The Ace Motorhomes from Thor Motor Coach are known for being pet-friendly. The RVs also come with a unique floor plan. But still, there are some problems with these motorhomes that you can’t simply ignore.

Stuck leveling jacks, motor fuse blowing, generator failing to operate, backup camera not working, awning failing to move, and power steering pump leak are some common issues with these RVs.

You can have a quick look at the solutions to these problems in this table.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance

Ace Motorhome ProblemsSolution
Stuck Leveling JacksInspect for blown fuse or leaks and perform manual retract
Motor Fuse BlowingExamine the screws and the wires
Generator Fails to OperateClean the battery terminals and posts
Backup Camera FaultCheck the display and wirings
Awning Fails to MoveLubricate regularly and look for bent frames
Power Steering Pump LeakClean the parts of the power steering pump

Ace Motorhome Problems and the Solutions:

Now that we know about the problems and the solutions, let’s get inside the issues a bit more.

1. Stuck Leveling Jacks:

The Ace motorhome’s leveling jack is reported to become jammed. If this happens, your ride may become fully stuck. Various reasons are known for the appearance of this issue.

If there are any hydraulic leaks, the leveling jacks will become trapped. In addition, numerous customers reported a blown fuse when confronted with this problem.

The Fix:

First and foremost, you must examine the fuse. If you don’t hear anything when you press the button, check the fuse and replace it if it’s blown.

You should also inspect the leveling jacks one by one for any signs of leaking. If the hydraulics are leaking and the ride is stuck, you should get expert assistance right away.

If you can’t seem to address the issue at all, try performing a manual retract of your leveling jacks.

2. Motor Fuse Blowing:

This issue was typical of the Ace 29.2 model. When you press the retract button, the motor’s fuse blows up.

This problem is the result of a manufacturing fault. A screw within the motor that comes into touch with the wires may cause the wire to short.

When the connection is shorted, the fuse blows to protect the motor. So, if your Ace motorhome’s motor continues blowing the fuse, the wires and screws might be the reason.

The Fix:

If the vibration of the screws and wire causes damage to the wiring, you can fix it yourself. Remove the motor and turn it off. Look for any damaged wires. Change out the wires with fresh ones.

You can also change the screws that came into touch with the wire. If the problem continues, you should consider replacing the motor. To obtain assistance with your warranty, you should contact Thor or your dealer.

3. Generator Fails to Operate:

If the generator of your Ace motorhome fails to start, the reason is mainly the battery. The clogged-up petroleum jelly on the battery posts can reduce the conductivity of the battery.

The petroleum jelly can also corrode the battery posts. As a result, the battery fails to power up the generator. Also, if the connections become loose, the generator may not get power.

The Fix:

To get rid of the petroleum jelly from the battery posts, you should loosen the terminals of the batteries using a wrench. After pulling the terminals, you should clean the battery posts.

Use a battery terminal cleaner in a circular motion to clean the terminals. Then, clean the petroleum jelly on top of the battery posts. Use clean clothes to wipe them off.

If the connections are causing the generator to fail, inspect the wires. Replace any wires if they are torn, or tighten the connections if loose.

You should also consider checking the charge of the battery. Recharge to its full level and try starting the generator again.

4. Backup Camera Fault:

A backup camera is an essential tool for RVers for driving and parking. If the camera is not getting any signal or showing a black screen, you should get it fixed.

If the camera is showing a black screen, the display on the dashboard of your RV might have gone bad. Blown-up fuse and loose wiring are also some common reasons for the camera to not work.

The Fix:

If you see a black screen, inspect the wirings of your RV. Replace your display if the problem is with the display.

Be sure to check the fuses. Replace the blown-up fuse which is connected to the backup camera.

You should also do a checkup on your backup camera if none of the procedures work. Seek expert help to make sure that the lens is clean. You might need to replace the camera or the lens also.

5. Awning Fails to Move:

The awning is an essential component of your Ace motorhome. However, if it does not come out or move, there may be an issue with the bolts. When these are over tightened, the awning might become caught in the middle.

A lack of lubrication might also cause the awning to behave in this manner. If the awning does not respond at all, the bent frame might be the cause. Too much snow or water on the awning might cause the frame to bend.

The Fix:

Inspect the bolts and make sure they are correctly tightened if you detect any problems with the awning. To get the awning working again, you may need to purchase some replacement bolts.

Lubricating the awning’s working parts is necessary if you use it frequently. Make it a habit to examine and lubricate it at least twice a month.

The bent frame may be difficult to see at first. Keep your eyes attentive and don’t allow snow or rain to pile on top of the awning for too long. If the frame becomes bent, replace it with newer, stronger ones.

6. Power Steering Pump Leak:

This is a very common issue with the older Ace motorhomes. So, if you buy any used one, be careful of this issue.

If you notice that taking hard turns has become more difficult than before, the power steering pump might not be working as intended. This is due to a leak in the power steering pump.

The leak is very easy to notice. When you’re parked, you’ll see fluid trickling from the steering pump on the ground.

The Fix:

Cleaning the rack, pinion and the hose of the power steering pump may fix the issue. But if the problem is severe, you should inspect the fluid tank for any leaks.

Also, examine the system hoses for any visible fluid. Replace the parts that are leaking to get rid of this problem.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

The Ace motorhome from Thor has received many mixed reviews. Many people are satisfied with their RV. Some customers have faced many issues with their Ace motorhomes.

The lineup has received 3.4 out of 5 on RV Insiders. One customer has said that the furniture inside his Ace motorhome has been peeling off after using it only for 3 years.

You can also see many complaints and praises on the Thor Forums. One user said that he had 7600 miles on his 2014 Ace. But he did not face any issues.

Final Thoughts

The Ace motorhome has received many bad reviews at the start of its lineup. But they have overcome many of these issues.

Preventing these issues also depends on you. Taking proper care of the RV is a must if you want to enjoy it for a lifetime. So, if you face any problems, follow my guide and you are good to go on your long journeys.

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