clog and leak.

The Fix:

If you consistently observe the same reading, you should completely clean the black water tank. To accomplish this, connect the sewer hose to the dump and the adapter.

Then, empty the black tank. After you’ve thoroughly emptied the tank, add one cup of water softener and another cup of detergent. Allow the mixture to sit in the tank for a few minutes.

Then, empty the tank once again to eliminate any debris from the sensors. Sensor cleaners can also be used to clean the tank. If the sensors are irreversibly broken, you can also replace them.

4. Sanitizing the Fresh Water Tank:

Sanitizing products from outside sources is not permitted to be used in the freshwater tank. As a result, cleaning the tank appears to be a major difficulty with the Renegade Vienna RV.

You must remove the filter if you want to clean the entire tank as well as the pipes that carry the water. So, here is a quick solution.

The Fix:

To disinfect the tank, first, drain it and close the valve. Then switch off the pump and let the pressure drop. After turning off the water, remove the water filter and insert a plug.

Then, using the lever, restore the water flow. Connect a water line to the tank’s input and fill the tank. Fill the tank with the sanitizing chemical that has been poured into the hose.

Then, in dry camping mode, run water through all of the appliances. Transfer the water from the fresh water tank to the gray and black water tanks after 4 or 5 hours.

Then, drain all of the water from the tanks. This procedure will cleanse your RV’s whole water system.

5. AC Refusing to Turn On:

If you are traveling in extremely hot weather, your life is dependent on the air conditioner of your Renegade Vienna. However, the AC in this RV may fail to turn on at times.

There might be a problem with the AC’s power or connection. In addition, the thermostat may occasionally fail.

The Fix:

First and foremost, you should examine the power supply. Also, ensure that the wire is correctly attached and hasn’t come loose.

If everything is good but the air conditioner still won’t turn on, check the thermostat. If your thermostat has failed or is damaged, replacing it will bring your air conditioner back to life.

If you still can’t figure out what’s wrong, contact Renegade for assistance.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

The Renegade Vienna is a great RV for traveling and camping. Although it has some issues, the users can solve them quickly by themselves.

The company has received many positive responses. A customer from Facebook has posted that he had a great experience with the repair service from Renegade.

On the RV Village website, one user said that he had faced an issue with the scrapping of rear leveling jacks.

According to the general remarks of Renegade Vienna users on forums, they are quite happy with the RV.

Final Thoughts

I have talked about the most pressing concerns with Renegade Vienna. If you encounter any of them throughout your trip, carefully follow the directions.

Remember that if you take excellent care of your RV and have frequent inspections before riding, you will eliminate the majority of the problems. So, keep your recreational vehicle in good condition and you’ll have a pleasant journey.

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